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Fri 18 Aug 2017
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You wake up in a strange pod with no memory of how you got there. Or of anything else really. Unfortunately, the world you woke up in is not a safe or pretty one. You have emerged into a world of abandoned facilities, mad automatons, and strange monsters. As you explore your new environs, you must find ways to adapt, grow, and survive. You will face many perils, many struggles, many trials. But perhaps you can find answers to the questions that assault you.

Who are you? What is this place? And most important of all...

What in the world happened?

Rude Awakening is a game that hearkens back to classics of science fiction gaming, in particular immersive simulation games like System Shock, Bioshock, or Prey. Players will take the role of amnesiacs looking to survive and figure out what happened in a mysterious abandoned facility. The game will be run in the Savage Worlds system, although other options can be considered if necessary. Players will deal with dangers, interact with NPCs who have survived on the station, and uncover the mystery of what has happened.

Come join up on the ground floor of this new and exciting experience!

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Fri 18 Aug 2017
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The RTJ for this game will be relatively simple, since all characters are human amnesiacs.

Name: (Your Character's name. They will remember it and nothing else.)

Concept: (What your base concept for the character is. Should be a couple short phrases or sentences. Feel free to list multiple concepts. As a quick note, I am not looking for villainous characters. On another side note, your characters all have no memories of their past, so focus concepts on skills and personality rather than backstory.)

Role: (A brief idea on what your characterís role in a scientific stationís environment might be. Basically a quick description of what type of skillls you might have. Especially looking for engineer, security, psychic, maintenance, science, and operator roles.)

What would you like to get out of this game?: (A very general question, but an important one. What would you like to see in this game and what would you want to do? Are you looking for tense, deadly encounters? Exploring your character's story? Learning more about the world? Answering this question can help me make this game the best it can be.)

Writing Sample: (A quick writing sample. You can take it from a previous game, or I can send you a prompt if necessary.)

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Mon 9 Jul 2018
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Game Expectations:
Here are a few random notes that I'd like to mention about the game, and some of my plans for it. Some of these points are up for debate, but I figure they're good to talk about!

1. This is a story with a beginning, middle, and end: While players will have a great amount of choice and latitude in how the story develops, this is not a pure sandbox or freeform game. There is a 'main plot' to follow, although railroading will be avoided as vigorously as possible.

2. Characters should be (fairly) investigative, heroic, and adventurous: While a story of a group of people holed up in a room waiting for food to run out could be compelling as a dark character study, that is not the story that I would like to run. Characters should be willing to explore, curious to find out what's happened, and heroic enough to try and find a better fate for themselves.

3. Character death will be avoided, but not impossible: This is a game of survivors in a dangerous situation. Death is a possibility for player characters, but I will try and avoid it for the most part. If a character dies, there will be numerous options for keeping that player in the game. If there is large scale disagreement on this point, we can consider other options.

4. It's not horrible all the time...: While the characters are put into a horrific situation, there is plenty of room for levity, hope, and even humor. Hopelessness and despair are not major themes of the game, and if the players are clever and courageous, there might even be a chance at a happy ending.

5. Remember to have fun: While this game is of a relatively dark, serious nature, an enjoyable and fulfilling experience playing is still vitally important.

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Mon 23 Jul 2018
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Last call for characters! I'm planning on making my selections tomorrow. So if you're interested, make sure to jump in now!