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Angry Spirit Dragon
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Sun 25 Feb 2018
at 04:34
Welcome gamers!  I am the Angry Spirit Dragon, here to lead you on your journey!  To do so, you'll need a few key pieces of information.

Avatar Setting:  This game is set before any bending has ever occurred.  The nations have not developed yet, much less specialized.  You can come from any general climate.  Working with me, you can create a general clan of your own.  Within the city/clan/tribe/etc, you are more than welcome to be renown.  It is encouraged, as you are among the best at what you do.  And what do you do?  Your occupation is your own decision, but you are all trained martial artists.

Game System:  Mutants & Masterminds 2nd ed;  PL:  6;  Powers?  NONE, no exception.

Now, to be clear, there will be powers in the game, just not at the start.  You will be the start of bending.  Later, you will have access to each of the elements, in varying degrees.  From each of you, I will need a dominant element and a weak element.

In my excitement to post this, I'm sure I've missed important pieces, but feel free to ask and receive my ruling!

Good luck gamers and game on!
Angry Spirit Dragon
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Sun 25 Feb 2018
at 21:11
In reply to Angry Spirit Dragon (msg # 1):

You have one month to finish character creation.  March 25th is my birthday, as well as the due date for characters.

Feat limits:  No powers, and no feat that works like powers.  THe main books are okay, but I reserve the right to request you to rework things if it looks like you are intending to circumvent the rules.
Angry Spirit Dragon
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Fri 16 Mar 2018
at 03:34
In reply to Angry Spirit Dragon (msg # 2):

Okay, time for a quick update on character creation rules!

First, and sadly I thought this went without saying, no homicidal maniacs.  No characters with the life purposes of torturing, maiming, or otherwise in-fighting.  To this end, I am limiting 'alignments'.  I know M&M doesn't have true alignments, but you're players.  You know the alignments.  I am limiting it thus:  All good alignments are available.  Neutral must be either true, good, or lawful, and all must have a civil, if not good, tendency.  This will become a group over time and must be able to function as such.

Second, all ranked feats will be limited to half power level (3).  This includes such things as luck, benefit, toughness, etc...

Third, Improved Block, et al, is capped by power level, even if it is not explicitly stated.

Now, about feats in particular:  Fearless is not allowed, but Lionheart is an acceptable alternative.

Off limits until powers are accessible:
Artificer, Ritualist, Untapped Potential, Swift, Tough, Veteran Fighter, Break the Style, Combo, Ninja Run

Outright No: Fearless, Niche Protection, Tech Familiarity, Power Proxy, Perfect Timing, Online Research, Interface, Deep Ties, and of course anything on pg. 27-28 in Wizards & Warriors that literally says "Powers as Feats"

Of course, as DM, I reserve the right to point out if a feat doesn't work or is overpowered that I may have missed.

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Sat 17 Mar 2018
at 01:59
In reply to Angry Spirit Dragon (msg # 3):

I haven't made my sheet yet but I promise I'll leave that stuff off.
Lyn Ai
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Wed 21 Mar 2018
at 02:02
Btw, you want us to use something more artistic for character pics, or are we aiming for more realistic?  (Considering Avatar is a cartoon, I mean)
Angry Spirit Dragon
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Wed 21 Mar 2018
at 19:04
In reply to Lyn Ai (msg # 5):

Whatever makes you happy in the pic arena.