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former Crusaders.

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Manta Man
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Tue 1 Mar 2022
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former Crusaders

Name: Manta Man True Name: Carter Manning Player: this is the player's name
Super Power Category: category Education Level: education
Alignment: alignment Occupation: occupation
Experience Level: 4    Experience Points:
Hit Points: 58  SDC (natural):  79  Chi: 20
Armor Rating: 14  SDC (artificial): 500 (560 underwater)
Height:    " Weight:     lbs Age:    Sex:
Eye Color:     Hair Color:      Land of Origin: USA
Birth Order:             Disposition:

IQ 26
ME 22
MA 18
PS 22/28
PE 17
PP 16
PB 12
Spd 30/150

+1 vs. Lethal Poison
+1 vs. Non-Lethal Poison
+1 vs. Harmful Drugs
+5 vs. Insanity
+4 vs. Psionics
+5% vs. Coma/Death
+1 vs. Spell Magic
+1 vs. Ritual Magic
Gain trust/Intimidate 50%

SKILLS (Ph.D. (+30%))
  • Pilot: Automobile
  • Basic Mathematics (98%)

    Hardware: Electrical
  • Electrical Engineer (97%)
  • Read Sensory Instruments (87%)
  • Surveillance Systems (87%)
  • Optic Systems (87%)
  • Computer Operation (98%)
  • Computer Programming (87%)
  • Radio: Basic (98%)
  • Basic Mechanics (+22%)
  • Mathematics: Advanced (98%)
  • Hot Wiring (108%)
  • Computer Hacking (100%)
  • Electronics Construction (106%)

    Science Program
  • Chemistry (97%)
  • Chemistry: Analytical (92%)
  • Biology (97%)
  • Botany (92%)

    Business Program
  • Business & Finance (98%)
  • Law (general) (92%)
  • Research (98%)

    Physical/Athletic Program
  • Acrobatics
  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling

  1. Hand to Hand: Basic
  2. Athletics (general)
  3. Body Building & Weight lifting
  4. Climbing (92% Rappel 82%)
  5. Prowl (67%)
  6. Running
  7. Swimming (87%)
  8. S.C.U.B.A./Advanced Swimming (87%)
  9. Pilot Airplane
  10. Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
  11. Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
  12. Streetwise
  13. Concealment
  14. Pilot Boats: Sail-Types (87%)

Hand to Hand Type: Martial Arts (level 5, normal/flying/underwater)
Attacks per melee4/4/5To Strike+3/+3/+4
Auto DodgenoDamage+7/+7/+13
Roll+10 Initiative+2/+3/+3
Leap KO
Critical  Stun 
Deathblow     Pull Punch+3
Back Flip  Maintain Balance

    Martial Arts Hand to Hand

  • Escape MovesRoll With Punch/Fall/Impact
    Defensive MovesDodge, Parry, Automatic Parry
    Hand AttacksStrike (Punch, 1d4), Knife Hand (1d6), Power Punch (1d10)
    Basic Foot AttacksKick Attack (2d4), Snap Kick (1d4), Roundhouse Kick (3D6),
    Wheel Kick (2d6), Crescent Kick (2d4+2), Axe Kick (2d6)
    Special AttacksBody Block/Tackle
    Modifiers to AttacksPull Punch, Knock-Out/Stun, Critical Strike,
    Critical Strike From Rear, Jump Kicks

    98% - Sense of balance
    98% - Work parallel bars & rings
    98% - Walk tightrope or high wire
    98% - Back flip
    98% - Climb rope

Super Invention
01-30% The Inventor: The character is the inventor of the super-gizmo(s) and has an
in-depth understanding of how it works and everything about it. His background is
science, inventing and building.

21-40% Active and official agent of the program (at least ever since that press
conference when he told the world "I am Manta-Man"). Has an annual salary of between
$300,000 per year (as CEO) and is entitled to requisition basic equipment necessary
for doing his job, is provided with repairs of equipment, and drives a company car.
Furthermore, the cost of transportation and basic operating expenses are covered by
the sponsoring organization .

31-40% Vigilante Crime Fighting, technically for revenge against the pirates that
killed his family.

11-20% Battle Suit: 440 S.D.C. and A.R. 13. (upgraded to 500 SDC and AR 14)

