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Wed 4 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Zs'Skayr's eyes met Rraxxev's with a coldness and lack of care.

He hadn't much to say, "Then I was mistaken." said blankly while shrugging.

A foggy wreath of shadows pooled up from the ground and swallowed the lamp then sunk into the ground again. Most likely it was to be understood that he took collection of it.

Sitting in the air he posted an elbow on his knee and his face on top of his palm. Taking another look of Noric after being mentioned, Zs'Skayr smirked under the scarf.
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Thu 5 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Noric changed back to his silver swift form. Regret would be able to snap to his hand instantly, if he wanted it, in either form, but he wanted to be able fly easily if fighting broke out...
Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Thu 5 Oct 2017
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The first world.
"When I am able, I will alter my masks as Rraxxev wishes in order to return the dragons to existence. If that is all he wishes for it is easily done. Much simpler than fighting."

With that Abraoigi his farewell to Noric. Thanked Erebus for the name and returned to the swap to rest.

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Thu 5 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Noric's herald flew off. Well, that was anticlimactic, he thought, but it's better this way.

He returned to the Great Forest, but before he got very far into it, he felt... distracted. He came to rest on top of a skytree, and sat there, thinking, watching the clouds. Things looked different as a herald... he had to look harder, longer, in order to percieve the mystical energies of things, in this form... Before, he could see the mystical elements of air and water in the clouds... now, such things were no longer obivous to him, at least until he expanded his conciousness...

But he didn't. He didn't feel like it. He was trying to solidify some sort of an idea, and expanding his perspective wouldn't help, he was sure.

A swift came up to him, a dark brown one. "God Noric?"

Even though he was trying to focus his thoughts, he didn't feel annoyed or frustrated by the interruption, like he used to, before he'd made himself a herald. Really, he wanted to talk to someone. He would have gladly talked to Abrioigi some more, if it hadn't felt like Abraoigi had kind of wanted to be alone again for a while.

Noric felt sort of lonely, he realized. He'd felt it for a little while, a few millenia. Perhaps Abraoigi's devouring souls kept him from feeling lonely.

Then again, perhaps Abraoigi was just weird.

That is, of course he was weird, but perhaps that was just another specific way he was weird...

In any event, Noric once again sped up his perception even faster than it had already had to be to enjoy the clouds. "...Yes?"

"...I am a bard. ...Is there anything I can do for you, God Noric?"

"...No. --Yes. Tell everyone that for now, the gods have come to a sort of truce... the swamp seems no more dangerous than it ever was. ...Also... The GodFount has been used to fulfill its function. Unless a particular god dies, it is harmless now. The bards may continue to keep an eye on it, but it's not really much more important than any other location now."

"Yes, God Noric. I will tell the others. ...Is there anything else?"

Do I look lonely? Is that why he has that attitude of melancholy toward me? Because he feels sorry for me...?

"Do you have a name?"

"Not as the gods have names. I am called--" and he trilled a little tune. It sounded... curious. Inquiring. Like a question. Noric could just imagine what sort of youth he'd been, to get a song-name like that.

"I see. Well... is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

"I? Well... a few swifts have started worshiping other gods. Mostly rare, strange swifts. One out of... many, many."

"...That is their right, I suppose."

"--But also, a few non-swifts have started worshiping you, like we do. Also very rare... But it happens, now. There is one of those crystal people who wants to be a bard, singing your praises. They keep losing the annual singing contest... but they're getting better. They may win one of these years. I mean, not win, but do well enough to earn the right to be a bard. They live a long time, the crystal people."

"...Hmm. I wish them well. Them? Him? Her?"

"I think it may be a him. It's hard to be sure, with them, in my experience."

"Mm." Noric glanced at the clouds, moving so much more slowly, now. "...Tell me, what do you think of the gods?"

"You are the god of the swift people," said the swift. He almost sang it. "You are good, and care about us, and watch out for us."

"Go on..."

"As for the others... the strange god in the swamp is frightening... the god of the city seems cruel... Sometimes, a few say they have seen a new god, a god of the shadows, who is also frightening..."

"I suppose we're all somewhat frightening, one way or another... or both ways at the same time..."

"You are mighty, God Noric... but good and kind."

"...Well... that's good to hear..." Noric paused. "I might like to meet this Ayra Syrene, the crystal man, sometime. Or, you know, the crystal woman. Whichever."

"I shall pass the word, God Noric. He will surely live long enough to meet you..."

The swift flew off.

Noric felt good about the meeting. As a herald, he felt more restless than before, yet also a little more patient, at the same time. Perhaps it was good. Perhaps he should talk to mortals more often.

