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Tristan Wolfe
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Mon 16 Oct 2017
at 18:49
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Safely having returned to the church Tristan nods to Adri in response to his update. A change of clothes and food will do them both some good. Taking a seat in the sanctuary of the church he looked to his ghost.

"Well a deal is a deal. Soon I'll allow you to manifest so you can gather flowers for your Lilett. Then I'll take you to her. Do you remember seeing any flowers nearby that she might like?"

Manifesting a ghost wasn't the hard part. It was really a matter of sustaining them once they were beyond a certain distance of their anchor. Hopefully there would be flowers nearby otherwise he would have to wait until tomorrow when Tristan had regained some energy.
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Thu 19 Oct 2017
at 08:21
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan would find that the ghost could only really haunt within visual range. It restlessly drifted creating a chill where it passed.  It also seemed somewhat stuck in its awareness. Resorting back to questioning if Tristan or Adri had seen his Lilett? It did not seem to matter what was said the same questions would eventually return.

Eva seemed equally restless, drifting around flexing oversized claws every now and then and running them across the walls of the desecrated church.

Adri got a fire going then went off somewhere, his coughing fit could be heard even at a distance. When he returned he had with him cloth they could dry themselves with. Dry clothes were also made available. The choices were limited but an ornate blue robe with gold trim was the most likely fit.

Plates were laid out and loaded with bread, cheese and what looked like cured meats.  Adri set a pot over the fire and took some of the Gold Bloom and started brewing it into a tea. “There is food enough stored here for a while, but it will eventually run out. I also think some of the creatures are hungry but I don’t really want to go near any of them!”
Tristan Wolfe
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Mon 23 Oct 2017
at 15:13
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan nodded in acknowledgement of Adri's words.

"We will have to secure nourishment for them then. They can still serve a purpose in my studies of the witches magic."

He looked to Eva.

"Eva what is it? You seem listless."

She had the capacity of speech but could she articulate what the issue was? Perhaps it was simply because she had no enemies to kill. If the cause could be corrected he would set himself to that task. If not he would turn his attention back to Adri.

"Now that we have medicine we should discuss what our plans for the future shall be. Given your physical infirmities I would suggest you build your strength in the coming weeks. In that time I will expand my undead forces and explore the surrounding areas. Hopefully I will find a suitable humanoid to pressgang into obtaining food. Otherwise we may have to subsist on the flesh of those misshaped beasts that stalk the forest."
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Fri 27 Oct 2017
at 15:45
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Adri shrugged as he stared at the brewing Gold Bloom. “Some of em look like the stuff of nightmares. Pulled out the depths of the swamp no doubt.” He produced a mortar and pestle and started pinching off the heads of some of the Gold Bloom. He added a little bit of boiling water then began grinding the flower heads into a paste.

Eva drifted over radiating enough cold that Adri shivered involuntarily. He looked away and stared intently at contents of the mortar continuing to grind away in a steady motion.

Eva spoke in restless whispers. “I am cold. I hunger for warm life.” She held up her claws staring intently at them.

Adri looked up from what he was doing. “Well that is not at all terrifying.” He placed down the mortar and pestle and poured some Gold Bloom tea into readied mugs. He handed one over to Tristan and then took one for himself blowing on it. He settled again sipped some Golden Bloom tea. It was obvious he was savouring the slightly sweet taste as he cradled the mug in his hands for extra warmth.

“I would like to go back to my village at some point. I have family there. I suspect it is to the East lookin’ at the moss. I can bring you what you need. If you see any more Gold Bloom you should harvest it. It is considered a rare ingredient so is worth a bit. May be a means to keep you stockpiled. Are you not worried the Hag will return here?”

Adri put down the mug of tea and picked up the the mortar passing the entire thing over to Tristan. Within was a golden looking paste. “You'll want to pack your wound with it, should drive out the rot.”

Tristan Wolfe
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Mon 30 Oct 2017
at 15:10
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan regards Eva with a nod of his head.

