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Tristan Wolfe
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Thu 17 Aug 2017
at 16:33
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan was shocked for a moment at what Kavros was doing. Not only did he loose some unknown spell against his newly created wraith but he commanded him to harvest the soul of one of his fellow students. He had never been very attached to Nina, if anything she was a thorn in his side. Perhaps one day, some time later, they would have had to fight but he wasn't planning that for a few decades at the earliest.

This was impromptu at best but he was sure Kevaros had his reasons, as he did with everything. Still his contemplation of the situation gave Nina an opportunity to begin launching her psychic attacks against him. She filled his mind with spectral horrors and deep sense of foreboding, a sensation of his inevitable death.

Sadly, this meant nothing to Tristan. He was the child born in death, raised in hate, and forged in pain. He had seen horrors all his life and Kevaros' teachings had elevated him above his baser fears of death. Not that Nina could have known any of this as he kept his personal life to himself and they never bothered to ask.

"Wraith I name thee Eva. Be bound by my blade and destroy me enemies!"

With that he held up his athame, a glyph of the name Eva burning itself into the metal. He then used his foot to break the circles containing his wraith.
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Fri 18 Aug 2017
at 09:15
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Nina had a dumbfounded look on her face. As if she could not quite believe her mental assault could be so easily resisted. She found she had run up against a wall built of hate and pain and there was no conquering it! She threw up her arms and made a familiar hand gesture, dark energy coalescing within her grasp.

But it was too late, the moment the circle was broken the newly named Wraith, Eva moved like liquid smoke, closing the distance in a matter of mere moments. The wraith was on her. It lifted an over sized clawed hand above its head and slashed diagonally down. There was a sound of ripping cloth and shredded muscle tearing. Nina let out an agonised scream as she was hit with enough force to send her off her feet and back against the wall, hard enough she cracker her head. Hot blood leaked across the ritual chambers floor from deep wounds. Nina lay in a crumpled mess letting out a barely alive pained moan. The wraith let out a noise of rage and seemed to just continually slash at Nina in a relentless blood frenzy.

The other two necromancers watched with a look of respect and fear as if the Wraith may be let loose on them at Kevros’ command.

Kevros in contrast had his eyes closed, a rare chilling smile on his face as the sounds of ripping meat filled the chamber.

He held a simple soul cage in his hand.  It looked like a cylindrical cage made of some kind of rare black metal that was etched with runes that Tristan would recognise.

The wraith continued the assault with the same frenzy, leaving behind an unrecognizable corpse but even then it did not stop. The glowing light of a white soul lifted from the corpse and was dragged into the waiting soul cage with a lamenting wail. Kevros snapped it shut, his eyes opening once more. He nodded slowly at Tristan and turned his attention to the other two necromancers who showed clear fear now.

“Clear out Nina’s room, take whatever you want of hers, do so quickly I am expecting a guest.

Kevros turned again towards Tristan looking once more solemn and thoughtful. He offered the soul cage freely. “You have done well. I feel you are ready now to go into the world to forge your own path.”
Tristan Wolfe
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Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 19:53
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
"Eva return to me."

With that he turned his attention to Kevaros who held a soul cage containing Nina's disembodied soul.

"Thank you, Master, but I must ask. Why did you instruct me to kill Nina?"

He didn't much care for her but it was so unusual. It almost seemed defeatist to train her for all these years just to have her murdered as a part of his initiation.
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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 01:50
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Eva broke away from the remnants of Nina. It returned besides Tristan and looked upon its blood drenched claws flexing them a little but saying nothing.

Kevros retained an unreadable expression as his dark sunken eyes found full focus on Tristan. He was slow to respond as if weighing carefully what to say.

“Some rituals require the patience of many years. A sacrifice of time and studious effort. She was marked for death the moment she arrived. This recent moment is merely a culmination of that ritual."

Something inhuman and almost hungry leaked into his voice. “Of fruit ripening. Ready at last to be plucked... held... tasted!"

As he held out the soul Cage he looked upon it as he spoke, this time with the usual careful measured tones returning. "Having you do it was simply expedient and useful. Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. Within her soul resides all I have taught.”
Tristan Wolfe
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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 02:04
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan nodded in understanding. Kevaros was a confusing man but he was not a liar. Tristan did become aware of something that he had not considered previously. Kevaros could vary well have been training his students so that they could serve as his sacrifices. Nina's time was today but who knew when his own time might come or if it ever would.

