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19:29, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Synthetic Technologies.

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Sun 3 Sep 2023
at 22:52
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Synthetic Technologies

Located near Timber Hook, AZ.
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Winter Herald
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Sun 3 Sep 2023
at 22:56
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Synthetic Technologies

OOC: Just in case it matters...

03:11, Today: Winter Herald rolled 23 using 1d100 with rolls of 23.  Disguise roll. TN 94.
03:12, Today: Winter Herald rolled 26 using 1d100 with rolls of 26.  Intelligence. TN 98 with +2 OTN.

Winter Herald had stocked up shortly before his arrival. He had a large quantity of money saved up both from LESP and his work with Lite Star. That he needed less than most to maintain his lifestyle permitted him even greater reserve, enough so that he had an controllable budget.

Part of it was a disguise, because he'd need to talk to people and ask questions, but ask them like a tourist would. He had learned a lot. Most people out here were happy to have a dumb tourist passing through, dressing like a Western character, and - most significantly - spending money.

Breaching the fence would be simple, but that would change the nature of his recon into an attack one. He was unwilling to commit to that yet. All of his information had been acquired from ranged observation and conversation.

Still, the location and type of surveillance being used... that was information his team might need if the worst happened. But he had telescopic eyes that could see and record such devices, which might be useful or useless information, depending on what the plan was.

He contacted Broyko using the same channel Broyko used.

Aside from recon, it was just a matter of waiting for word that the unit had either arrived early - expected - or was waiting for a report patiently, which would surprise him. His uniform was not far off, and should be safe. He would ready to greet the LESP unit when they were on site, whether he had an acceptably complete picture or not.
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Sun 3 Sep 2023
at 23:02
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Synthetic Technologies

To those who arrive at the marina for pick up for travel to Arizona it does not at first appear obvious where a Jet would land for pick even a helicopter would find trouble finding a clear space to land... but then the roar of engines is heard coming closer off the sea.  Then the pitch of the engines changes as coming in at a height of about 50'ft over the roil of the surf is a large metallic blue and silver jet on hovering thrusters.  The underside of the jet is a matte-black as it much slower than any jet should be able to move flew in over the marina near the  shore-side docks with a precision and control that was skillfully executed.  Then the forward bomb-bay doors in its belly unsealed and opened to a passenger compartment that four ceiling cables with foot t-stands attached to were lowered.  All anyone had to do if they could not fly into the compartment would be to stand on the metal T-foot stand, which could hold two passengers, and hold onto the cable is it reeled them up into the hovering jet with is 4 fuselage hovering thrusters, and twin wing thrusters were not pointed straight down but at a 45^degree angle so as not to be hitting anyone boarding with its direct jet blasts.  The profile of the jet was .. oddly enough very similar to the old decommissioned XB-70 Valkyrie.. of the US Airforce though it never saw any active duty.

Once everyone coming via the jet was in the passenger compartment the bomb-bay doors closed and sealed.  Revealing that seating along the sides of the bay were available.  The interior of the passenger compartment was all passed and white like the inside of a space shuttle with curious hand-hold ladder rungs running the length of the ceiling. The seats themselves were retractable four cushions affairs for head, back, seat, and calves that could be stowed into the wall along with a also retractable table/touch-screen console that also folded into the wall.  There were, however, no windows.

The retractable touch screen consoles could double as small tables currently they were in standby mode showing menus for Flight, Engineering/Environmentals, Communication, Navigation/Sensors, and Weapons but Flight, Engineering/Environmentals, and Weapons were locked out disabled... though each touchscreen could be used to view through any of the exterior cameras of the jet.  The touchscreens could also access the library of entertainment and reading from the AI Computer 'K-Star' with a larger flatscreen retractable from the ceiling above each of the seats.  The seats themselves having integral acceleration gimbling and four-point seat belts.

The flight to Timber Hook, AZ ~ was brief only about an 1 hour and 34 minutes. It was without event the padded comfortable neo-tech interior being likely more interesting than the actual flight.

Justar called ahead and arranged a Taxi Cab to be waiting at a rest stop outside of town where he brought the Star Sentinel down in a field.  The Taxi was for anyone on the team that had no movement powers of their own.  Hikari choose to investigate the Labs at Synthetic Technologies, not really expecting to find much as Detective Broyko had been informed Dr. Raymond S. Long had been released from his working contract with Syntech 3 months ago for job abandonment.  He really didn't expect to find anything but he was doing a thorough search for record purposes of supplemental evidence or clues.

Justar exited the Justicar-Polymer and took flight with the K3 in the Justicar Suit following him to the Syntech offices to do his compulsory data collection.  The K-Star sophant AI computer was more than capable of securing the Star Sentinel in everyone's absence in their investigations.
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