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(OOC) Character Generation and Rules
This game uses the D20 rules for the Players Handbook 3.5 (Dungeons and Dragons)

Character Generation:
Use this format for your characters.
Note: Only list the skills you have ranks in, and the ones your abilities effect. Thanks. Also, all characters before posting in the gaming area must be posted here and accepted by me. Thanks.

Character Gen: Once a character idea is accepted by me, a char stats can be generated on here. All stats start at 8. No stat can be over 18 unless by racial adjustment.

30 Points. Point-Buy.

Racial adjustments added after all points are used.

Level 1
250 Gold

Books I own:
Complete Arcane
Complete Mage
Complete Divine
Complete Warrior
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Champion
Complete Adventurer
DMG 3.5
PHB 3.5
Races of the Dragon
Dragon Magic
Book of Vile Darkness
Races of the Wild
Oriental Adventures
Savage Species (Some races may not be allowed)
Heroes of Horror
Miniatures Handbook
Fiendish Folio
Ex. Psionics Handbook
Complete Psionics

I may or may not allow classes/prestige classes.

1.  Any of the core book classes work. Up to DM.
2.  Most (if not all) prestige classes are accepted.
3.  Most races are allowed. Up to the DM.
4.  Alignment: Must be Lawful Good, Chaotic Good or Neutral Good
5.  The character when complete must be accepted by me before play.
6.  No cursing/obscene language.
7.  No inner group fighting.
8. A brief history is liked as well to help the char fit in. Thanks.
9. Most books are allowed.
10. Some guns are allowed.
11. Healing: Per 8 hours of rest, level + con modifier healed.
12. Health is MAX.
13. No skill tricks.
14. No bags of holding, quivers of ehlonna, ect. Nothing magical that can hold a lot.
15. Anyone going idle for 1 week will be removed unless I know about it.
16. Multiclassing is allow but all PCS who do it must keep them within a level and
    only may multiclass once (Prestige classes don't count).
17. If wanting to go into another class in game, you do not gain the weapon/armor
    proficies. They must be earned. All other ability work.
18. Text is NOT a post. Please post more then 'text'.
    Example (Not a Post): "I got six gold."
    Example (A Post): "I got six gold." The rogue smiles and pulls out the coins.
19. You get 1 profession free. See list on here. It is not added into your skill points.


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