"We will see to that in the morning Eva. I'm sure there are plenty of forest beings that will sate your desire."

He looked to Adri.

"You are not my hostage Adri, you may return to your village if you so desire. I would greatly appreciate you bringing supplies to me. There are not a great many people who would willingly associate with a Necromancer."

He then packed his wound with the golden bloom mash. A wince of pain overtaking his face.

"Not the most comfortable thing in the world but it will do."

He then leaned back and considered what his plans were to be.

"Tomorrow I will go to the forest and collect flowers for Lilet and allow Eva to kill some of these beasts. I will then release this ghost from my service and begin establishing dominion of this city. I get the sneaking suspicion that there is more here than meets the eye."
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Tue 31 Oct 2017
at 05:55
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
The moment the paste touched the wound the area felt warm but also became numb. The warmth of the Gold Bloom tea further quelled the fever. There was no longer any pain. Tristan would be able to sigh in relief in the knowledge that the sickness was now being driven out for good.

Scenario Complete - A parting Gift.

Adri also seemed to be faring better his coughing subsided and some colour could now be seen returning to his face.

Adri let out a groan of satisfaction then spoke. “I owe you one, you saved me from a cruel fate. I won't forget that in a hurry, even though you do creep me out.”

He smirked a little then ate his fill of the food. It was obvious to see his mood was greatly lif, ed. Eventually he retired.

Should Tristan want to retire he would find his own night would go by without incident. The following day would dawn with sombre grey light. The noises of the swamp coming alive with a chorus that heralded the start of a new day.
Tristan Wolfe
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Fri 3 Nov 2017
at 16:00
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
At mention of Tristan creeping out Adri he chuckled.

"And here I was thinking that you wanted to become a Necromancer yourself."

In the morning he would bid Adri farewell and go in the opposite direction with Eva and his bound ghost. The objective was simple. Any beast that dared make its presence known would be meet with Eva's fearsome claws. While they did that he would serve for wild flowers that bore at least some aesthetic appeal and didn't appear in the witches book of poisonous plants.
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Sun 5 Nov 2017
at 15:55
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
In the morning Adri was reluctant to leave. Even though he had a good idea where his village was he did not fancy his chances getting there alone. There were just too many dangers in the swamp he was ill-equipped to deal with. In the meantime, he continued to behave like a loyal servant waiting for an opportunity to be led safely back to his village.

Tristan was faced with a few choices of direction. To the North was now an unknown. To the East was likely Adri’s Village. To the south was also Unknown. West would lead back to Kevros’ territory. Whatever direction he chose little could withstand the ferocity of Eva given free reign to kill. The corpses of swamp beasts piled up. Along the way could be found white flowers that seemed pleasing to the ghost, white was after all his Lillets favourite.
Tristan Wolfe
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Sun 5 Nov 2017
at 16:02
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan collected the flowers and allowed the ghost to manifest so that he could hold them.

"Now my friend it is time to go see Lilet."

Tristan than took the ghosts anchor and had Eva crush it. Without an anchor to bind the ghost to this mortal plane it would be forced into the next life. Hopefully, it would find his wife wherever they ended up but that wasn't Tristan's concern.

Turning to Adri he had a slow dawning that the man wasn't well equipped to make the journey by himself.

"Ah I suppose I should help you get back to your village then."

Tristan then started towards the East, having Adri carry one of the smaller forest beasts that Eva had slain. If they needed to set up camp then Adri would prepare the food, otherwise, it would be a good tale to tell his kindred as to the misadventures he underwent to reach them once more.
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Sun 5 Nov 2017
at 17:14
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
The ghost took the essence and fed on it instinctively. It manifested soon after shining dully in some kind of silvery soldiers armor. The ghost took the flowers and spent a moment to look at them. The flowers crisped with a kind of unnatural frost.