    Suit has the following powers:
  • Flight: Glide
    This power allows the superbeing to ride air currents to fly and hover in the air.
    Maximum gliding speed outdoors is 40 to 50 mph (64 to 80 km) ; half indoors. Diving
    with a boost from strong winds or from an airplane or great height (skyscraper's
    rooftop), is 120 mph (192 km).
  • Energy Expulsion: Electromagnetic Pulse
    The character is able to generate a pulse of powerful electromagnetic energy that
    can temporarily knockout electrical systems within the radius of attack, by touch or
    via a directed narrow beam (hits one specific item). Vulnerable electronics include
    clocks, burglar alarms, video monitoring systems, cameras, sensors, radar, motion
    detectors, electronic eyes, computers, cell phones, radios and televisions, compasses,
    GPS systems, generators, energy weapons and similar devices. Does not affect bionics,
    cybernetics, robots or power armor, though it may be able to knockout specific
    isolated sensors, radio communications, and energy weapons.
    Success Ratio: 70% +3% per level of experience, +6% if disrupted by touch. A failed
    roll means the sensor or item flickers for a moment, but remains operational.
    Range: 35 foot radius around the character affecting everything in his radius, or a
    directed blast at one specific device with a 70 foot range, or by touch.
    Damage: Knocks out/takes offline electronic devices for 1D4x10 minutes plus 30
    Can also erase computer disks and magnetic tape by touch.
    Duration : Instant.
    Attacks per Melee: Each electromagnetic pulse counts as two melee attacks and can
    only be used once per melee.
  • Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field
    This character can turn himself into a living dynamo, crackling with electrical
    energy. Standing stationary, the hero can generate a field of electricity around
    himself affecting everyone within a 22 foot area. Victims caught in the field will
    suffer a maximum of 4D6 damage for every five seconds trapped in the field (equal
    of 2-3 melee attacks). Experienced characters (3rd level and higher) can diminish
    the field's damage to as little as 1D6 per five seconds of exposure.
    While the field is up, the character is impervious to electrical and energy attacks.
    Projectiles, bullets and thrown objects are -8 to strike, but do full damage if they
    hit. Fire, other forms of energy, magic and psionics are not hampered by the
    electrical field.
    Range: 10 foot (3 m) area +2 feet (0.6 m) per each level of experience.
    Damage: 4D6 for every 5 seconds within the energy field. The damage of the field does
    NOT increase with experience or age.
    Duration: One full melee (can be instantly renewed).
    Attacks Per Melee: The erection of the field counts as two melee attacks/actions.
    Remaining attacks/actions can be performed from within the electrical field - dodge
    and parry as usual.
    Bonuses: Area affect; no aimed shot or long-range attacks are possible, but
    everybody within the radius of the field takes damage.
  • Underwater Abilities
    This power enables the superbeing to function with incredible prowess underwater.
    Like a fish, he can breathe underwater, swim, and so on. This character can breathe
    and function on dry land like a normal person for an indefinite period of time - days,
    months, or years. However, he feels most comfortable, as well as most powerful, in
    water, i.e. rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans.
    1 . Abilities include:
    Breathe Underwater enables the superbeing to breathe underwater as easily as he does
    air on the surface.
    Swimming is an automatic, instinctive ability enabling the character to swim with
    the skill proficiency of a competitive swimmer.
    All basic swimming techniques and styles are known ; skill level 98%.
    Depth Tolerance: Can survive the pressure up to 1.5 miles (2.4 km) underwater.
    Extraordinary Strength Underwater: The character possesses incredible strength while
    underwater. Increase P.S. to 24, or if the character already has a natural P.S. of
    20 or higher, add six to the P .S. The extra strength applies only when submerged in
    water. On dry land the superbeing's strength is his normal, natural physical
    S.D.C. also increases underwater; add 100 S.D.C. points. On dry land the S.D.C.
    reverts to normal.
    Extraordinary Speed Underwater: The character's swimming speed is the Spd attribute
    x5 while underwater.
    2. Bonuses Underwater:
    +2 to strike.
    +2 to parry.
    +4 to dodge.
    +1 extra attack per melee round .
    3. Bonuses on Dry Land:
    +1 to strike.
    Add 40 points to S.D.C. ( Remember, the 100 S.D.C. bonus underwater no longer applies).
  • Surface of the suit is covered with chromatophore-like structures that create a
    chameleon-like camouflage. When in the water, this camouflage is efficient enough
    to render the chances of being unseen to:
    90% Undetectable if completely still.
    70% Undetectable if moving 6 feet (0.6 m) per melee or less.
    20% Undetectable if moving 12 feet (3.6 m) per melee round.
    Totally ineffective if moving any faster.
    Out of the water, efficiencies are reduced to the point that detection chances are
    reduced by 25% only when remaining immobile.

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Tue 1 Mar 2022
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former Crusaders

Name: Enforcer True Name: Eric Forrest Player: NPC
Super Power Category: Experiment Education Level: Military Specialist
Alignment: Scrupulous Occupation: spy
Experience Level: 6    Experience Points: 30000
Hit Points:  75  SDC (natural): 185   Chi:
Armor Rating:   SDC (artificial):
Height:    " Weight:     lbs Age:    Sex:
Eye Color:     Hair Color:      Land of Origin: USA
Birth Order:             Disposition:

IQ 14
ME 15
MA 15
PS 20
PE 25
PP 19
PB 13
Spd 40

vs. Lethal Poison
vs. Non-Lethal Poison
vs. Harmful Drugs
vs. Insanity
vs. Psionics
vs. Coma/Death
vs. Spell Magic
vs. Ritual Magic
vs. Mind (var.)
+2 vs. Horror (var.)

