Game Start Delay and Apology.   Posted by Angry Spirit Dragon.Group: 0
Angry Spirit Dragon
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Tue 10 Apr 2018
at 02:16
Game Start Delay and Apology
As most of you know, last week I injured myself.  (Yes, feel free to continue laughing at me. :P )  This has put me in a bit of a bind, as I spent time down due to the injury, as well as on the wonderful painkillers they gave me to help me recover.  Unfortunately, I am several days behind where I intended to be, which was game start today.

Because of this, I am going to have to push game start back a few days.  My new goal is to have it up this weekend.  I am sorry about the delay, but as behind as I am in looking at characters, I am that much more behind in homework and schoolwork.  Give a little patience and leeway, though, and I will make it up to you!