Eva destroyed the anchor and in that moment the ghost looked ahead as if seeing something. There were hints of pale gold light. Tristan would know he was looking into a partial manifestation of a higher plane.  Soft female words were lightly heard whispered on a warm breeze. “I am here my love I am safe. You don’t need to look for me any longer.”

The ghost shed its armor and left its weapons to dematerialise as it broke into a run, as it did so, it broke apart into gold hues that brightened then rapidly faded. The ethereal light went with it. The flowers dropped to the floor.

Eva found herself drifting over to the spot where the ghost had been and gone. Adri was also staring. For a short while, there was a kind of silence.

Then Adri turned to look at Tristan. “That would truly be appreciated.”

The Journey East was barely hindered as any sort of threat was wiped out in moments. As they journeyed a terrible stench would reach them. Adri clearly did not recognize what that smell meant. But Tristan would know it was hair and corpse fat burning in large quantities. The smoke seen funneling up into the sky was grim evidence of the close proximity of what was presumably the village. Adri spotted the smoke, an unease was seen to wash over him as he quickened his pace.
Tristan Wolfe
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Fri 10 Nov 2017
at 16:30
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan watched with a detached curiosity at the scene that unfolded in front of him. It seemed that his ghost servitor was able to be with his wife again in the next life. It may have also confirmed the existence of a more pleasant afterlife than the underworld from which he drew many of the souls he used to fuel his magics.

When it was over he simply nodded to Adri and they began moving towards his village. As they neared Tristan became distinctly aware of the smell of burning flesh and hair in the air, the smoke from the village adding more evidence to support his determination. Tristan seized Adri by the shoulder as he noticed him quickening his pace.


He turned him so that he was facing him.

"If you rush in there you will meet the same fate as them. We need to be smarter about this. Get out your sword and stand still."

Tristan didn't have much magic to work with in these sorts of situations but any number of threats could be in the village. He cast Ward Against Poisons/Diseases on both of them.

"Eva I want you to enter the athame and wait for my instructions. If need be I'll unleash you towards whoever is a threat."

He then turned his attention back to Adri.

"This magic should protect you from diseases and poisons but nothing more. You'll want to cover your mouth with cloth to prevent inhaling too much smoke. Under no circumstances are you to leave my side do you understand Adri?"

If he didn't get a strong yes he repeated himself more firmly.

"Do you understand?"

Once he achieved the response he desired they would begin moving out towards the village. As they neared Tristan would use detect magic to see if there were any obvious magical traps.
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
at 13:14
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Eva drifted a moment as she seemed to condense down into thick almost material smoke. The smoke then began becoming a slither of raw darkness that vanished inside the athame. Tristan would be able to sense Eva lurking in the blade. The blade itself all the keener for it.

Adri just about nodded in understanding but it was obvious he wanted to get to his village as soon as possible. The swamp threw up various barriers on their journey, but Adri hacked through them. The smell only worsened as they got closer. It also became clear there were multiple funnels of smoke as if pyres burned throughout the village.

The village finally came into view. From the edge of the swamp, it looked like any ordinary peasant village, that had prospered once. It was complete with yellow thatched roofs, white-walled cottages, and dark wood beams. Mud tracks made up the streets and a small river could be seen winding through the village. If it was not for the smoke and smell it could even be considered scenic.

Various peat pits and woodpiles could be seen. There were also areas that had been dedicated to growing some of the rarer swamp mushrooms. But no one was working the area. Adri became more nervous the closer they got. The village sounds seemed to filter across. A bell tolling and distinct sounds of sobbing, and a mix of fervent prayers.

Tristan would spot that one of the cottages was entirely boarded up from the outside and splashed with red paint. There were other cottages similarly boarded up and marked with crosses.
Tristan Wolfe
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Sun 12 Nov 2017
at 16:09
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan nearly gasped.


He had seen this sort of scene before, in his own life. This village was gripped by pestilence and disease. They were quarantining homes to try and contain the spread of the disease but it was futile. Now they had turned to burning the bodies and praying to the gods for answers.