SKILLS (Military Specialist)
  • Pilot: Automobile
  • Basic Mathematics

    Basic Military Skill Program (+20%)
  • Boxing
  • -Running
  • Climbing/Rappelling (95+5/85+5)
  • Military Etiquette (80+5)
  • Radio: Basic (90+5)
  • W.P. Rifle

    Espionage Program (Basic)(+20%)
  • Hand to Hand : Martial Arts
  • Detect Ambush (75+5)
  • Intelligence (72+4)
  • Wilderness Survival (75+5)
  • Disguise (70+5)
  • Imitate Voice/Impersonation (72+4/52+4)

    Espionage Skill Program (+15%; this can be a second selection)
  • Escape Artist (70+5)
  • Interrogation (80+5)
  • Pick Pockets (70+5)
  • Tracking (65+5)

    one W.P. Modern Skill Program
  • W.P. Revolver
  • W.P. Automatic Pistol
  • W.P. Sub-Machinegun

    Professional Thief(+10%)
  • Locksmith (60+5)
  • Prowl (60+5)
  • Surveillance Systems (65+5)

    SECONDARY SKILLS (five Secondary skills)
  1. -Athletics (general)
  2. -Body Building & Weight lifting
  3. -Running
  4. Swimming (75+5)
  5. S.C.U.B.A./Advanced Swimming (75+5)
    • gain two at level three
    • General Athletics
    • Pilot: Motorcycle (72+4)

    • gain two at level six
    • General Athletics
    • Identify Plants and Fruits (25+5)

Hand to Hand Type:
Attacks per melee5To Strike+4
Auto Dodge+2Damage+5
Roll with Punch/Fall+10 Initiative+4
Leap KO
Disarm+4Pull Punch+3
Back Flip  Maintain Balance+5

    Martial Arts Hand to Hand

  • Escape MovesRoll With Punch/Fall/Impact
    Defensive MovesDodge, Parry, Automatic Parry
    Hand AttacksStrike (Punch, 1d4), Knife Hand (1d6), Power Punch (1d10)
    Basic Foot AttacksKick Attack (2d4), Snap Kick (1d6)
    Advanced KicksRoundhouse (3d6), Wheel Kick (2d6), Crescent (2d4+2),Axe Kick(2d6), Jump Kick, Flying Jump Kick
    Special AttacksBody Block/Tackle
    Modifiers to AttacksPull Punch, Knock-Out/Stun, Critical Strike, Critical Strike From Rear

      Kick Attacks
    • Roundhouse Kick: By turning the body and swiveling the hips, there's tremendous power packed into this kick. Can be used only once per melee round, and no other kicks can be used in that melee round. Does 3D6 damage.
    • Wheel Kick: A damaging kick that involves sweeping the leg completely around the body. Cannot come right before or right after another kick. Does 2D6 damage.
    • Crescent Kick: A swivel-hipped kick that sends the foot out on a sweeping arc. Does 2D4+2 damage.
    • Axe Kick: A very high kick that goes up and over the opponent, coming down on the neck or shoulder. Can't be used in the same melee round with any other kicks. Does 2D6 damage.

Experiment, unknown quantity, deliberate and successful attempt to create powers that can't be duplicated

One Major Super Ability and three minor ones

Chemical Resistance: An automatic saving throw at +5 to save against all chemicals, drugs, toxins and pollution (only +2 to save vs magic potions). Even if the character fails to save, all penalties, effects, duration and damage are half normal. Unfortunately, this applies to good , lifesaving chemicals/drugs, as well as deadly ones.

