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05:45, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

deleting  Wanted player posts.

Posted by donsr
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Wed 8 May 2024
at 13:31
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deleting  Wanted player posts.

 I asked this question a few years ago on the old site. I bump my ads  each week, because you never know when  a player  walks  because of RL...RL  death, or  Just don't care for the game ( i have had players in all three!)

 Any way, I  delete posts  every month or so, I do like to keep some  back logged  so prospective players can see the   activity  as far as post count  and  origin date.

 But? do those  deleted posts  ever  go away?


separate  question ::  despite the  ling to the game at the top of the posts  and  a link at the bottom of  each post, there is the occasional Plyer who posts in the wanted player thread? can i get those removed? I will answer them in Rmail..but i rather have them  in my game PM.
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Wed 8 May 2024
at 14:05

deleting  Wanted player posts.

When you delete a post in a public forum thread, it remains visible to you (and the Moderators), but nobody else can see them.

We will generally only remove posts if they break the rules of that particular forum.  If the post doesn't break the forum rules, it is usually left in place.
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Wed 8 May 2024
at 14:19
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deleting  Wanted player posts.

yeah?  I notice when i delete  my old  ads  5 or 6 at a time for each game, the post count goes down. I was  wondering if ....they would be wiped? save   room?  i Dunno how those things work.

Thanks for the reply.
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