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The Executor
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Sun 8 Oct 2017
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Central Park (New York City)
September 14th, 2017
3:56 A.M.
Central Park, NYC

They came in the night.

At dusk, unmarked attack helicopters swarmed the ruins of Manhattan Island, landing in open areas. Parks, parking garages, rooftops, et cetera. At these locations, crews of people in hazmat suits unloaded tents and strange electronic equipment. Even more poured out of the vehicles dressed in riot gear, holding eagerly chirping electronic devices against the vertical grips of their assault rifles. Scores of riot teams raid apartments, houses, storefronts, malls, restaurants. They apprehend anyone who sets off their little machines, and they take them to the closest location.

OOC: Tell me what your character was doing at 8:00 p.m. If they're on Manhattan.
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Mon 9 Oct 2017
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Central Park (New York City)
If anyone who was payed to look at the sky for a living was doing their job and got lucky that night, they would spot a peculiar sight in low orbit above New York.
A good telescope would show that the thing was human shaped, with two massive wings spread out on both sides, golden armor reflecting the moonlight and the stars.

The figure eventually gets tired of watching and waiting, and descends toward the city, their great speed through the atmosphere causing them to set ablaze like a meteor, coming to a sudden and graceful stop in an alley.

Looking around to see if anyone is near, the figure's wings dissolve into nothingness, and a black fabric forms to conceal the shining armor.

With his appearance more suitable for wandering, Aurelias begins walking down the sidewalk.
A quick glance at the nearest clock display tells him it is 8:02pm, a perfect time to walk around and take in the night life of the City That Never Sleeps.

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 Jacob Prince
Wed 11 Oct 2017
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Central Park (New York City)
2000 hours local military time...

Azathoth swam through the waters of the Upper New York Bay as he approached New York City.  He like just about everyone had heard of the devastating attack on the city here but unlike many, he was not about to run the other way.  He had been put here... well, back here on Earth to fulfill a purpose.  It might not fit with what some might expect, but he had an obligation to reward the wicked with the justice their actions wrought.

Azathoth's divine purpose was not benevolent or positive.  It was simply wrath.  He punished them by taking their lives--and essentially consuming their very souls.  He knew he had to do it to exist in this universe--the very fabric of reality seemed to reject him here and he needed to "eat" to survive.  Not entirely unlike other creatures of this realm but a more extreme version of predator and prey relationship he had with the living beings on Earth so long as their souls were tainted by darkness.

The thing was Azathoth knew this city was full of wicked souls to take.  He would have a virtually unlimited feast!

The tentacled man practically flew through the waters of the bay making his way up the Hudson River and then onto shore finally after a little while.  The multitude of extra appendages he had extruded from his body retracted as he could not help but look on with a little amused smirk as he read the sign telling him where he was.  "Welcome to Hell's Kitchen..."  Azathoth began wandering the city, not far from Central park looking for signs of the wicked he so was driven to cleanse from this planet.  He knew it would not be long before he did...
The Baker
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Fri 13 Oct 2017
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Central Park (New York City)
Baker was baking goods. He had been doing this practically his entire life and working with the government wasn't going to stop him. Especially since the goods he baked now could literally fight crime or help in any case. He remembered the first time he discovered it it was a simple snarling pastrami sandwich.  That's all it did and he threw it in the garbage since he couldn't stomach eating it. Now, he was trying to find out how to use this ability reliably so he could perhaps use it reliably or sell it off. He was a government employee it didn't mean he couldn't see food on the side.