All the same he would become stronger and deal with that situation if or when it arose.

"I accept its power then."

Taking the cage from his master, Tristan chanted in an abyssal dialect. Opening the cage he drew Nina's soul into his own body where he cannibalized her power and knowledge as his own. He made sure to burn away her personality and emotions, doing his upmost to prevent any lingering curses that she may have placed on her own soul.

When that was completed he dismissed himself from his master's presence and quickly gathered his own belongings. It was best to not linger in the crypt any longer. Nina possessed nothing that he could not obtain for himself, especially since he had gained her techniques.
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Sun 20 Aug 2017
at 12:19
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Soul Feast

The soul was consumed and with it came a powerful rush. An intensity of feeling hard to describe. With it came an influx of power and knowledge. Some of that Knowledge was already known but some unique bits stood out.

The focus on psychic powers opened new avenues of capability. A yet to be experienced power of reading surface thoughts. Of nudging emotion. Of shaping simple commands and haunting the mind with spectres, or a sense of foreboding and doubt. In essence Nina had begun to delve into mindcontrol.

She had also been busy studying the resurrected Swamp Trolls and how to go about creating her own. Or take command of the already existing versions. A task she never had the chance to truly finish.

She also had extensive knowledge on the curse of Vampirism, the different clans, powers and their variety of immortality.

Tristan was now faced with two questions. What to take?

Please create an Item List.

Where to go?

The Deep Mire swamp encircled the broken tower in all directions. Tristan would have minimal knowledge as to what lay in the different directions. With the exception of the South.

The North

Beyond the swamp to the North was known to be a harsh land that started to shift towards rocky lands and steep peaks. The area was home to what some call barbarian tribes always vying for dominance over the area.Their horsemanship was however said to be unparalleled


To the east was more swamp but somewhere in that direction Kevros had mentioned a fallen city. Mostly swallowed up by the swamp. But apparently there were magical artifacts likely still hidden there. The only downside was the area was alive with bog beasts.


Nearby to the south existed the Town of Swamp Light. It bordered the swamp and on first appearance it would seem like nothing more than an isolated town. Known for more swamp based alchemical reagents. There were clear cut roads leading from Swamplight that fed out into the Kingdom of Doulan. It was well known to Tristan that the town secretly came under the domain of Kevros. Keeping the Broken tower supplied. Sometimes visitors would go missing, often being gifted to Kevros in an attempt to keep him appeased.


If you wish to invent your own area, travel West. I will work with what you give me.
Tristan Wolfe
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Wed 23 Aug 2017
at 16:18
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan gathered up the supplies he had been collecting for this day. Without the prior preparation that Aldric had he did not have a demense established but he did have traveling supplies and his culminated research materials.

1x bedroll, 1x waterskin, 1x flint and steel, 40 ft. rope, 1x spyglass, 1x compass, blank paper, well of ink, quill pen, research notes (4 leather-bound books in total), 1x sheepskin cloak.

With that, he would set off to the east. Perhaps the ruins could provide him with a suitable area for him to begin establishing himself.
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Thu 24 Aug 2017
at 09:59
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
The swamp was wet and humid. Stark drowned trees with thick curling roots stood silently amidst the murky waters.  The sky above was overcast with grey clouds that hid the weak light of an early morning sun. Everything had a tendency towards damp and rot and shades of pale green and brown. Various stagnant smells lingered alongside the buzz of numerous insects.

Progress was slow but whatever life lingered around did not stay long. Choosing to slink into murk of the surrounding swamp. The Wraiths cold undying presence seeming to drive life away from before it. Eva continued to drift dutifully close by silent as a shadow in passing.

At some point in the near distance Tristan would see high walls choked with clinging moss and creeping vines. The design seemed to imply human craftsmanship from an unknown era. A silent city ruin presumably on the other side.

Tristan was faced with prospect of how to get beyond those walls and inside. He would also be aware of a multitude of gathering gleaming yellow eyes lurking behind him. What they belonged to was any ones guess. Eva seemed to flex her claws as if in readiness.
Tristan Wolfe
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Sat 26 Aug 2017
at 18:35
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan regarded the ruinous city of a bygone era with a sense of detached curiosity. Could this place serve as his demense? It was sizeable, fortifiable, and far enough from his master as to not warrant any lingering hostilities. There were possibilities but he would need to explore them more before he could make a solid decision.