Secret Military Organization

Currently employed by the organization and makes no less than $100,000 a year (probably triple) . The character is loyal to his creators and their cause (good or evil - may be their pawn).
    Super Abilities
  • Major - Create Force Fields
    Create Force Field:
    This is the formidable power to generate an invisible or semitransparent field of energy/force. The force field can be mentally shaped as a wall, circle, dome, box, or bubble. It can also be created around the superbeing like a form-fitting body armor or protective aura.
    Range: Self (any) or others (any type excluding the form-fitting armor) 40 feet (12.2 m) per level of experience.
    Duration: 10 minutes +2 minutes per level of experience, or until the force field is destroyed or cancelled by the field's creator.
    Note that a new one can be erected the instant the duration for the current one elapses (provided there is sufficient S.D.C. available).
    Attacks Per Melee: The creation of a force field counts as two melee actions/attacks.
    Bonus: +2 to create a force field as a shield/wall to block or parry an attack.
    Maximum Size: Approximately a 40 square foot (12.2 m) area, plus 10 feet (3 m) per level of experience.
    Maximum S.D.C.: The character's P.E. attribute number times 100. This means a character with a P.E. of 9 can create a force field of up to 900 S. D.C. strong!
    Multiple Force Fields: Two or more protective fields can be created as long as their combined, total S.D.C. does not exceed the maximum possible S.D.C. For example: A character with a P.E. of 9 has up to 900 S.D.C. (P.E. 9x100) that he can use to build force fields. The total 900 S.D.C. can be put into one powerful force field or divided into two with 450 each (or any combination : 400 S.D.C. for one, 200 for a second and 300 in reserve for others), or six force fields with 150 S.D.C. each and so on. Once all the available S.D.C. has been used in the creation of one or more force fields, no others can be created, unless one of the current ones are dispelled and a new one created.
    Recovery of Force Field S.D.C.: The force field's loss of S.D.C. affects the creation of other force fields because it temporarily drains the super character. So if a force field has lost 240 S.D.C., the character with 900 points available, now only has 660 to work with. However, he regains force field S.D.C. at a rate of 200 an hour or 3 per minute.
    Body Armor/Protective Aura: The character can create a light force field that follows the contours of his body to as a sort of invisible body armor.
    Limitations of the Body Armor Field: Maximum S.D.C. is 200 points at any given time. Constant concentration to maintain the flexible body shield means the character loses one attack per melee and is -2 on initiative for every melee round that it is in
    place. Speed and movement are not impaired.
    Gases, disease, and radiation are still a danger and will penetrate the force field. Only the "bubble" closes out gases.
    Bolts of Force: The character can create small, nearly invisible, bolts of force which can be fired at an opponent like a thrown stone or projectile.
    Range: 40 feet (12.2 m) +10 feet (3 m) per level of experience.
    Damage: 206; feels like getting hit by a rock or cannonball.
    Duration: Instant.
    Attacks Per Melee: Each force bolt counts as one melee attack.
    Rate of Fire: One Bolt of Force can be unleashed from one hand or two simultaneously (4d6 damage) by pointing at the same target with both hands; counts as one melee attack. Must be an aimed shot to get the +2 strike bonus. The character can also fire a force bolt from his forehead, but the +2 strike bonus does not apply and only one bolt can be fired. Most superbeings with this ability like to point for better aim.
    Bonuses: +2 to strike, and because they are barely visible, opponents are minus -4 to parry and dodge force bolts.
    S.D.C. Cost of Each Bolt: Burns up five S.D.C. per each bolt fired, which will temporarily use up S.D.C. that may be needed for a protective force field.
    1. Minor
    2. Heightened Sense of Awareness :
      The character has an uncanny awareness of people and events transpiring around him. The ability manifests itself as a strange sense of deja vu and readiness as he anticipates the events unfolding around him a scant second or two before they happen. This enables the hero to avoid dangerous situations, help others, or to make the best choice and be ready for action.
      Bonuses: Due to this preparedness, the character doesn't usually suffer from surprise and is +2 on initiative, +1 to roll with punch, fall or impact, +2 to save vs Horror Factor, and gets an automatic dodge.
    3. Heightened Sense of Balance :
      The inner ear of the hero is exceptional, able to counter and compensate for even the most dizzying of potential circumstances. The hero's balance is unparalleled.
      Bonuses : The character can fire an aimed, Called Shot or burst without penalty while moving, running, riding a horse, driving a car, somersaulting, standing on his head, hanging upside down and so on. In addition, he also enjoys these bonuses: +10% to Acrobatics, Gymnastics and Climbing skills, +5 to any maintain balance rolls and never gets dizzy, and is +2 to roll with punch, fall or impact.
    4. Extraordinary Physical Endurance :
      An extremely tough individual who can withstand a great amount of physical strain or punishment. Fatigues at one tenth the normal rate.
      Bonuses :
      Add 1D6+5 to the P.E. attribute; take note of bonuses to save vs toxins and coma (see P.E. attribute bonuses).
      Add 4D4x10 S.D.C.
      Add 3D6 to Hit Points, plus 1D4 per level of experience.

1Powers Unlimited One (page 30)

Other Stuff
Level of Education and Skill Selection: Standard ; see creating
a character and educational level.
Hand to Hand Combat: Combat skills are not automatic, but
must be selected as a leamed skill; see Hand to Hand Combat
Attacks Per Melee (Hand to Hand): As with ALL heroes, the
experiment characters automatically get two attacks per melee
round. Additional attacks must be developed through combat or
physical skills, or super (and supersoldier) abilities.
Weapons and Armor: U nless the character is extremely
wealthy, only conventional weaponry and body armor are available
to him. If the character is on amicable terms with the organization that created him, or in its employ, he may have access to
specialized equipment. The degree of available items is left
solely to the discretion of the Game Master.
Alignment: Any alignment can be chosen , but heroes should
generally be of good or selfish alignment.
Structural Damage Capacity (S.D.C.): All characters
spawned by experimentation have a base S.D.C. of 40, plus any
additional S.D.C. from physical skills or side effects from the experiment.
Available Financial Resources: 5D6x100 dollars are available
in ready cash. This is in addition to a possible life savings
(see optional rules to round out one's character). There is a 01 -
84% likelihood the character owns a conventional car that is 1D6
years old. Presumably the character has a job, apartment and
reasonable personal possessions.
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former Crusaders

Name: Evergreen True Name: Miss Marie Barstow Player: NPC
Super Power Category: Mystically Bestowed Education Level: High School
Alignment: Scrupulous Occupation: heroine
Experience Level:  4   Experience Points:
Hit Points:     SDC (natural):  +158  Chi:
Armor Rating:   SDC (artificial):
Height: 54"/78" Weight: 110lbs/220lbs Age: 83  Sex: Female
Eye Color: brown Hair Color: gray Land of Origin: USA
Birth Order:             Disposition:

IQ 13
ME 15
MA 18
PS 25
PE 18
PP 22
PB 13
Spd 50
vs. Lethal Poison
vs. Non-Lethal Poison
vs. Harmful Drugs
vs. Insanity
vs. Psionics
vs. Coma/Death
+1 vs. Spell Magic
+1 vs. Ritual Magic
vs. Mind (var.)
+2 vs. Horror (var.)
SKILLS (High School Educational Level can only select from the
following skill programs: Computer, Criminal, Domestic, Physical,
Language, Thief, Technical and W. P. Ancient.
  • Pilot: Automobile
  • Basic Mathematics

High School Graduate
Select two Skill Programs (+5% bonus) and 10 Secondary skills.
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Dancing

  • Acrobatics
  • Gymnastics
  • Climbing (65+5)
  • Prowl (40+5)

  1. Hand to Hand: Basic
  2. General Athletics
  3. Running
  4. Body Building & Weightlifting
  5. Swimming
  6. Language: Spanish
  7. Computer Operation
  8. General Repair/Maintenance
  9. Art: Drawing
  10. Land Navigation
    • two at level three
    • Running
    • General Athletics

    60% +2% per level - Sense of balance
    60% +3% per level - Work parallel bars & rings
    60% +3% per level - Walk tightrope or high wire
    70% +2% per level - Climb rope
    70% +2% per level - Back flip

    adds +15% to climb skill.
    adds +5% to prowl skill.

