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Thu 24 Aug 2017
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Playable Races:

Humans: What you'd expect. They mainly inhabit Kadac Playing a human gives you a proficiency for charisma.

Elves: The generic fantasy race. Elves inhabit the city of Oasis and are generally wise-cracking assholes geniuses. Playing an elf will offer bonuses to intelligence.

Dwarves: The OTHER generic fantasy race. They mainly inhabit Kadac. Playing a Dwarf gives a physical bonus.

Mandorei: A race of ant-like humanoids. They mainly stick to the tunnels under The Wastes, but in rare cases, some separate from the rest of their kind and become adventurers. Playing a Mandorei will allow you to take more damage due to their exoskeletons.

Orcs: Green skinned humanoid. Orc society is heavily based on battle and drinking. Playing an orc offers increased Dexterity.

Werewolves and other were-creatures are a thing in the game, so to play one, just start a character and ask me about becoming one. Still working out how they'll affect stats.

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