Then there was the matter of the gleaming yellow eyes that seemed to follow him wherever he traveled. He considered this a perfect opportunity to test out the new abilities he had obtained from killing Nina. Delving into his psychic reserves he attempted to emulate an empathetic aura of fear, hoping to dissuade whatever being lurked in the darkness from approaching him.

If he was successful in repelling them he would begin looking for an entrance to the cities ruins. If not he would command Eva to drive them from the darkness with a series of strafing runs, aiming to maim or wound rather than kill anyone individually.
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Sun 27 Aug 2017
at 11:50
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Psychic power awakened within Tristan for the first time. The initial sensation was painful coming with a horrible sense of rushing noises that scratched at the surface of his mind like hundreds of fingernails scraping at sanity. With it came an awareness of the many living minds in a radius around him. It did not matter if they lurked unseen beneath the surface of grey waters or coiled above in the spread of branches. The yellow eyed beings were sensed in a new way that revealed simple animal minds driven by instinct and hunger. But more worryingly a swarms patience to wait out prey.

Harnessing a sense of dread did not come easily. It was like tapping into a dormant muscle that had never flexed before. The effort was a weak one. In theory it should have worked but in practice the effort seemed to simply fail to take hold.

Eva was urged into action and went hurtling forward slashing wildly at the gathering of yellow eyes. They seemed to burst out in a multitude of different directions. Tristan would get a brief glimpse of the creatures. They looked like a blend of rat sized lizards, with frog like faces and one over sized eye. They were small but moved and fled like a swarm possessed of one mind. Rattle snake like tails disappearing into the knot of roots and  undergrowth. For now the critters seemed to have been driven off. But they had not been driven far.

A few maimed creatures lay scattered across the ground, fresh blood scenting the air as they bled out from injuries.

Should Tristan press on he would find a large chunk of time being spent carefully following round the circular walls. Eventually he would come across a breach in the wall. A giant partially rotten tree having fallen across the entrance, creating a sloping bridge up onto the ramparts. Otherwise the walls continued to curve round.
Tristan Wolfe
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Tue 29 Aug 2017
at 02:32
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan would have to practice his new psychic abilities before he could easily yield the results he desired but he would take this attempt as a limitation test. Producing psychic phenomena would take a skilled touch but for the moment its uses were severely limited by his unfamiliarity. All the same Eva served her purpose and drove the beasts back.

Tristan decided to leave those beasts maimed and dying rather than dispatching them. Perhaps their cries would keep their friends away from Tristan. Or perhaps they would draw predators to themselves and by extension lessen their presence around him. Either way he would be benefitting from their suffering.

The tree was rotten which made it unstable walking ground. Considering his options he opted to chance his luck and walked up the tree, trying to enter through the opening. As he moved he issued further command to Eva.

"You've done good work thus far. Stay nearby and take any hostiles we encounter."
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Wed 30 Aug 2017
at 07:15
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Even though the fallen tree was rotten it still supported Tristan’s weight. Pieces crumbled off here and there and flaked revealing a multitude of burrowing insects. The tree was thick enough to make the ascent relatively easy. The only real danger was loss of balance when navigating around some of the extended branches. A few of the critters from before could be seen lurking around the underside of the tree.

Eva seemed to acknowledge the instruction she was given with a subtle nod of her incorporeal head. She drifted silently beside Tristan and stayed close enough that the chill of death emanating from her could be felt pricking across his skin.

The creatures from before seemed to pool around the base of the fallen tree. Below could be seen a multitude of yellow gleaming eyes and open mouths with piranha like teeth agape waiting.

The High Walls

Atop the high stone walls much could now be seen. The ramparts formed a well weathered protective stone ring. The stained white walls were very much intact with wide pathways and weathered looking statues of herons. The area Tristan had climbed up was moderately damaged from the somewhat convenient fall of the tree. There was one other area of damage further along at what was presumably a Main Gate entrance. Now it was mostly smashed, the rubble having collapsed creating a barrier of broken brick.