Hand to Hand Type: Basic
Attacks per melee3To Strike+4
Roll+8Pull Punch+2

Escape MovesRoll With Punch/Fall/Impact
Basic Defensive Moves Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry
Advanced DefensesDisarm
Hand AttacksStrike (1d4)
Basic Foot AttacksKarate Kick (2d4), Snap Kick (1d6)
Special Attacks Body Block/Tackle
Modifiers to AttacksPull Punch


Mystically bestowed super characters are usually individuals selected by a supernatural force of order (good) or chaos (evil) to champion their causes. The individual selected is often a very ordinary person whose moral integrity and emotional state are deemed to be exactly right to champion their cause. Once selected, the mystic force (god, demon lord, etc.) will appear to the individual, explain that he or she has been chosen to receive a great gift, given a speech about the eternal battle between good and evil, followed by a pep talk ("You can do it . . . have confidence in yourself," "you are the right choice," etc.) and, finally, "poof," the super or magic abilities are bestowed.
The person is normal in every way until he/she calls upon the power within him. This can be done by force of will (mentally) or by calling on the name of the bestowing power, or a special trigger word, like . . . Shazoomy! Calling upon this force will instantly transform the person into a mighty, costumed visage of power. If the person is a child, old, invalid, or normally physically out of shape, he or she will be transformed into a youthful, powerfully built figure of heroic image. The following bonuses apply only when transformed into the superheroic (or evil) figure. Adjust all attributes as follows: These apply only when the character is transformed .
M.A. +2D6 (minimum of 18)
P.S. +2D6 (minimum of 20)
P.P. +1D6 (minimum of 18)
Spd. Multiply by five (minimum speed of 24)
S.D.C. +3D6x10.
The transformation from an ordinary Joe into a superhuman is instant. The actual change can be flamboyant, like being hit by a lightning bolt, being engulfed in a blinding flash or cloud of smoke, or subtle, and almost imperceptible to anyone except those right near the person. The change also includes clothes and costume, similar to the transformation provided by the Enchanted Weapon. Suddenly, one's casual attire is gone, replaced by a dashing costume typical of a comic book hero and reflective of the character's costumed identity and/or powers or personal tastes. The costume design is left entirely up to the player and can be as elaborate, sublime, or simple as he/she may desire. The transformation is under the hero's complete control. Only he/she, or the bestower of the power, can initiate the change. Furthermore, only the bestowing entity can permanently strip the character of his power. A Negate Magic or Anti-Magic Cloud spell will temporarily strip the character of his/her abilities, momentarily transforming the person back into h is ordinary, fragile form. However, the character gets to save vs magic with a +4 to save against the negation of magic. If a successful save is made, nothing happens, and he retains his magical powers. A failed save vs magic means he is instantly transformed from superhuman to ordinary person. The imposed transformation lasts a mere 1D6 melee rounds, but that can seem like an eternity during a fierce battle or life and death situation.
Player's Note: Because of the unusual nature of the magical transformation into a powerhouse hero, it can be fun and ironic to play a regular, totally ordinary person to a weak, scrawny or physically impaired individual (crippled, paraplegic, dying of cancer or other disease) with little or no physical skills and pitiful at tributes. The following optional table can be used to determine the type of physical limitations that apply to you r character. If desired, physical attributes can be reduced to fit the minimum attribute requirements. Remember, this is entirely at the player's option and the player is invited to come up with his or her own frailties and background .
Type of Bestowed Super Ability
The player whose character's powers are magically bestowed can either select one of the following or roll for a random determination.
01-25 Two Major Super Abilities of choice.
Those with super abilities have 1D4x10+10 P.P.E.
Special Bonuses & Abilities
Creates a costume or "battle dress" out of thin air.
Appears muscular, strong, healthy and youthful.
+1 to save against magic of any kind
+1 to save vs possession at levels 1 , 3, 6, 9, 1 2, and 1 5.
+2 to save vs Horror Factor at levels 1 , 3, 5, 7, 9, and 13.
+2 on initiative.
+2 to pull punch .
Other Stuff for
the Mystically Bestowed
Alignment: Any alignment can be chosen, but heroes should
generally be of good alignment.
Level of Education and Skill Selection: Standard; see creating a character.
Hand to Hand Combat: Physical combat skills are not automatic, but must be selected as a learned skill.
Attacks Per Melee (Hand to Hand): As with all heroes, mystic characters automatically get two attacks per melee. Those characters who have no hand to hand combat skill get two additional attacks per melee round at level one and one additional at levels four and nine. Those who have some sort of hand to hand combat training only get one additional attack at
level six.
Weapons and Armor: Unless the character is extremely wealthy, only conventional weaponry and body armor would be available.
Structural Damage Capacity (S.D.C.): 1D6x10+30 S.D.C. when transformed, +10 S.D.C. in thei r ordinary form. Remember,
S.D.C. and abilities gained from the transformation do NOT apply when in normal human form .
Available Financial Resources: 2D4x1000 dollars are available in ready cash. This is in addition to a possible life savings (See optional rules to rounding out one's character) . There is a 90% likelihood the character owns a conventional car (unless paralyzed). The car is 1D4 years old. Presumably, the character has a job, apartment and reasonable personal possessions.

