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God Examples
These gods are to serve as examples and not as actual characters. There will be 3 gods as examples per post this is to simply show different styles of gods.

Yeyr, The Soft Channel
Player Name: Razade
Domains (Portfolios): Diplomacy (Godsmoot), Magic (Arcane Energies)
Alignment: True Neutral
Symbol(s): A humble chair, often depicted made of various woods and materials
Pantheon: N/A

Appearance: Yeyr appears as the viewer wishes it, man, woman, old, young, it matters little. This even goes for Gods, the appearance of Yeyr taking the form most pleasing and comforting. The natural form of Yeyr is unknown and many philosophies within its own worship postulate just what it would see if it looked into a mirror, an answer they sadly do not have and one the Deity itself is either unable or unwilling to answer. Even to mortals Yeyr takes the appearance of one of the viewer's species, its age fluxuates though it tends to portray itself as a more elderly and wise member of any tribe.

Personality: Yeyr believes that all Divine beings stem from a single source and that because of this they have, regardless of their personal outlooks, a duty to behave in some manner of civility even if two or more parties strongly oppose one another. The God itself seems to hold itself above squabbles, acting instead as a hopeful arbiter to disputes and goes well out of its way to make certain that if war must happen it happens so that both sides (at least the Divine sides) walk away from such conflict. That does not mean however that Yeyr is a fence sitter or even unwilling to engage in conflict or cave to others whims. Yeyr is a strong voice in respect and the duty of its breathren and asks only that the other deities offer it the respect it wishes, so it may return such respect in turn. These tend to be simple things, a plate of food and drink when meeting in another God's realm, a gift when those same said deities visit its realm and so on. It is this exacting standard that perhaps marrs its otherwise dangerous balance between all sides for it is known that Yeyr will exact punishment on those who disrespect it.

Yeyr has little time or concern for Mortals, its priesthood is small and its presence on the Mortal World easily dismissed as simply an aspect of Creation itself, for the essence of the Soft Channel empowers all that lives and all that can be. Instead Yeyr wishes to be viewed by its brethren as a "God of Gods" of sorts, not a master of them, merely a bastion of sanctity in the many webs and machinations that are certain to spin out from the great game of Divinity that has birthed them. In this, Yeyr seeks only to aid all Gods to better themselves, to make better diseases and to heal the sick in new and unique ways.

Dogma: Harmony is only achieved when all parts are played well.

Creations: N/A

Eimhir, Son of War

Player Name: Valmark

Domains (Portfolios): War (tactics), Perfection (Evolution)

Alignment: True Neutral

Symbol: A cat with a mad grin [Like a Cheshire cat]

Appearance: http://p3.i.ntere.st/dec4c6ddf416011...c2baa7_480.jpg

Personality: He's an enigmatic god who enjoys provoking conflict. He searches for the "perfect being" a state of existence that can be reached only through hardships and trials, developing mind, body and soul. For him gods and mortals are not much different: both strive to be the greatest. And just as he doesn't see much difference in them he is very interested in both. He usually passes more time in other gods domains or seeing the mortal plane then in his own. He's especially interested in other's creations, usually using them if allowed to and there is no conflict or competition that he doesn't oversee. He helps those that suffer, and hinders the powerful.

Creations: None at the moment

Mira, The Chronicler

Player Name: Mokou-tan

Domains (Portfolios): Knowledge (Stories), Darkness (Night)

Alignment: A difficult to understand goddess, as her motives aren't "good" or "evil". A chronicler devoted to gathering interesting legends, she'll play whatever side of the field she thinks will make things more interesting.

Symbol: A tome emblazoned with a moon.

Appearance: Mira takes many forms as she deems appropriate for the situation, but her preferred is that of a raven-haired young maiden, often bearing a gentle smile. Her eyes have a very thin, black line around the iris. The iris itself is a glowing white while her pupils are faint and hard to see. Other forms she quite enjoys include a white cat and a small fairy.

Personality: Playful and friendly at most times, Mira rarely does anything out of direct malice. She treats most things like a game and finds fun whether she's 'winning' or 'losing', chronicling what happens. This isn't to say she can't be serious, but it's only when a real threat is against her or something she's taken a liking to. She can be quite possessive of things she takes a liking to, but this may pass if the thing becomes dull and boring over time.

Creations: None at the moment.

Other Notes: She has a personal love for the night, finding it relaxing and an ideal time for telling the tales she 'helps' push mortals to creating, often using a gentle nudge in the right place. It also allows for some variance in tales, if it was always day, then every story slowly devolve into being so similar she would get bored rather quickly.
The Great Painter
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Wed 23 Aug 2017
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God Examples
Fedros "In Time all shall be revealed"
Alexander Scott Hansen
Domains: endurance(patience) planning (far reaching plans)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
pantheon: none
Symbol: A clock on top of a sheet of paper
Appearance https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com...305687ac5d.jpg
Personality: Thoughtful but mysterious he doesn't reveal what he is thinking but he clearly is. His alliances are brief or long to suit his needs as he is not all knowing he will act quickly if he deems he needs to, but hates going in without a plan. He hates when a plan of his falls apart and will become irritable when it does.
Dogma: Be very meticulous about your plans and prepare for the unexpected, and always know the time. Plan often and don't be angry if it falls apart.
Creations: N/A

Obris: The Serpent Lord, The Earth Healer
Player Name: Molemanking
Domains (Portfolios): Elements (Earth), Life (Medicine)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol(s): An albino cobra coiled protectively around a silver egg.
Pantheon: None yet
Appearance: A titanic, with coils that could encircle the world, cobra made of bone-white marble with piercing silver eyes. Two large purple markings in the shape of unblinking eyes adorn either side of his hooded head.

Personality: A prideful deity, Obris looks upon all creatures with a measure pity as they go about their lives. None know of life's cruelty more than the Earth Healer, so why mortal and god seek to complicate it further is beyond his understanding. The Serpent Lord sees himself as a stern father figure, teaching his followers discipline and restraint. Calm and logical, he rarely acts on impulse preferring to take his time to assess a situation. However, if action is called for, a swift surgical conclusion is sure to follow.

Dogma: Seek to do the least amount of harm in all things you do. To take or give too much can prove just as harmful as doing nothing at all. Remember, even the greatest medicine can be poison or placebo if used recklessly. A disciplined mind will guide you through all challenges in life.

Creations:None at the moment.

Demara, The Inventor
Player Name: weet555
Domains (Portfolios): Creation (Inventing), Knowledge (Discovery)
Alignment: Neutral
Symbol(s): A well-worn anvil.
Pantheon: None yet
Appearance: Demara looks like a mess of books, tools, weapons and odds pieces of machinery. Off hand Demara looks vaguely humanoid with a body, two legs, arms and one head. At all times some part of the inventor’s body seems to be making, learning or breaking something.

Personality: The inventor exists by this motto ‘it can be done better’, which he applies to any and all activities. Including (but never limited to) farming, cooking, transport and even murder. Demara cares not what him creations are used for or by whom, in fact he shares his creations with any that will take them.
The inventor is technically cold, calculating and logical however many that meet him describe him as understanding, warm and empathetic. The reason for this dichotomy is a simple one, Demara believes this to be one of the better to communicate.
If it was not for the inventor’s divine skill of multi tasking, he would never achieve a single thing for the moment Demara sees a problem he starts trying to fix it.

Dogma: It can be done better, let’s find the better way. The only good enough is good enough to use until the next improvement. Perfect is a fool’s word, only fools believe there is no room for improvement and never be fooled by the fools.
Creations: None at the moment.