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Sun 6 Aug 2017
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Rules, RTJ, character creation etc.
Before we get to the real details there is thing or two I want to mention.
While I consider my knowledge of WH40K universe to be good, it is not perfect.
This is my second pbp campaign I have made and the second time I will be GM:ing Dark Heresy. The last time I played Dark Heresy was couple years ago and it wasn't a very long campaign, so I don't know the rule system like the back of my hands, which means that there might be mistakes here and there.

I will review all the applications and let you know if you were chosen or not. The deadline for applying will be at the end of the post.

Year is 952 M41 (or 40 952) and you have arrived to planet of Gözlu in East part of Segmentum Obscurus, a war torn world that has been divided for centuries in a civil war.
All of you have suspicions or knowledge of why you were hired to work for Inquisition, but you have no idea of your task ahead. You only know that the Inquisitor who you will be working under is a man called Lazar Thorth.

This section is going to be short at least for now, but it might be updated if the need for it arises.

1. We will be using the first edition of Dark Heresy for this campaign.

2. All the rules supplements are in use.

So, for your request to join application you should add following things.

1. How familiar you are with warhammer universe.

2. How experienced you are with Dark Heresy system.

3. Your initial character concept. This includes background, starting world, career and your experience point use.

As with the rules section, this may be updated in future.

1. Stats/wounds/fate/wealth/divination will be random rolled. This will be done after the application process.

2. The nature section provides good questions, but you are not required to add them to application.

3. Starting wealth may be used freely on items of common or below availability. Anything above that must be asked from me.

That should be most of it. You can ask and suggest things via private message also.

Deadline for applications: 26th of August

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