Major Super Ability from Powers Unlimited 3
Alter Physical Structure: Wood
Original concept by Richard Winters
This power turns the character into a wood mannequin
or tree-like humanoid, complete with bark skin and leaf
hair. While in wood form, the character is strong and has
special abilities.
1. Increased Size and Mass: The character's weight is doubled and they
are 2 feet (0.6 m) taller in wooden form.
2. Armor Rating and SDC: The wooden character has an AR of 12 and 400 SDC.
ElectriCity, lasers, and energy bolts do normal damage when the roll to
strike is 13 or higher, and half damage if 12 or below.
The hero is resistant to cold-based attacks, poisons and drugs (all do
half damage, except herbicides which do full damage).
Fire, plasma and magical fire all do double damage.
3. Rooting to the Ground: The wood character is able to "anchor" themself
to the ground by sending wooden roots deep into the earth. This takes
three melee actions to accomplish and must be done on open ground (not concrete,
tar, stone, metal or plastic surfaces). Once anchored, moving the character
requires a Supernatural P.S. that is greater than the character's own P.S.
4. Manifest a Hammering Limb: The character can transform his hand and
forearm into a blunt weapon that extends his reach 4-5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 m)
and is used like a hammer, club or mace.
Range: Hand to hand combat, as if using a long club, mace or staff.
Damage: 2D6 plus damage bonuses from P.S. attribute, skills and applicable
other powers.
Bonuses: +1 to strike, +1 to parry, +1 to disarm, +2 to pull punch.
5. Shoot Arrows: The character can generate and fire wooden bolts or arrows
from his fingers. Can make and fire one at a time or a burst/volley attack.
A burst of arrows counts as one melee attack but is fired without benefit of
any bonuses to strike.
Range: 200 feet (61 m) + 20 feet (6. 1 m) per level of experience.
Damage: 2D6 per arrow/bolt.
Duration: Instant, but the arrows remain permanently.
Rate of Fire: Each individual arrow/bolt or volley of 2-4 shafts at a time
count as one melee attack/action.
Payload: Can create and fire multiple arrows/bolts as one burst attack.
Number of arrows possible: one at levels 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 13.
Bonuses to Strike: As per P. P. attribute and combat skill bonuses. In
addition, the more experienced super being (3rd level and up) can divide
the arrow attack to fire two simultaneous bursts (2-4 arrows each hand)
at two different targets. This means he can fire a burst or single arrow
(character's choice) from one hand at an opponent in one direction and at
a second in another direction. However, both bursts are done without benefit
of any P.P. or strike bonus of any kind; natural, unmodified
die roll (1 D20) only. Shooting at one target,
the character's usual strike bonuses apply, provided he
takes aim and is not shooting wild (no bonuses for
shooting wild).
6. The Forest from the Trees : Can transform to look like
an ordinary young tree, provided the character is standing
in a grove of trees (must be at least five other trees
in a 1 5 footl4.6 m radius). There's no way to tell the
character apart from the genuine article. However, the
second the character takes any action, he turns back
into an obvious humanoid tree or wooden being.
7. Bonuses/Abil ities While in Wood Form : The character can't be seen on infrared, thermal vision or heat sensors, is impervious to most toxic gasses that hurt humans, doesn't breathe oxygen (breathes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which can be used by humans), floats in water, and regenerates/heals 5x faster than the normal healing rate for humans. In wood form, the character can also feed on sunlight and water, provided he spends at least three hours just standing and drinking in the sun while in wood form (double that period if cloudy or overcast skies).

