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Gnoll Fighter 2 / Cleric 3    Kit - Mystic (allowed as half-elf).
(run like: wandering mystic kit, i.e. seeing reincarnate as opportunity to preach to the monsters on meditation etc.).
Cleric - has gone from elves/Corellon to being a friend of 'the forest' generally (Mielikki or equivalent). Halving in level subsumed into reincarnation reductions.

Str 17.2 - Muscle 19.1, Stamina 16.1.
Dex 17.1 - defensive adjustment -3 to AC, reduce TWF penalty by 2.
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 16
Cha 10

Hit Points: 24

Spells: 1st-CLW,CLW,CLW. 2nd- Resist Fire/Resist Cold [+3 save, half dmg, 1 rd/lvl)

WPs- longsword, quarterstaff, TWF, mace, staff sling
NWPs- Herbalism, Religion, Common, Elven, Danger Sense

Kit: S&P Mystic: can meditate, adding +2 to a subability for 1/3 meditation time. Can't own more than can carry.

Racial abilities:
-4 to hit gnomes (Skills & Powers, cc)

HP: original 25, reset to 1/2 round up, +2 for Con increase, +2 as gnoll
+2 for Con increase again to 16 (BSP-7)

21:09, Today: Arek rolled 10,16,15,17,11 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6 ((4,2,3,1,6,5,2,3,3,1,5,6,5,6,2,4,4,3,1,3)).
21:11, Today: Arek rolled 15 using 4d6 ((2,6,2,5))
Reincarnate stats: Str 17, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 9

21:37, Today: Arek rolled 2,71 using d100,d100.  Monstrous traits rolls.

21:01, Today: Arek rolled 2 using 1d6.  gnoll gender (1-3 male).

Monstrous traits: Appearance (-2 to reaction checks); Bestial Habits (-2 to reaction rolls);  additional rolls Bestial Odor (-2 to reaction checks), Bestial Fear

Bestial Fear - fire (due to being burned to death).
Humanoid has a beast's natural fear of a given thing (PC or DM's choice). In presence of
this thing, the humanoid must make a save vs. spell or suffer effects as per a wizard's fear spell.

Character Points
S&P fighter - d12 HP (10), 5 unspent (for saving rolls, etc). - 3 used to reroll save vs. gorgon breath.
[update! - must declare in advance]
S&P cleric [125]- use longsword (5), expert healer (5)(+1 CLW), hit points d10 (10), turn undead (10), 10 animal empathy, spheres 85.

Spheres - major healing (10), war (5), divination (10), all (5), creation (10), animal (10), protection (10), plant (10), sun (5), thought minor (5), time minor (5) = 85 points.

Black scale mail made of gorgon hide (+2 to saves vs. petrification).
Medallion (500 GP)
Ring with cat's head - control animals in cat family.

Hat of Disguise (half-owner - cost 7500 gp - he paid 50% of, Arek 25%, Harcourt almost 25%)
-destroyed in fireball

22:08, Today: Arek rolled 6 using 1d20.  Torvil hat of disguise - fireball save.

Note: T&T stats as base D&D, +7 all (BSP-7). +5 ST/IQ (BSP-17)

Skin of alien metal - takes 12 hits T&T (equivalent to +6 AC bonus).
Body weight quadrupled, can't swim. Fists do d4 damage. Skin needs occasional oil bath.
Growing hair through metal layer.

12:50, Today: Arek rolled 11 using 1d10+3.  Torvil extra HPs. [L3 cleric]

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Mon 13 Nov 2017
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Torvil - original stats

Half-Elf Fighter 4 /Cleric 4 (Corellon):
longsword, staff sling, quarterstaff, TWF, mace (L3).
Spells- CLW (x3), L2 Cure Moderate (2d8) (x2)
Str 12
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 12- [0 bonus spells, 5% spell failure chance]
Cha 12

Hit Points - 25
AC: 15 (+6 armour, -2 dex, +1 shield). --OR HOLDING TORCH
THAC0: +3 for level.

NWPs: Religion (Wis), Healing (3 slots), Danger Sense (L3, Wis+1).

S&P fighter - d12 HP (10), followers at 9th level (5).
S&P cleric [125]- use longsword (5), expert healer (5)(+1 CLW), hit points d10 (10), turn undead (10), 10 animal empathy (see below), 5 advantages ..10 unspent.
Spheres - major healing (10), war (5), divination (10), all (5), creation (10), animal (10), protection (10), plant (10), sun (5) = 75 points.

--5 class points spent on Advantages (Lucky)(6); 1 pt disadvantage [Colourblind, -3 pts]; 2 pts spent during game [reroll Surprise check to not get capped by assassin]

Kit: S&P Mystic: can meditate, adding +2 to a subability for 1/3 meditation time. Can't own more than can carry.

Race: 25 points - half-elf package (20) + reduced sleep (5 points, 4 hrs/night).

22:21, Today: Arek rolled 10,10 using d12,d10.  Torvil hit points.