Tristan looked to Adri.

"Cover your mouth. Do not breath in the smoke. It's miasma, poisonous air."

While Tristan had learned about true medicine to some degree his understanding of the inner workings of diseases was limited. That aside he understood from experience that they should be cautious.

They then advanced steadily into the village, trying to get a better idea of the situation. If Adri attempted to move towards anyone Tristan would seize his shoulder and prevent him.

"Do not touch them. Do not let them touch you. If you wish to help them you have to maintain what little health you have."
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Tue 21 Nov 2017
at 11:06
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
The streets seemed mostly empty. What few people that could be seen did not linger long. Those that did, appeared to be busy chasing after anything that moved with sticks and sacks. A wild-eyed looking cat sped from their close proximity and hopped up out of reach. There were numerous rats that also fled, disappearing into whatever cracks and crevices could be found. Some were not fast enough and wound up stamped on and mashed. From inside one of the buildings could be heard weak scraping and the distinct cry of a child. It was almost drowned out by the formal prayers in the distance. There was now a terrible mix of conflicting smells. The burning of bodies, and powerful fragrance of sweet incense.

Tristan would pick up on more divinely inspired magic at work. It was moving through the smoke like gushing fountains pushing out the taint. What he would know was that a group ritual was underway. All those voices raised together having almost palpable effects to the magically attuned.

Adri covered his mouth and looked about the solemn streets. For a moment he stood still and just trembled. Then something wild came over him that had him move suddenly as if he were a man possessed. He broke into a full-tilt run rushing across a small stone bridge and further up a slightly curving street.

He started shouting names as he ran towards a particular cottage. Then threw himself at a red-splashed, boarded up door, partially bouncing off it in a way that had to of hurt. When that did not work he began attacking the door with his sword. The crashing sounds beat out against the backdrop of prayers.

There was a shout from somewhere up the street, a cutting male voice laced with authority spoke. “Oi! Stop that. What do you think you are you doing?” A figure dressed in a brown tabard drew a sword of his own and started to close the distance on Adri. “You fool you need to stop that right now!”
Tristan Wolfe
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Tue 21 Nov 2017
at 17:00
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan took in the surrounding to the best of his abilities. It was the plague, or at least a pestilence of some sort. Perhaps it was spread by the rats that seemed keen to scurry across the ground in broad daylight but perhaps they had simply come to feed on the carrion. There was incenses burning to mask the miasma of the burning corpses and to create a mass gnostic state. It seemed to be working, faith based magic was permeating the air although he wasn't sure how much good it would do.

Petitioning the gods was a sloppy process. You could gain their attention with numbers but their blessings would be diluted among the individual desires of the masses. Everyone was probably praying for their own loved ones or their own health, it wouldn't gather enough power to heal the village.

All the same he was torn away from the ritual when Adri suddenly took off into a sprint.

"Damnit Adri stop!"

He ran after him. When he reached a door marked for quarantine he sped up. He reached him a few moments before the armed man and struck him across the jaw with his full force.

"Damnit man don't you see that its quarantined! They are beyond your power to save!"

He held up his hand to the man approaching with a drawn sword.

"Please sir he has recently only returned from being the captive of a witch. This is most likely a loved ones home, he is having a difficult time processing the events."
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
at 06:39
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Adri was punched with enough force to cause him to stagger away from the door. He touched at his jaw and gave Tristan a stare so full of watery enmity it took on a raw force. It was not directed at Tristan it seemed to stare beyond that.  He spat blood onto the floor and held the sword with white knuckles.

The guard slowed to a stop and seemed to take in Tristan’s words. “That may well be, but sickness lingers here. You should move to the main plaza, and tell the priest there everything; when he is through.” The guard took a moment to study the recovering Adri and sheathed his own sword. “There is only death here Adri, I am sorry."
Tristan Wolfe
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Sat 25 Nov 2017
at 17:45
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan nodded to the guard as he resheated his sword and then looked to Adri.