Plant Control
The character can direct, manipulate and grow plants at an
astounding level .
1 . Animate and Control Plants.
Range: Area of 40 feet (12.2 m) +10 feet (3 m) per additional
level of experience, at distances up to 100 feet (30.5 m) plus 10
feet (3 m ) per level of experience away.
The character can mentally manipulate all plant life within a 40
foot ( 1 2.2 m) radius around him. Thus, he can cause any vines,
weeds, shrubs, or trees to trap and ensnare an animal, entangle
someone, or cover something. He can also manipulate the larger
plants to grab and hold something . Although the limbs of the
plants can be made to move and function like hands and arms,
they are still restricted by the fact that the plant is rooted in the
soil .
This control requires the full concentration of the character,
preventing him from taking other actions.
Notes on plants: Since the superbeing is likely to use this
ability to impede movement and to attack, here are some basic
Weeds, grass, soft plants: S.D.C. 1 D6, inflicts no damage.
Heavy weeds, vines: A.A. 5, S.D.C. 2D6, damage 1 D6 per
melee, +2 to strike.
Bushes, shrubs, small trees : A.A. 6, S.D.C. 4D6 + 4, damage
from strangle is 2D6 per melee or 1 D4 damage for hitti ng or
Average trees: A.A. 8, S. D.C. 4D6x1 0, damage is 2D4 per
each hit.
Large trees: A.A. 10, S. D.C. 6D6x1 0, damage is 4D6 per hit.
Maxi mum Attacks by a Plant Per Melee: Six. All attacks
must be within the character's line of vision.
Entanglement can be utilized within the entire radius of control,
even outside the line of vision.
2. Grow Plants: The character can grow most plants and
shrubs, from seed to matu rity, in 1 D4 melee rounds (a minute or
less) . Trees and large, tree-size plants grow at a rate of 8 feet
(2.4 m) per melee round, up to 200 feet (61 m) tall.
The growth is temporary, and the plants will retum to their
original, normal size within 20 minutes or at the character's command
3. Alter Wood : The character can alter the strength of wood
by increasing or decreasing its S.D.C. This applies to any kind of
wood item; doors, ladders, chairs, tables, an area of floor, club,
and so on.
Items at one foot (0.3 m) can have their S.D.C. increased or
reduced by 1 0.
Items 2-4 feet (.6 to 1 .2 m) can be increased or reduced by 30
Items or areas of wood 5- 1 0 feet ( 1 .5 to 3 m) can be increased
or decreased by 1 00 S . D .C.
Wood items larger than this are limited to an increase or decrease
of 1 00 S.D.C.
Living woodltrees can be increased or decreased by 25%.
4. Wither Plants:
Range: 20 feet (6 m) away + 1 0 feet (3 m) per level of experience.
Area of Affect: 20 foot (6 m) radius.
Attacks Per Melee: Plants (not large bushes or trees) can be
withered once per melee - reduced to one Hit Point and vulnerable
to frost, other conditions or additional damage that can kill it.
5. Other Abil ities and Bonuses.
Recognize and Identify Plants: 85% + 1 % per experience
+ 1 0% to climb trees or vines.
Add 1 D4x1 0 to SD.C.
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former Crusaders

Name: Dreamweaver True Name: Donna Weston Player: NPC
Super Power Category: Experiment Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
Alignment: Scrupulous Occupation: student (Master's)
Experience Level:  4   Experience Points:
Hit Points:  29   SDC (natural):  70  Chi:
Armor Rating:   SDC (artificial):
Height:    " Weight:     lbs Age:    Sex:
Eye Color:     Hair Color:      Land of Origin: USA
Birth Order:             Disposition:

IQ 16
ME 16
MA 16
PS 17
PE 19
PP 15
PB 16
Spd 27

vs. Lethal Poison
vs. Non-Lethal Poison
vs. Harmful Drugs
vs. Insanity
vs. Psionics
vs. Coma/Death
vs. Spell Magic
vs. Ritual Magic
vs. Mind (var.)
vs. Horror (var.)
Bachelor's Degree (College): Select four Skill Programs (+20%) and 10 Secondary skills.

SKILLS (education)
  • Pilot: Automobile
  • Basic Mathematics

  • Acrobatics
    Automatic kick attack at first level; 2d4 damage.
    Sense of balance (86+2)
    Walk tightrope or high wire (89+2)
    Climb rope (96+2)
    40% base climb ability
  • Gymnastics
    Work parallel bars & rings (89+3)
    Back flip (96+2)
  • General Athletics
  • Boxing

  • Basic Electronics
  • Radio: Basic
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Read Sensory Equipment

  • Computer Operation
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Anthropology
  • Archeology

    Medical Assistant Program
  • Business & Finance
  • Paramedic

  1. Hand to Hand: Expert
  2. Hand to Hand: Expert
  3. Basic Mechanics
  4. Running
  5. Pilot: Motorcycle
  6. Research
  7. Writing
  8. Swimming
  9. Prowl (50+5)
  10. Cooking

Hand to Hand Type: Expert
Attacks per melee4To Strike+2
Auto Dodge  Damage   
Roll+8 Initiative+2
Leap KO
Critical  Stun 
Deathblow     Pull Punch+2
Back Flip  Maintain Balance

Escape MovesRoll With Punch/Fall/Impact
Attack MovesLeap
Basic Defensive Moves Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry
Advanced Defenses Disarm
Hand AttacksStrike
Basic Foot AttacksKick
Special Attacks Body Flip/Throw, Body Block/Tackle, Crush/Squeeze
Holds/Locks Pin/Incapacitate
Modifiers to Attacks Pull Punch

Accident; the manifestation of super abilities is completely unexpected, unintentional, and impossible to duplicate.
Two Major Super Abilities and one Minor ability
Chemical Resistance: An automatic saving throw at +5 to save against all chemicals, drugs, toxins and pollution (only +2 to save vs magic potions). Even if the character fails to save, all penalties, effects, duration and damage are half normal. Unfortunately, this applies to good, lifesaving chemicals/ drugs, as well as deadly ones.
Private Industry
The powers are unknown to the organization because they manifested long after the experi ment or incident. Thus, the agency (at this point in time) has no idea the character has super abilities.