22:59, Today: Arek rolled 13 using 1d20.  save vs. stupidity. [Cleric1 - save vs. death 10 or more - OK]
22:59, Today: Arek rolled 32,99 using d100,d100.  Drax, Tordek wild talent rolls.

23:40, Today: Arek rolled 10 using 1d10.  Torvil priest2 hit points.
22:44, Today: Arek rolled 4 using 1d12.  Torvil Ftr2 hit points.
23:39, Today: Arek rolled 4 using 1d10.  Torvil cleric3 hit points.
20:48, Today: Arek rolled 1 using 1d12.  Torvil L3 fighter hit points.
21:41, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d10.  Torvil cleric4 hit points.
07:33, Today: Arek rolled 8 using 1d12.  Torvil L4 fighter HPs.

Animal empathy (10): This ability is similar to that of the ranger character class. If the priest carefully approaches a natural animal, he can modify the animal's reactions. Domestic or nonhostile animals are befriended automatically, while wild animals or those trained to attack must make a saving throw vs. rod, staff, or wand to resist the priest's overtures. The priest imposes a saving throw penalty of -1 per three experience levels (-1 at 1st to 3rd, -2 at 4th to 6th, and so on.) If the animal fails to save, its reaction is shifted one category as the priest chooses—for example, from hostile to threatening, or neutral to friendly.

GP: 160
Splint mail (80 gp, 40 lb, 'ac 4'), Small shield (3 GP, 3 lb), longsword, staff sling [2 sp, ROF 2, 10 sling bullets (d4+1, half lb each, 10 cp), 5 large sacks (2.5 lb, 1 gp). 3 sheets parchment (3 gp), ink (8 gp), holy symbol (25 gp).

Magic items: Cloak of Elvenkind (from half-orc assassin).

15:55, Today: Arek rolled 9 using 1d10.  reroll surprise #2 (1 character point).
15:55, Today: Arek rolled 2 using 1d10.  Torvil - reroll surprise (1 character point).

Original stats: Str 11, Dex 6, Con 10, Int 7, Wis 12 (intuition 14, willpower 10), Cha 8

Stats reset to all '12s' ('Equalization') - accessed through planar travel at Ftr 3/Clr 4
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Mon 13 Nov 2017
at 12:07
Torvil - treat as Acolyte L5 [Sorcerer's Apprentice]. [Devotion = Wis score = 12]

Str 20
Dex 20
Con 20
Int 20
Lk 30
Cha 20 [up to 5th level miracles]
Wiz 20

2 swords [8d] +34 adds.

XP: +310

Piety 20
Special: use standard sword [4d]--doesn't have DEX-required however?

Stats: base as Deathtrap Equalizer, +10 Lk for Lvl-5.

Animal Empathy, Religion, Healing, Danger Sense, Fire Building

Mystic (special) - treat as being able to cast Double Double for base cost (18 Wiz). x2 (T&T 'scaled up' attribute effects); overall 1-6 turns up then down similar.

Longswords - as generic term can choose a useable straight sword.
-use any weapon (as rogue), max spell use = 5th lvl.

Spells known - Restoration (2/1)

[convert as Acolyte on basis that Corellan has limited world-access]

base rolls: Str 11, Dex 6, Con 10, Int 7, Lk 14, Cha 8. Piety 12. Wiz 14.

LK: considering HP rolls in calculating Lk, as LK is theoretically a factor in D&D HPs.
odds of 20+ on d10+d12 [10,10]
top 10% + top 25% = equivalent to scores of 15 on 3d6 and 13 on 3d6 [Dragon #165 rules]
Averaged to give an LK score of 14.

10:54, Today: Arek rolled 14 using 3d6.  Wiz score - Torvil.

Str 11
Dex 7
Con 8
Int 8
Lk 32
Cha 10 [1st level miracles only]
Wiz 18

I’ve discovered and confirmed with Ken that stats for Half-Elf & Half-Orc are missing, and Dwelf are incorrect or very optimistic; instead for all half-breeds you should just average the parents’ stat multipliers.
1/2 elf - check Deluxe DEX multiplier; average. Monsters!Monsters! ??
CON *2/3, Dex 4/3, IQ 3/2, Wiz 3/2, Cha 3/2
1/2 elf stat multipliers (average of human/Deluxe elf).
Con = 5/6, Dex 7/6, IQ 5/4, Wiz 5/4, Cha 5/4

Adventures: City of Terrors. DE #12 accessed through planar travel from Kelarn
[in D&D terms: treat as 'mirror of simple order' but a '12' statistic rather than '11', since 20 is slightly high in T&T terms]
BSP - 10, 5, 8

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Sun 10 Dec 2017
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XP and treasure

Torvil xp prior to reincarnate - reset to 1/4 i.e. 2052/2052
8208 Ftr / 8208 Cleric    -4th as fighter, 4th as cleric - next 8k/13k
Torvil -

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Sat 13 Jan 2018
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Treasure carried
Halfling 4th level fighter
Kit: none (abandoned due to class change/loss all magic powers)

Str 13
Dex 15 [-1 defensive adjust saves/AC]
Con 13
Int 13
Wis 13
Cha 13

Hit Points: 25
AC 21 (full plate +9, +1 Dex, +1 Great Helm)

WP: short sword, club, broadsword (specialization), dagger (L3)
S&P fighter [15]- multiple specialization (10), base movement (+3?) (5).

