Shiro no Yojin, 9th day of the month of the Hare.   Posted by Iweko the first.Group: 0
Iweko the first
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Thu 31 Aug 2017
at 16:37
Shiro no Yojin, 9th day of the month of the Hare
Matsu Yuuko picked her Daisho off the floor and straitened her clothes. The inn was more than comfortable, but she longed to be back on the road again, doing her duty. She made her way towards the common room to break her fast, but paused as she witnessed another girl hurriedly leaving Ikoma Daichi's room. That was the third woman since yesterday to leave the Omoidasu's quarters, all of them desperately trying (and somewhat succeeding) to keep their ON. He was... an omoidasu. She continued forward, her thoughts muddled between the lion and the tea she would drink at breakfast.

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Ikoma Daichi
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Sat 2 Sep 2017
at 14:52
Shiro no Yojin, 9th day of the month of the Hare
Daichi follows the young women out of his quarters. He politely--and very deliberately--ignores her. Almost. He can't quite resist a quick and appreciative glance after her...a brief smile carrying a hint of a leer. When he sees Yuuko, though, his on slams back into place. He bows and offers her an entirely appropriate smile.

"I wish you a fine morning, Matsu-san. I trust you slept well, visiting only the fairest and most pleasant parts of the Realm of Dreams."
Akodo Jubei
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Sun 3 Sep 2017
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Shiro no Yojin, 9th day of the month of the Hare
Making his way to the common room, Jubei passed Ikoma and Matsu and offered them two quick bows. "Good morning cousins."

He wanted to take advantage of his heavier sleeping bretheren's tardiness to do a bit of quick sketching of the local landscape under the morning suns so hastily enjoyed a light breakfast then gathered his possessions and took a seat on a rock outside the inn entrance. Searching through his pack, he produced a small sheet of paper, a pen and ink.

And so whilst he waited for his fellow lions to finish their routine, he started sketching furiously, a pleasant way to start the day, warm up the hands and shake off morning drowsiness.
Matsu Yuuko
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Mon 4 Sep 2017
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Shiro no Yojin, 9th day of the month of the Hare
"Good morning, i wouldn't know though, cant seem to recall anything." Since she was already going to see about breakfast, she added. "I am going to have breakfast, if you are too, i could tell them in advance so they are ready by then." Her On wasn't really good if at all present and her offer genuine.

"Good morning!" She answered when Akodo came by. Regardless of the answer about breakfast, Yuuko went to have hers, she wasn't sure who was in charge of this mission but she was certain it wasn't her. In that line of thought, having breakfast and all dressed up to continue seemed like the most prudent thing to do, least she embarrassed herself by having everyone wait n her to be ready whenever they decided to move.