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Thu 20 Jul 2023
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Delmarion Cove

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Sun 3 Sep 2023
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Chinilayan Military

The Chinilayan military is small. Those in the military that opposed the coup promptly went into hiding or left the country, and the ranks of the rebels were NEVER large.
They have a small air force consisting of warplanes two generations out of date.
They have a navy that resembles in almost all particulars the United States Coast Guard.
Any other assets held by the government aren't common knowledge.
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Sun 3 Sep 2023
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Arrival in Chinilaya

Surprised he could remember that going place to place without shifting realities was the same as shifting realities, Drifter took an extra fifteen minutes with the ritual to open the doorway to Chinilaya. Fortunately, there was a ley line right down the center of the country, and he appeared on a dirt road that had not been recently used.
Since returning to the LESP offices would now be easy, he relaxed and waited for his door to close, hoping someone would follow him through.
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Senor Garcia
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Tue 5 Sep 2023
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On the Shadowhawk

At the dock where the Shadowhawk is docked (Two days after the meeting at LESP)

Senor Garcia pulled up to the marina where the Shadowhawk and tries to find a close parking place to the yacht. After stowing all of his gear consisting of three regular hard cases, a pair of large green 'seabags. Three duffle bags, a garment bag and a four old ammo boxes with faded markings saying they were for .50 BMG ammo in the Shadowhawk he then 'claimed' one of the crew bunks.

He then waited for whomever else was going to go to Chinilaya.
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Tue 5 Sep 2023
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On the Shadowhawk

At the Shadowhawk docks:

Spymaster pulled up in his Cadillac, taking a spot near Garcia's. He also had a fair amount to unload, 3 hard cases, a duffel containing his body armor and standard kit, a second one with clothes, toiletries, and a large amount of prescription antibiotics and painkillers he had spent the last day procuring through use of his multiple identities and his actual medical license, as well as a bottle of scotch, and a nice variety of ammo boxes in the ranges of 9mm, .45 cal, slug and shot rounds, and 7.62mm, as well as his suit bag containing his normal bullet proof suit. Instead of his normal suit, he was garbed this time in a suit of jungle camo, not far off from Vietnam era fatigues with his combat boots, and a pair of aviators on his face. After stowing his gear and claiming his own bunk, he met with Garcia on the deck.

" You understand that we're taking a group of mostly green operatives on what would be a rough mission for a group of seasoned operatives? And we need to be on the same page about one thing. Hikari, he has passion, he has drive, but he's too impulsive, and he has too much to lose on this op. He can come with us to San Sebastian, but he can't go any further. If Force even gets a whiff of him setting foot on Chinilaya, his life will be ruined."
Senor Garcia
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Tue 5 Sep 2023
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On the Shadowhawk

Spymaster finds Senor Garcia wearing a pair of olive drab tactical pants, black combat boots and a tucked in black polo. His hair is tied back and he is wearing Oakly sunglasses.

“Yeah, hopefully they take our advice.” He then commented on the subject of Hikari. “If I had my way, he’d stay with the group operating stateside, but if he wants to come along, he better know that the two of us are probably making the major decisions.”
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