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Fri 10 Nov 2017
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Experience Awarded
    Extra experience points are awarded for:
  • Performing a skill (successful or not)
  • Clever, but futile idea.
  • Clever, useful idea or action.
  • Quick thinking idea or action.
  • A critical plan or action that saves the character's life and/or a few comrades.
  • Critical plan or action that saves the entire group or many people.
  • Endangering the character's own life to help others.
  • Self-sacrifice (or potential self-sacrifice) in a life and death situation (like leaping in front of a fireball meant for someone else to save that person, even though he/she is likely to die, or offering his/her own life to save the group or another).
  • Avoiding unnecessary violence.
  • Deductive reasoning and/or insight.
  • Good judgment.
  • Playing in character bonus.
  • Daring or heroic (whether clever or not)

So, when you believe you've done something to earn extra experience points call it out to the GM so that experience can be generous.

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Sat 20 Mar 2021
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Experience Awarded
To avoid unnecessary skill spamming, there will be a maximum of fifty skill-use experience points per post.
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Sun 2 May 2021
at 12:49
Experience Awarded
Every character receives five experience points for each in character post made by any character.
GM wants to make advancement easier.
All characters will receive 750 experience points for the posts up to #284 in "LESP Offices".

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