From this height Tristan could look out over the swamp. Even making out in the far distance a sliver of black against the afternoon sky, which was likely the Broken Tower. To the north the swamp seemed to give way to a flat area of Scrubland with barely a tree in sight. To the East the swamp ended sharply, nestled beside it was a Eastern settlement of some sort. Beyond it could be seen neat fields and pastures. To the south the swamp simply extended with maybe mountains at the furthest distance.

City Ruins

The city itself seemed composed of concentric rings. The surviving architecture seemingly aligned to the curves of the wide streets below. Much of it was damaged conquered by swamp vegetation long ago.

At the centre of the city seemed to be two grand structures. Likely a City Hall and a Church that were both thick with Heron designs and symbology that Tristan would be uncertain of. Rising from the church could be seen sickly green fog that lingered over the area like a misty malaise tinged with a foul smell that hinted at sickness.
Tristan Wolfe
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Wed 30 Aug 2017
at 20:03
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan took inventory of his surroundings. The Broken Tower in the distance told him that he had not travelled too far but he should not have much to fear from his previous master. If anything their proximity may serve as a boon to either of them. As for the creatures of the forest, he would leave them be for now. They would make for a good deterrent from any would-be visitors. He wasn't interested in taking apprentices or dealing with intrepid adventurers yet so it was best to stay far away from people who could fit either category.

Moving his focus to the interior of the fortress he noticed almost immediately the cloud of potentially poisonous fog. Of course, it would be coming from a church of all places. If he was going to call this place his home he would need to investigate it properly. That of course, would require preparatory work. Using his knowledge of necromancy he warded himself against disease and poisons. It would keep him safe but only for a limited time. He would need to act decisively.

Move to Church
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Fri 1 Sep 2017
at 06:08
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
The journey down into the city was as simple as following weathered steps down from the high wall. From inside the city the high walls height could truly be appreciated. A solid circular barrier formed against what lurked beyond the city. There had been fortress towers at one time but they seemed to have not survived well. Mostly having collapsed into rubble with only a few walls still standing.

Eva continued to remain on guard silently drifting alongside Tristan flexing her wicked claws every now and then as if impatient.

A wide path towards the church cut through the heart of the once magnificent city. Violent vines scaling the walls of buildings and pushing into their foundations with destructive force. Many of the buildings had crumbled under the slow assault of vines. The path itself was marred with areas of water that had pooled, creating large murky puddles. There was also the choke of thick vines that were somewhat in the way and required being scaled over.

From a distance behind the yellow eyed creatures could be seen. There seemed to be a lot more of them now as if they were gathering into a pressing swarm. They seemed to be making odd throaty noises and the way they moved hinted at a growing excitement.

A nearby mound of vines, skulls, and swamp moss seemed to suddenly spring to life. A humanoid being made of rubble and plant life stood as tall as troll. Baleful yellow eyes now visibly gleamed with an internal light. A chest sized mouth opened revealing jagged teeth of stone and a deep maw which bubbled with a rumbling wet sound. There was also a smell of something stagnant and fetid.

Eva swiftly moved protectively as two more mounds at either side seemed to spring to life. They let out deep low moans as they stirred aggressively.
Tristan Wolfe
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Wed 6 Sep 2017
at 04:52
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan couldn't help but be impressed by the sudden troll-like beings that rose up from unsuspecting mounds. He would have to learn how to make more of these himself at some point. Perhaps possession of some ritualistically prepared stones? That could very well work. That, however, would have to wait until after he was done dealing with the issue as it stood.

Eva was on attack duty but she was only one Wraith and there were no three targets. Luckily he was not without his own powers, albeit not nearly as honed as his ability to raise and command undead. Concentrating for a moment he condensed and purified the necrotic energies around him into pure entropy and unleashed a lashing bolt of it at the head of one of the troll beings.

Perhaps it would "die", perhaps it wouldn't. Either way, it was at least less intimidating headless. Or at least that was his thought process at the time.
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Thu 7 Sep 2017
at 00:42
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
A dark bolt of entropy sped towards the swamp beast, taking its head clean off. Plant, bone, and rock exploded; bits fell like rain. The swamp beast staggered backwards from the damage dealt then collapsed into a pile of inert matter, as if it had never existed. Tristan would sense the possessing magic expire and retreat into the church.

