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Tue 15 Aug 2017
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Character Creation
This is a thread for character creation. Post your ideas.
Use the basic HeroQuest Glorantha character creation method. You don't have to come up with all your abilities yet. Following keywords are given, but you can deviate from these with Narrator's discretion.
  • Culture: Dara Happan
  • Community: The Five Trees Bounty Association
  • Religion: Initiate or Lay Member of Seven Mothers or some other Lunar god

You are members of noble houses in the Five Trees Bounty Association. You can be heir of the house leader or somehow else associated with the noble house (maybe no basic servants still). How did you become part of the house? The noble houses rule the city through the association but also other means. What does your house do in the city? The leader of you association is House Cazez. How is your house related to the leading house? What is your position in the house? As you are not destined to rule the FTB Association or your house you have had the opportunity to convert to Lunar religion, preferably one of the Seven Mothers. What was your reason for convert? Were you "forced" or did you do it against your house? It is ok, if you are still a Lay Member in the Lunar religion but still have one of the old gods as your main deity.
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Wed 16 Aug 2017
at 08:59
Character Creation
Here are the character creation steps from the HQG

  1. Choose a character concept. Your concept will usually include a distinguishing characteristic and an occupational keyword as described in this chapter.
  2. Choose a cultural keyword (Dara Happan). It starts at 13.
  3. Choose the community you have a relationship with (Five Trees Bounty). It starts at 13.
  4. Choose an occupational keyword. This is usually part of your character concept. It starts at 17. (Noble is a decent choice, also).
  5. Choose your three Runes. Assign one at 1W (this will define what religion you belong), one at 17, and the third at 13.
  6. Add your distinguishing characteristic as an ability. It starts at 17 (unless it is a breakout from another keyword).
  7. Pick 5 additional abilities that can include specialized “breakout” abilities from a keyword or Rune, describing them as you want. New abilities start at 13; however, a breakout ability starts at +1 from the keyword or Rune and is shown as a modifier of the base keyword. You do not have to decide all your additional abilities at the start of play; undecided abilities can be added at any time during play.
  8. Spend up to 12 additional points on keywords, Runes, additional abilities, or supporting characters. Keep track of any unspent points. You cannot spend more than 10 points on any one ability.
  9. Describe up to 3 flaws. One can be a distinguishing characteristic if you want.
  10. Give your hero a name. ( has also Dara Happan masculine and feminine generator.)

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Wed 16 Aug 2017
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Character Creation
So folks what shall we go for?

GM do we need combat competent pcs or are we in Diplomacy mode?

I'll put my hand up for a Yanafal Tarnils character but can change if someone else fancies that, or there could be two or more of us!

Or I'd go Jakaleel the witch.

GM What is the city's main god, or is there a city god? Is it Serris the builder? So we  could play a mason?

I'd be happy to play a sibling of one or all the characters.