"What you did was foolish."

He extended his hand and offered it to Adri so that he could get off the ground.

"I'm assuming that this is your home?"

It didn't take a super genius to realize that Adri was responding the way he was because his family or loved ones were in danger or potentially dead. Tristan had no such family but he could at least sympathize with his plight.

All the same there was the matter of talking to a priest. Holy men, depending on their power, could see through the guise that Tristan maintained and see the dark powers he worked. They would cling to him like a cloak of swirling darkness, or so he had been told by his master.

"We need to think about this rationally, otherwise we can't help anyone. Not even ourselves. I will go with you to the see the priest and we will determine what can be done."

If push came to shove Tristan would simply flee the area. He hadn't had much practice with his burgeoning psychic powers but it might be the difference between life and death here.
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Mon 27 Nov 2017
at 15:07
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
The guard made another gesture as if shepherding them both away to a safer area. Trying to encourage them without touch to move further up the road, to what was presumably the plaza. He then spotted the two that were chasing rats and called out after them in hostile tones. “By the nine hells, what do you think you are doing!” He rushed off after them.

Adri took Tristan’s hand and got to his feet. “Yes it is... was my home.” He did not even rub at his jaw. He just backed away from his house taking one long look at it. He did not move for the plaza however.

His brow was deeply furrowed when he next spoke. “There is nothing for me here now, and what good is a priest if prayers are not answered in a time of most need? My family were devout, but what good has it done them? In my time of need there was you.” There was that same look of gratefulness again but it was also mixed with something else.

“I don’t think it is safe for you here either. This town has always been suspicious of outsiders, even in good times.”

Adri sighed and glanced both up the road to the plaza but also back the way they had come. “If you will have me I will go where you go? Maybe you can even teach me to wield power like you do?”

Even though Adri did not state it directly there was a deep hatred that now existed. The darkness of it marred his soul and created a living fetter of unfinished business that would anchor his soul should he die. No doubt the enmity was reserved for the hag.
Tristan Wolfe
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Mon 27 Nov 2017
at 17:08
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan narrowed his eyes, saddened more than furious. He looked around the town and saw that Adri was correct. These people were beaten and rather thoroughly. If they remained no amount of incense or prayer would say them from the sickness; their god would not intervene. In fact one of the reasons that his master had settled in this region was the sheer absence of powerful clergyman, ones that could summon up the divine powers necessary to purify an area of this size.

He looked to Adri and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"I will work you hard. There will be times when you wish to quit, to flee from me and seek out an easier lifestyle. Heed me now: I shall not permit you to leave. You will become my blade and I will bestow upon you powers beyond your imagining. If you agree then follow me, otherwise say with your people."

Regardless of Adri's decision he would being making he way back to the church. Upon arrival, depending on the time left in the day, he would study the witches spell book more.
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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 12:47
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Adri only faltered in his steps for a moment. Then he moved after Tristan his mind seemingly made up. He did not even look back as he trailed only slightly behind Tristan.

(Gain Loyal Apprentice Adri. )

The journey back was not entirely uneventful. At some point, giant leeches attacked, as did some kind of blood-hungry squirming mass of vines. It was a reminder the swamp was never safe to traverse. If Adri had been on his own he would likely have been killed by either encounter.

By the time they got back to the undisturbed church grey clouds cloaked the sun, which suggested it was mid-afternoon.  The skeletons that had guarded the area just stood like impassive sentinels not having moved or been alerted.

Available to Learn - Witchcraft

Spell - Trip Jinx Victim is prone to trip over when moving hastily.
Spell - Agony - Victim is afflicted with pain for as long as the spell is maintained.
Spell - Desecration - Victim is more susceptible to damage.
Spell - fevered Dreams - Victim is afflicted by nightmares when sleeping.
Spell -  Weeping Eye - Victim’s eyes bleed causing temporary blindness.
Spell - Famine - Food is afflicted by a rot making it no longer edible.
Spell - Parched - Drink becomes stagnant making it no longer drinkable.
Spell - Fallow - an area of land becomes desolate.
Spell - Evil Eye Rank 1/2/3 - Target becomes afflicted by worsening bad luck.
Spell - Insect whispers - Can communicate with insects and spiders.
Spell Tongue tied  - Victim cannot speak for a short length of time.
Spell - Critter Curse Rank 1/2/3- Target is turned into a small critter for an increasing length of time.