Two Major Super Abilities and one Minor ability .
  • Invisibility Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition, page 278
    The superbeing and anything he is wearing or carrying, up to 1 00 Ibs (45 kg) in weight, can be turned invisible at will. Any object(s) exceeding the 100 lb (45 kg) weight limit will remain visible, but the character and much of his other gear will still turn invisible. In this case, a visible object carried by an invisible character will be seen as floating in air.
    Neither normal vision nor nightvision can detect invisibility; however, infrared optics, thermo-imaging systems, heat sensors and motion detectors detect his presence and can be used to locate an invisible interloper.
    Although the invisible character is imperceptible to the eye, he retains his physical mass, meaning that he cannot go through walls nor do weapons or attacks pass through him. This also means he still makes noise (footsteps, breathing, bumps, knocks, etc.) and may be tracked down and pinpointed by the noise he makes, if not careful.
    Duration: The invisibility can be maintained indefinitely and created and cancelled at will.
    Attacks Per Melee: Each act of turning invisible and visible counts as one melee action/attack.
    Other Abilities and Bonuses: The invisible character can attack and fight opponents in his invisible state. However, tremendous pain, death or loss of consciousness will automatically turn him visible. Opponents who cannot see their invisible antagonist are -6 to strike, parry or dodge him (the penalties are not as extreme as being blind, because even slight sounds and air movement will give an adversary in close combat some idea where he is).
    Opponents with Extraordinary Sense of Smell or Hearing are only -3 to strike, parry and dodge an invisible assailant. Opponents with heat or infrared sensors or vision suffer no penalties and see the character to counter and strike back.
    The superbeing can automatically see the invisible.
    Add 1D4x10 S.D.C.
    Can create a Horror Factor of 9 by making noises and moving items while invisible - "spooking" others.
  • Illusions Powers Unlimited 3, page 67
    The super being is a master of illusions, able to create a phantasm of anything he desires. An illusion looks, sounds and feels real in every way to those affected, only the senses of taste and smell are not replicated. The image can be of a car, gun, sword, wall, snarling dog, police officer, crowd of people, villains, aliens, monsters or demons, etc. Illusions are limited to the character's personal knowledge and experience. Creating an illusionary image of a specific or exotic creature based upon descriptions or entirely by memory is likely to result in a flawed illusion, but using a picture, photo or video-image works much better.
    Number of Simultaneous Illusions: One illusion can be created at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15, allowing for a maximum of six simultaneous illusions by the time the super being reaches level 15, regardless of the type of illusions created.
    Duration: The character's illusions last as long as the hero continues to concentrate on maintaining them.
    Attacks per Melee: It requires one melee attack/action to create a new illusion, but once created it only takes two melee attacks/actions per round to maintain all of the super being's current illusionary images.
    Saving Throw : Only by rolling a save of 16 or higher (M.E. bonuses applicable) does the victim see through the illusion. Super beings or animals with a heightened sense of smell (or taste if the situation arises) can not be fooled by these illusions in close combat, and will always see through them for what they really are. However, from a distance, the illusion still works fine. Likewise, any super being with radar or sonar will realize that the illusions have no substance and the images must be false illusions.

  • Manipulate Kinetic Energy
    The ability to manipulate kinetic energy enables the character to survive falls from great heights, deflect bullets and increase the kinetic velocity of objects he throws.
    Range: Self or held object.
    Attacks Per Melee: Each kinetic attack or use of the power counts as one melee action/attack.
    1 . Protective Kinetic Energy Field: The kinetic aura radiates around the character and protects him from kinetic attacks/energy. As a result, damage from a fall, explosion, punch, kick, bullet, arrow, sword or club, is cut in half. Energy weapons, magic, and psionics do full damage.
    Range: Self only.
    Duration : As long as five minutes per level of experience.
    Attacks Per Melee: The initial activation counts as one melee attack/action. The character also loses one attack/action for every melee round that the protective field is kept in force. Activated with but a thought; instant.
    2. Increase Kinetic force: The character can cause one of two thing to happen with this aspect of his power.
    A) Increase the velocity to inflict greater damage (doubles normal damage), or B) increase the velocity for greater range (doubles the normal range, but is -2 to strike) .
    In both cases, the superbeing must physically hold, charge with kinetic energy, and hurl the item. Thus, this power is only effective with thrown objects like knives, darts, clubs, axes, boomerangs, throwing irons/sticks, rocks, etc. It also includes slings and the bow and arrow, but not the crossbow or guns. The act of charging and throwing an object counts as one melee attack.
    3. Redirection: Any object that the superbeing has held, charged and thrown can be mentally directed to do one of the following while it is in motion:
    Retum after it strikes.
    Curve left or right to hit a target not in its direct path.
    Suddenly drop or jump higher by one foot (0.3 m) per level of experience.
    Suddenly stop in front of the intended target, stay suspended in the air for 1-2 seconds and drop harmlessly to the ground.
    Only one "redirection" can be performed per attack (per thrown object) and uses up one melee attack (e.g. in addition to the initial charging and throwing attack) .
    4. Deflect Kinetic Objects: This is a kinetic energy parry that can deflect/knock away a bullet, arrow or thrown object (but not punches, stabs, kicks, etc., connected to a living body). The deflection works just like a normal parry, roll a D20 to use kinetic force to parry the projectile. The usual bonuses from P.P and
    skills are not added to this "mental" parry, but the character is +4 to parry using this aspect of his power. Note: Only one object can be parried at a time; a hail of arrows or bullets cannot be parried. Also note that if the item is deflected, it means it could hit somebody standing on either side or above him.

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former Crusaders

The Crusaders headquarters is in the top four floors of the Harmon Building.
    Former Crusaders were:
  • Manta Man
  • Enforcer
  • Dreamweaver
  • Evergreen
  • LaserFire
  • Blizzard

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