From the left side, Eva could be heard slashing viciously at a swamp beast. It sounded like plant matter being shredded to little effect. Thumping sounds of an oversized fist hitting the ground could also be heard.

A shadow fell over Tristan alerting him to the danger of a reaching hand from his right hand side.
Tristan Wolfe
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Thu 7 Sep 2017
at 02:23
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan had not been as observant of his surroundings as he should have been and had to leap and roll to the side to avoid being struck by one of the plant trolls. Coming out of his roll, Tristan briefly considered launching another entropic blast but with an enemy bearing down on him he wouldn't be able to concentrate as he had once before. Instead, he focused on a spell he could use without much thought: ghostly wail. Unnerving to the common man, the spell worked simply as a means of calling ghosts and specters to him. Hopefully, he could bolster a temporary defensive, even if they were only incorporeal.
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Thu 7 Sep 2017
at 11:15
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan managed to roll at just the right time as the swamp beast reached for him and crushed empty air where he had been. The lumbering monstrosity let out a deep rumbling moan in response, and turned slowly. The eyes of the swamp beast taking a moment to track Tristan’s movements and new position.

Eva was less focused on dodging, as a variety of brutal swipes and pummeling fists fell on her. But Eva remained unharmed, her smoky substance wavering only for a moment at each absorbed blow. When she reformed she renewed her assault. Striking at the leg of the swamp beast. She had managed to hack right through the vines, mud and moss that made up the leg. But the swamp creature just recovered with a twist of reconnecting vines that knitted back together.

The spell, Ghostly Wail went off without issue. The response of the surrounding area was immediate as restless ghosts seemed to drift up out of the floor. The area soon becoming thick with humanoid ghostly apparitions that chilled the air. Many of which were likely the citizens of what was once a grand city.

The small critters had a bad reaction to the emerging ghosts and fled the area as if being chased by death itself.

The two remaining Swamp beasts seemed unaffected, but as if being piloted by an unseen will both visibly turned on Tristan. One reached for him and the other hefted up a large chunk of stone wall.
Tristan Wolfe
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Thu 7 Sep 2017
at 18:09
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan was glad that his wail called so many ghosts. He had wished that some manner of poltergeist or wraith had appeared but conventional ghosts had their uses.

"Be bound by my will and I shall allow you manifest. Come forth and protect me."

Instilling power in his words, Tristan's magic would go out and become ectoplasm to any ghost assembled that would heed his command. Hopefully, that would be enough to protect him from the closest plant troll. The one hefting the stone wall would need to be countered indirectly. Making a break for the church itself he hoped to enter through a door or damaged window, diving if he had to.
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Fri 8 Sep 2017
at 09:04
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
A variety of now restless ghosts fed on the ectoplasm in a feeding frenzy. Former soldiers manifested complete with ethereal halberds, not that Tristan would get to see much as he broke into a well timed  run.

There was a rumble from behind and sounds of hacking against thick vines. As Tristan ran he would feel and hear the ground behind him crack and break as if the stone road itself was giving chase.

With each pant of breath the church was shakily drawing nearer  There was no time to admire the faded grandeur; as lumbering footsteps could be heard closing the distance. Tristan leapt through the nearest church window. From behind came an almighty crash, the ground violently shaking with a sound like cracked stone and thunder.

The remnants of glass in the window fell inward like slicing rain. Tristan would feel a variety of pains across his back. One just below his left shoulder blade, feeling deeper than all the rest. The window he had leapt through was now blocked by a chunk of stone wall.

Eva was seen to drift through the wall having chased dutifully after her master.

The first thing to assail Tristan was the sickly stench. He could taste the unpleasant bubbling rot on his tongue. He could also feel the toxic magic probing at his diminishing magical defenses trying to get at him and his wounds.

The church itself was mostly smashed, every holy figure defaced in some way. At the head of the church, where the altar likely had been, was instead a large black cauldron. Sat behind it with a long stirring rod was a hag like being with pale grey skin. She had a pointed chin and hooked nose, sunken yellow eyes took in the sight of Tristan.

The hag spoke in cackling voice, “Why does one of Kevaros’ cursed children come to me?”

 Beside her was a man sized cage, a near naked man riddled with boils was crouched inside whimpering and shivering.