(OOC Is there anything you specifically want Tristan to focus on for the day? )
Tristan Wolfe
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Wed 29 Nov 2017
at 00:07
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan settles in with the witch's spellbook and begins issuing orders to Adri.

"Adri I would like you to begin with one of the most basic skills a magic user of any caliber can possess and that is concentration. I want you to study that wall over there."

Tristan pointed to one of the churches vacant walls.

"I want you to study that wall until you can tell me everything about it. Create a flawless image of it in your mind."

With Adri's instructions, no matter how cryptic or nonsensical they might seem, Tristan turned his attention to the Agony spell. He would study the spell and attempt to learn of its workings. He thought that his energies would be best spent attempting to get a firm grasp on a single spell rather than dabbling dangerously in several.

Occassionally he would shuffle loudly, cough, or otherwise make distracting sounds and movements. He would also mentally command his skeletons to move about listlessly in Adri's periphery.
 GM, 59 posts
Wed 29 Nov 2017
at 21:36
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
If it was possible to rage study a wall, Adri was now doing so!

The agony spell was disturbingly simplistic in what it required. A line of sight to the target within around 60 feet. An already established ability to see the vital life force within a living creature. The correct hand gestures to pluck at the vital essence to cause it to violently oscillate, like strumming a guitar string too hard. As well as a single short word, ‘Neth.’ The only barrier to study was the need for a living target to practice on.

On occasion, Adri became momentarily distracted by a wandering skeleton but he would go right back to focusing. At some point, he stated he was ready with his wall description.
Tristan Wolfe
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Thu 30 Nov 2017
at 16:24
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan was honestly quite disturbed with how easily the spell could be learned. Typically things that violated the sanctity of someones essence had more complexity to it but it seemed the witch had learned how to bypass all of that with a simple gesture and focus; how truly terrifying.

All the same he would need to practice the spell before he could use it well. That, however, would come later. For know he had to quiz Adri.

"Alright Adri tell me if these stones were quarried here or elsewhere and tell me if they were worked into blocks at the quarry and transported or if they were worked within the city. Also how many pits are on the third stone from the base of the wall on the far right hand side."
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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 12:59
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Darkness was definitely closing in as shadows stretched ever deeper. The church was lit up by a central fire and a few torches but that was all. The rest of the church corridors and passageways just became inky gloom. More nocturnal creatures had awoken ready to hunt, their savage noises heard in the distance. The nighttime chorus of toads and crickets could also be heard loudly making noise over a moderate wind. There was another sound, loud and buzzing, emanating from somewhere outside and above the church.

Adri’s confidence evaporated, as he just looked puzzled. “I err.. don’t know about the quarrying bit. Damn this is hard, but three I think.”
Tristan Wolfe
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Mon 4 Dec 2017
at 18:52
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan walked towards the wall and passed a hand over it.

"These walls are made of limestone. Limestone comes from areas that once possessed sea life or still do in some fashion. There are no seas near this city meaning that it was quarried elsewhere and brought to this location. As for when it was shaped into blocks you have to consider the appearance of the church. The stones are not perfectly smooth meaning they were not worked by masons and then sold and they are not so irregular as to have been shaped by the pickaxes used in the quarries, at least not in the end."

He walked over to the stone in question and inspected it.

"You are, however, correct on the number of pits in the stone. Impressive recall."

He moved back towards Adri.

"The lesson here is that you must always be aware of your surroundings and that awareness must be beyond the superficial. So tell me why a limestone walled church is significant to a necromancer."