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Thu 14 Dec 2017
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  1. I'd like to know a bit about you and your experience with DnD 5e and Rpol in general. You never know we might play in another game together and that will go a long way into the decision process as to whether I grant you player access to the game.

  2. I want a writing sample from you as well. This is probably best looted from another game you play in. I don't care about the WOW! factor of what that DM has your character going through. I want to know how you RP a character. So mundane posts are just fine but please no combat posts.

NOTE: I would like to note that character death is possible and probable in this game. If this style of play is not for you then I believe you are in the wrong place. I'd also like to point out that I DO NOT want any character concepts right now. Send me a character background if you DO NOT want to play in this game. I have a specific way of generating characters that might not allow you to make the kind of character you want and really I don't give already formed characters a second look.