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Sat 29 Jul 2017
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The Game World & RTJ
Black August

On August 1st, 2017, The Illuminated launched a vicious attack on New York. He wiped out the city leadership and enthralled half the population to destroy those trying to resist. This horrendous act of powered terrorism slapped the world in the face. Up until this point, supervillains and their counterparts had been the stuff of science fiction and comic books. This made it a reality. On August 30th, an unidentified man engaged The Illuminated and killed him in combat. Rodger Tatum was dead, but he left a lasting legacy. People with powers after this event were forced to be identified and regulated or face imprisonment in a ultra-secure blacksite. The U.S. government formed the Agency for Powered Regulation to carry out these tasks. Within the APR, an elite Black-Ops organization was formed with powered individuals to defend the U.S. against threats normal humans couldn't possibly handle.

The game begins shortly after this event, with our heroes (or villains) on the run or in the hands of the APR.

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The Game World & RTJ

For your RTJ, I will need this information:


A list of your powers with comprehensive descriptions.
(They can come from any source. Science, Lovecraftian encounters, Advanced Technology, etc.)

Brief description of physical appearance or a picture that approximates

Origin Story (How you got your powers)

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