The hag continued to stir the noxious brew her gaze briefly flicking to the presence of the wraith then back to Tristan a readiness now in her eyes.
Tristan Wolfe
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Fri 8 Sep 2017
at 20:51
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan regained his composure, doing his best to ignore the pain that he had caused himself during his dive through the window. He knew that he wouldn't be able to replicate that effect, not now that he had injured himself. Considering who was standing in front of him he rationalized that the woman was easily in her late fifties, perhaps older. She also knew who his master was meaning she was most likely a witch or another necromancer; the plant troll and poisonous brew lending credence to the former.

"If you know who my master is then you know that I am not someone you should trifle with. Call off your constructs."

Tristan doubted very seriously that she would simply obey his commands and attempted to reach out to Eva psychically.

"She most likely has something to counter incorporeal beings. Await direct orders from me, prioritize evading her attacks."

In the meantime he would have to think about how he was going to deal with this situation. An attack spell? Could he really sling spells with a witch in her own domain. Perhaps defensive magic? But what was she going to cast. Regardless his wards were wearing off quickly, he needed to think of something.
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Sat 9 Sep 2017
at 00:37
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
The hag seemed to scoff at Tristan’s words, “Why would I do that?” She clicked her tongue while lightly shaking her head. Matted strands of grey hair threaded with bone charms shook and rattled.  She had released her grip on the stirring rod and stood slowly. The vulgarity of her form becoming quite visible, barely draped in stained rags.

She let out a harsh cackle of raspy glee as she scratched at flaky skin with long black nails drawing blood.

 “No I have a better idea, why don’t you stay a while. I can show you such depths of sickness and suffering unlike anything you have ever endured.” Her voice rose with a terrible mirth, “Let me feed on your fever dreams!”
Tristan Wolfe
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Sat 9 Sep 2017
at 22:01
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
It seemed that the witch was capable of some manner of psychic abilities, at least some of which were hinged upon the efficacy of her poisonous fog being able to break through his defenses. That made his next choice rather simple. He would focus on defense rather than offense. Still he couldn't just stand in front of the witch and hope to not be struck down. He reached out with his magic and tugged on the manifested ghosts outside. He would send as many of them as he could through the now broken window to serve as a distraction for himself.

Assuming that worked he would focus on creating another entrophy bolt and launching it at the witched cauldron.
 GM, 21 posts
Sun 10 Sep 2017
at 14:15
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan would be aware of his own blood trickling down his back and the worsening stench that assaulted his nostrils. There was primeval magic at work probing to breach his protective spells.

A variety of ghosts drifted through the walls of the church. Some ghosts aimlessly shambled in and others wailed as if in pity for their disturbed existence. Other ghost seemed to lash out, levitating church debris and flinging it at random as if venting some kind of rage. Soldier like apparitions marched in formation and then charged towards the hag as if she was a hated enemy.

In that moment the hag looked genuinely surprised at the number of restless spectres now filling the church.  Eva weaved amongst them on the defensive as instructed.

The hag backed away distracted by the close proximity of the advancing ghosts and made a sweeping gesture.  The front line of soldiers let out moaning gasps as they were banished.

In amidst the chaos of ghosts and banishment spells Tristan’s entropy bolt seared into being and sped towards the cauldron. The effect was immediate. The fire beneath the cauldron went out violently. Whatever magic had been brewing within succumbed to a destabilizing magical force. Arcane components broke down into a useless slurry. The toxic fog no longer emanated from the cauldron but still lingered in the area, hanging above like a foul miasma.

The Hag screeched as if she had been burned alive! The response was to rapidly force a poison bolt into existence and launch it with a ferocity at Tristan. The instability of the spell meant it would likely explode in a radius. The haste and lack of discipline in its creation revealed a flaw that could be exploited to cause it to detonate early. It was a sloppy mistake born out of anger.
Tristan Wolfe
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Thu 14 Sep 2017
at 02:01
The Saga of Tristan Wolfe
Tristan saw an opportunity and seized it. The spell cast by the witch was too unstable, he saw that before it even left her side. Deciding to monopolize on that instability he cast a much less powerful entropy spell, directly into the bolt of explosive poison. With any luck the witch would not be immune to her own magic and that would be the end of it. If nothing else the explosion should disorient her long enough for his ghosts to seal the deal.

"Eva attack!"