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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Within his Manse, Zarakmar meditates.  His attention focused inward and upon the obelisk.  The amethyst runes glow like embers in the ebon Pillar.  Around him his planes is empty, void of any presence save his.  Its endless exspanse devoid of features.
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Erot realized He might have done this whole ordeal backwards. So he decided to start with the basics what was necessary of civilization. Which the term just popped to him so he started working on it. The first thing he created was agriculture. The growth of plants for food and other supplies. The Second was taming animals a mystical art of making animals obey those that knew the craft. Since they were loyal to the men who tamed them they would do anything they could understand for them including reproduce with who ever the men wanted. Then there was masonry the creation of items using clay including homes and decorations. Then the piece de resistance Civilization itself. The creation of it caused people to build villages and cities wherever many of the population were located.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

16/16 ap
-1 Create Mundane Concept: Agriculture
-4 Create Mythic Concept: Taming
-1 Create Mundane Concept: Masonry
-2 Create Advanced Concept: Civilization


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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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The first world.
In reply to Erot (msg # 117):

Since he had no race of people of his own, Erot's new creations spread quickly throughout all races.

--Agriculture: The shifters began growing crops. Even the swifts now began not only harvesting lichens, fungi, and insects that grew on and under the bark of the skytrees, but they also began transplanting them and encouraging them to grow in certain places.

--Taming: Combining domestication with animal husbandry and a bit of mystical shamanism, the mythical concept of Taming led to the peoples of the plains taming wolves and lions and even large birds such as buzzards as their helpers in hunting and finding food. Swifts of the mountains began keeping mountain goats and hawks and eagles as pets and companions. Swifts of the forest did the same with birds in their area. Swifts living in the parts of the forest by the ocean did the same with seagulls and albatrosses and pelicans and other sea birds. Shifters tamed goats and wild boars, and would sometimes trade them as a food staple to the swifts for help with home construction-- indeed, shifter homes began to be larger and more elaborate. Lacerta and shifters of the swamps tamed hippos and alligators, the Arya Syrene adopted cave toads and bats as pets, and so on. A new role appeared in every culture, sometimes called the beastmaster or ranger, an expert hunter who used an animal companion for aid in hunting.

--Masonry: Shifters adpoted bricks quickly-- they were still a nomadic culture, but they would live in a home for a season, and then abandon their dwellings and move on... and into some other shifter family's abandoned dwelling.

--Civilization: The swift theocracy was the most ready for civilization, for they were the most likely to live in one home for a long time. They became a more social people, and towns and cities began to appear, where ropeweavers and woodcarvers and magic-wielders of various types began not only building homes closer together, but building bridges and paths between their homes, as well. The first such town, which soon grew to be a city, was Foresthome, between what had become known as Lone Mountain and the ocean. The next was in a mountain range above the plains, unimaginatively called Mountainhome.

The shifters also tried cities, creating Floorhome on the forest floor beneath Foresthome, and Swamphome on the edge of the swamp, for shifter pilgrims visiting the races' ancestral home, and Rivertown near a mountainous river valley not far from Mountainhome.

Each town and city became known as places to trade simple items made of leather such as slings, bowstrings, bows, carved wooden clubs, tools made of stone, and foodstuffs. Sometimes the colored circles known as "coins" were traded in lieu of bartering anything else. The towns and cities also became known as good places to trade stories of hunting, and stories and songs about the gods. Even the Arya Syrene began visiting some cities and trading... mostly Rivertown, but a few even started visiting Floorhome.
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Sorry this seemed to not have saved.
Rollover!!! Barlin and abraogi won the extra ap this round.
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Sat 7 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Abraoigi had regained the strength it needed to adjust the masks of transformation as Rraxxev had required. With but a thought it reached out to the masks of transformation that existed within the first world and altered them ever so slightly. Whatever form the creature wearing the mask took, it would always be a mortal. It could no longer impersonate a god.

That settled Abraoigi returned his attention to the city that had appeared. It wandered into the city examining the creatures that were within it. They appeared to be of all sorts of mortals. Some were young some were old, and all the races Abraoigi knew of were represented in at least some sense. As Abraoigi wandered its mind wandered to who had made the city. Why had it had done so? Abraoigi remembered the demigod Rraxxev and how though Abraoigi had realized some other being like itself had taken to life within its swamp, it had not known of its name. Abraoigi did not like not knowing. It left itself at a distinct advantage that way. For the time being it decided to leave the city as it was. The souls seemed safe enough since none in the city had the energy for the contests the new god had put in place.

Abraoigi returned to the swamp, and asked the shifters to meet them. This was new to the shifters. Those that had heard of the stories of old knew that Abraoigi asked for nothing. It tricked others into doing what it wanted, or it simply did it when it was able to. And the rare shifter that could make the monsters in Abraoigi's image remembered what Abraoigi had done to them in order to achieve the gods aim.

