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The Island Of Aeaea.

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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 16:31
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The Island Of Aeaea

Although not marked on any map, or otherwise labeled, Aeaea is the name Doctor Phage has given to his island vessel. It's named after the island where Odysseus's men were turned into swine.
The surface of the small, artificial island is covered with oddly shaped, plant-like structures*. These structures are covered in a fuzzy, green growth that appears moss-like. The vessel, itself, is approximately 150 feet across and 200 feet in length. It is shaped like a mound, gently swelling to fifty-five feet above the waterline in the center of the vessel.

*Plant's appearance:

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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 17:39
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The Island Of Aeaea

At the 1 mile marker distance for the operation to begin Justicar rises from the sea floor to within 20'ft still submerged under of the Zodiac inflatables as they stop and launches his two underwater drones-Lambda and Zeta.

He will wait for Sensor Garcia to get the team in the water with their Dreger Rebreathers as he positions his drones and they extend their arms to serve as SDVs for the team..two person to each drone.  Then Justicar moves over to Chimpman Z to take hold of his harness... ready to take him to the isle personally.  Justicar gives Senor Garcia the thumbs up ... and Drone-Zeta extends its index finger on its robotic arm appendage hand ready to follow Senor Garcia's direction as a joystick controller.

Everyone secured Justicar leads the way to the Bio-ship Aeaea underwater setting the depth no deeper than 20 meters.  The drone move at a pace of 9 knots making the trip take about 8 minutes and Justicar keeps pace with the drones.  His suit's blue paneling and azure metal mesh ballistic cloak shifting strangely colored surface patterns in the dim evening undersea light.

Only once the group is within 100'ft of the Aeaea does Justicar break complete radio silence to text on the LESPradio2 secure channel...
[Private to group LESPradio: LESPradio2: + Passive Scanning for anything hostile in the water. +]

Hikari monitors his passive Sonar & Radar returns... looking for anything new in the water around the Bio-ship Aeaea... and for the location of Winter Herald.

13:37, Today: JUSTICAR rolled 37 using 1d100.  Hikari - Read Sensory Instruments [77%]. – [roll=1671385050.06396.355584]
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Winter Herald
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Sun 18 Dec 2022
at 21:26
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The Island Of Aeaea

For a visual check, once one understood what one was looking at Herald wasn't hard to locate, although "that cloud of mist is moving between the waves faster than it should" would come to mind. He was intent on staying in the lows between the waves when he could, but sometimes he had to go over the wave line for brief times. As a result, his path was not the most direct it could have been.

He arrived, and made his first contact with the island and its strange life with a spray of mist that had finally caught up to him due to wind drag. He felt the need to assess the island momentarily, taking in the best path to the A3 hatch. No one else had yet declared it, and Garcia had a surprise in mind, he felt confident entering in that direction.

Assuming nothing stops him, he checks to see if the hatch is unlocked, and if it can be opened quietly.
Senor Garcia
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Mon 19 Dec 2022
at 05:21
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The Island Of Aeaea

When it came time to disembark from the Zodiac, Senor Garcia went into the water first, and verified his Draeger worked properly before coming up and motioning for Chimp Man Z to enter the water. After ensuring that al was in order with Chim Man Z’s Dreagar rebreather, he motioned for the next member of the team to enter the water and continued the process for  Bellissima, Runa, and Maharajah. Once done he directed each person to one of JUSTICAR’s drones.

With the checks complete and everyone ready to go, Senor Garcia guided the two drones under the island.

As they made their approach, he switched the vision mode of his goggles from the normal, infrared, thermal, and electromagnetic spectrums. He looked specifically for cameras, traps and other hostile things such as the odd shark or some plant like tentacle reaching out to grab them.

As much as he wanted to head towards the rear of the submarine to place the demo charges, he had to ensure the rest of the team made it inside the base through the underwater airlock first, then he could go place the demo charges.

OOC: Stopping here so as to not move forward too much.

[Private to GM: 21:14, Today: Secret Roll: Senor Garcia rolled 89 using 1d100.  Surveillance Systems 113%.

21:15, Today: Secret Roll: Senor Garcia rolled 68 using 1d100.  Detect Ambush 105%.

21:15, Today: Secret Roll: Senor Garcia rolled 65 using 1d100.  Detect Concealment 110%.

21:16, Today: Secret Roll: Senor Garcia rolled 44 using 1d100.  Optic Systems 110%.
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Mon 19 Dec 2022
at 06:25
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The Island Of Aeaea

[Secret to JUSTICAR: Although Winter Herald's passage is obvious to someone expecting him to be there, once he's on the island there isn't a workable angle for the radar or sonar to keep track of him.]
[Secret to Winter Herald: As he crosses the island, Winter Herald sees nothing that could be defined as modern surveillance equipment. At one point, he notices a bird being slowly dragged down into the substance of Aeaea, but the actions of the pseudopods suggest the bird is the largest thing the island could consume this way. The hatch is unlocked, and easily opened.]
Señor Garcia does a good job explaining the use of the rebreather to everyone. It was good that he took the time to do so, once in the water the shock of the cold almost knocked the careful instructions of Señor Garcia from the hero's minds. But with Señor Garcia right there, no one said anything.
[Secret to Senor Garcia:There were no "cameras, traps and other hostile things such as the odd shark or some plant like tentacle reaching out to grab them" at the island.]
Winter Herald
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Mon 19 Dec 2022
at 08:33
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The Island Of Aeaea

He had calculated the idea of going through hatch A1, instead but decided to simply go through with the declared plan. It would be an interesting test.