Disadvantages: Phobia (fire)(major)(-4)(DIY); ambidexterity (4)(0/-2 for TWF).

Phobia - fire - burned to death twice.
Character traits (D) - flippant.

Diamond (1000 GP)

Boots of Levitation [CardMaster, Green]
XP VALUE 2,000
USABLE BY: All classes
The boots of levitation allow the adventurer to levitate
 safely above any trap. They can be
used 3x/adventure.

18:35, Today: Arek rolled 9,9,8,12,9,14 using 4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6,4d6, dropping the lowest dice only ((2,4,2,3,2,4,3,2,1,3,4,1,5,2,5,2,2,1,5,2,6,4,2,4)). Torvil V3 stats

Initial for V3 incarnation:
Str 8, Dex 9, Con 14, Int 9, Wis 9, Cha 12; add halfling adjustments
Stats modified for DE-7 [reset to 12s], BSP-7 [+1 all stats]

City of Terrors - +3 T&T CHA (Modified Bigger is Better, Chayalla).

T&T stats:
ST 34, Dex 64, LK 25 [35 w/ Luckstone, not for combat], CHA 30, CON 51, rest are 27 (including Devotion). Adds +67. 2nd lvl.
DE-9 [planar travel], DE-8 [hand], DE-14,DE-10(weland)
Omniflex - switched LK (54 after diamond hand) and CON (22) to 25, 51
Cost of 4750 gp.
Special: gains +36 adds due to weapons training with Entak; applies with broadsword/straight sword group.

*Permanent Fire Resistance as the potion (spoon of mixing with WB potion).
Fire Resistance: This potion bestows magical invulnerability to all forms of
normal fire (such as bonfires, burning oil, or even huge pyres of flaming
wood) upon the person drinking it. It furthermore gives resistance to such
fires as generated by molten lava, a wall of fire, o fireball, fiery dragon
breath and similar intense flame/heat. All damage from such fires is reduced
by -2 from each die of damage, and if o saving throw is applicable,
it is made at +4.

Diamond hand (5000 GP, glows in dark, 4d [d4] magic weapon.

Equipment: full plate

The Great Helm (CardMaster item)
XP Value: 900 Useable by: Warrior.
When protected by the Great Helm, the Warrior can be hit only on an 8.
-?treat as giving +1 AC in AD&D.

Stone of Good Luck (Luckstone); +1 on saves including dodging, slipping, etc. [& ability checks]. +1% to +10% on rolls to determine magic items or division of treasure rolls. 25K GP value.

*dream travel to City w/ Antaeus - treat him as wizard ? [-basically 'Blow Me To' spell, T&T magic partly psionic]

07:46, Today: Arek rolled 1,6 using d4,d10.  darkside trait - Flippant (from gaining rival)

08:36, Today: Arek rolled 3 using 1d10.  Torvil L2 hit points (V3).
23:43, Today: Garek rolled 4,1 using d6,d3.  Torvil - stat raise. [+1 Dex]

Skull Amulet: heals lost CON damage at 1/turn.

Magical ability to control water - up to cup-sized, can form into sphere or small animals.

Ring - fire resistance - 3x daily, 2 hours [4000 GP market value]

Magic Broadsword [+2]: Werqus - 6d+24, can cast Zappathingum on itself for 8 ST points, poison compartment (only if opponent is damaged).
[reset from Greatsword to Broadsword; as Freegore was forging specifically]

(retaining 2nd level cleric HP as 1st level fighter; class change)

22:54, Today: Arek rolled 5 using 1d10.  Torvil L2 fighter hit points. [=17 total]
20:01, Today: Garek rolled 7 using 1d10.  Torvil Ftr3 hit points. [=24 total]
13:52, Today: Garek rolled 68,99 using d100,d100.  water breathing/youth, water breathing/fire resistance.
13:57, Today: Garek rolled 90 using 1d100.  Torvil drinking - roll 01-50 WB, 51-00 FR.
22:53, Today: Garek rolled 1 using 1d10.  Torvil L4.

Personality: assume he's a 9 (takes a lot of crap)

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Thu 1 Mar 2018
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Treasure carried
Torvil (V3): Fighter L4 - 9416 xp

Cloak of Elvenkind (although human-sized). --20% chance of malfunction.
[returned by Antaeus; in exchange for Marsa's Yuurk]

100,000 Palladium gold pieces ("pension fund").

*Dagger of Throwing (XP value - 350, all classes, adds one die to attack roll when thrown; can be used once per battle). [Torvil]

-couriered duplicate Yuurk after duplication.
Yuurk [D&D - treat as absorbing 10 hits each round; T&T 100, not vs. magic]

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