He recorded the bird being devoured, and quietly whispered. "Probable maximum size of consumption. Potential hazard if swarming, seem to favor devouring in whole. A delaying tactic at best against a human, although the possibility of small limb removal should not be dismissed."

He opened the hatch as quietly as he could, and he slipped down into the structure, his eyes and senses very active as he slowly and quietly closed the hatch behind him.

OOC: 03:24, Today: Winter Herald rolled 80 using 1d100.  Prowl, TN 89.

Amplified Hearing: 360 feet (?); 5x better than a human, same as Heightened Hearing
[74%] Estimate sound distance
[58%] Estimate speed and direction of approaching sound
Nightsight, infrared, thermal, and ultraviolet visions
Micro-radar: 1 mile; Can identify up to 15 targets and simultaneously track six. Rate of travel, direction, and location are indicated. Mini-radar is currently deactivated. I have no current benefit from it.
Motion Detector: 60 feet; Registers vibrations in the air indicating movement.
Radar Detector: 4 miles; Registers radar waves to indicate radar surveillance.
[84%] Track radar emission to source
Radiation Detector: 60 feet; Registers and pinpoints radioactivity.

He slowly stalked through the ship, attempting to analyze the best location for Holly Cook or Vitaly. He had no illusions of his ability to fight or even sneak his way through this ship. In all likelihood, he was going to have to delay them through conversation and likely interrogation. He felt fortunate he had studied it, at least enough that he thought he might be able to resist it in part.
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Mon 19 Dec 2022
at 10:05
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The Island Of Aeaea

Spotting Winter Herald in motion Justicar moved with Chimpman Z under water delivering CMZ to the shore of the Bioship near Hatch 2#.  Giving CMZ the 'thumbs up' briefly before submerging again to head quickly under water to the opposite side of the Bioship to the 'shore' and his own Hatch 1#.

Justicar surfaced Drone-Delta detached and rolled onto the surface with its treads as Justicar walked to Hatch 1# opened it and enter... as stealthily as he could manage.

05:43, Today: JUSTICAR rolled 71 using 1d100.  Justicar - {to open hatch and enter} Prowl [52%]. – [roll=1671443028.70611.355584]

...which is to say not as quietly as he'd hoped.

Once inside Justicar too did a full sensor sweep of his environment...

Advanced Audio System = Stereo hearing capacity;  Amplified hearing:  5x better than human, full decibel range
Heightened Sense of Hearing {minor power} = 360'ft radius;  Ra:  75'ft [1dc]/ 150'ft [10dc]/ 360'ft [30dc 'conversation']
- Estimate Distance '88%'
- Estimate Speed/Direction '79%'
- Recognize Voice/Sound '69%'
Advanced Robot Optic System = Ra:  2,000'ft;  Color Vision, 3-D Analysis, Night-sight, Infrared & Ultraviolet
External Video and Audio Surveillance System = Ra:  1,200'ft;  High-Res video camera relays images directly to video scanners,
360'deg view, Telescopic lens 10x magnification
Motion Detector & Warning System = Ra:  60'ft;  Registers air vibration, Collision alarm
Micro-Radar = Ra:  1mile;  ID 15 targets, Track 6, Rate of travel, direction, and location
Radar Detector = Ra:  4miles;  Track Source of Radar 70%
Radiation Detector = Ra: 60'ft; Registers and pinpoints radiation

Justicar moves quietly to the doorway alcove hiding from view out of the hallway in the doorway covering the door to the nearby suite.  He immediately readied a Stun/Flash grenade to open the door and lob into the cabin. But pauses, first to peek with an extended external camera whisker around the corner to observe the hallway while he watches the cabin door AND Hatch 2# that CMZ should be entering.

05:59, Today: JUSTICAR rolled 96 using 1d100.  Justicar - Prowl {to doorway inside} [52%]. – [roll=1671443996.77829.355584]

Hikari sighs in frustration at his clumsiness which has surly given his progress away.

Speaking internally, "Well that does it... 'Karl' lift off drone-Delta, wait for CMZ to enter then hold on standby to spray down the exterior of the surface with twin-flame throwers on my command... we may need a distraction."

'Acknowledged Hikari...'

Questions -
1. What cn Justicar hear from the Bio-ship background noise?
2. Can Justicar hear any conversations in the hallways ofnthe ship?
3. Can Justicat hear any movement within the cabin he is next to?
4. Can Justicar hear Winter Herald moving about or hatch 1# closing?

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Senor Garcia
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Tue 20 Dec 2022
at 01:36
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The Island Of Aeaea

Señor Garcia guides the drone turned SDV to a point under the underwater airlock. He then inspects the airlock to see if he can open up the outer door...
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Tue 20 Dec 2022
at 10:17
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The Island Of Aeaea

Bellissima listened as Garcia helped them use the breathers and when she got into the water, she gave him a thumbs up to show that she was breathing okay.  She she grabbed on to one of the arm of Drone Lambda.

Hearing about the tentacles under the isle-ship and seeing them was two different things, it was a much visceral. Shaking it off, as they drove up to the airlock, Bellissima waved at Garcia and pointed to herself before she reached out and touched the airlock, sending her consciousness into it and opening it up without triggering the security system.

She then used her control of the systems, to check the security systems to see if she could find out how many people were in the Isle-ship, where they were.  Silence any alarms the others might be triggering or about to trigger when they opened up the hatches they were at.

OOC:  23:23, Today: Bellissima rolled 81 using 1d100.  Telemechanics: 88%.
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