A young shifter was the first to speak to the god,
"What is it you wish of us Abraoigi? Why have you asked us to come rather than demanding us here or tricking us to come? It is very unlike the stories we have heard of you."

Abraoigi laughed when it responded "I have made bargains with other beings like me. I have found it as easy a way to get what I desire as fooling those I desire. I have come to make a bargain with you all. I ask for you to inform me what happens wherever you are located. Simply speak and I shall hear you. In exchange for information, I shall provide you with favor not only when your soul is reborn, but in the life you approach me with as well."

The shifters looked suspiciously at one another and the god that had created them. If the god was telling the truth, then it was indeed a worthwhile deal. Those that accepted Abraoigi's terms began reporting back everything they saw happen. Abraoigi rewarded the mortals that approached it with whatever it saw fit for the information. Usually this was nothing more than what the mortals called currency, and Abraoigi was capable of finding this or tricking other mortals into giving him it. Occasionally such as when Abraoigi was informed that Noric talked to his swifts often, or that the name of the god who created the city was Barlin Abraoigi would instead reward the creature with a mask of transformation. Those with masks would soon lead others and teach them how to gather information, or to blend in with the other mortal creatures of the land. A vast network was created to inform Abraoigi of anything new in the mortal world.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
-3ap alter minor artifact: Masks of transformation cannot be used to mimic a god
-1 ap create organization: Spies of Abraoigi

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Fri 13 Oct 2017
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The first world.
"Do Not Keep Mortals Souls From Abraoigi. This Is The Only Warning."

Barlin awoke abruptly:someone had intruded in his Realm.

He observed silently the divine being and it's atrocious form as it slipped inside his plane.
"It must make a mess when it eats..."he thought angered .
For he had also spotted a not so nice gift as the uninvited guest returned to the swamp past the plains.

He looked his people : most were laying on their backs in the middle of the city streets,peacefully observing the clouds .
He sighted.

For now he turned his attention to the rain-forest of Life .
Deep within the jungle , the un-moving divine husk lay where he had left it .
Flowers and metallic offerings from the occasional Lacerta and Fatherless pilgrims surrounded Token , the deceased god.
The metallic husk was still faintly glowing in divine blue light.

"Sorry again old friend...I guess i wont meet you until the next era.But i will you a new life and make use of your creations now.I hope you would approve."

Saying that he touched the metallic body.
He let his thoughts and force run free and reshaped the divine metal under his mind.
The divine blue light that was faintly glowing radiated with renewed strength  , a blinding light lighting up the jungle.
He continued working for some moments .
Finally a drop of sweat fell of his hair .
He had finished .

Taking a breather he looked all around : a large crowd -mainly Lacerta of the jungle- had created an encampment and prayed in circles , singing and bringing fruits and flowers around him .
It happened to be night and large bonfires were burning , sacrificial animals filling the place with the excellent smell of burned animal fat and roasted meat.
"Who knew lizards could be this cute!" he laughed to himself .
"Lacerta of the Rainforest of Life!witness my miracle tonight and from tommorow work!You shall build a temple around this clearance and a town around the temple.A great future shall be planned and you and your people shall also have citizenship in my city .Send your leaders there after i am done here."

Not bothering with his new pets he looked at the results of his work :
Thirteen metallic humanoid statues glowing blue radiant light .

He took them and departed for his city.
Upon his return he was delighted to discover that Husbandry , Farming , Masonry and the concept of building civilization hubs like his existed.
"I am so tired i didn't even notice that when i asked the Lacerta of the jungle to build  ...Primordial Forces!What a ride this circle has been ...I must thank the guy making those ideas,saving me the work..."

He let his will flowing towards the center of The City , towards the great mountain at the center .
"This shall be a palace. My palace , build at the top of this mountain.A mansion build luxuriously with white marble , gold and obsidian .
At the very top ,on the peak of the mountain there will be a grand tower: a spire build purely of clear cut obsidian.And it's top will break the clouds.
And lower at the mountain there will be tunnels and veins of all kind of ores and hidden gems will existed in the earth.
Secret passages will connect the lower levels with the palatial upper quarters .
And to finish the Thirteen shall be housed at the uppermost room of the Obsidian spire ."

Altering the land by divine will Barlin crafted his palace in a luxurious and beautiful classical style .
He placed the thirteen metallic bodies at the top of the Obsidian Spire.
And then he awoke them to finish his will :
"Awaken.For you are the Thirteen.
Created by the metal and essence of a deceased god your essence shall always be bonded by divine force to your metallic body .
You may move in this form but i dont recommend it unless there's a need for it .
No,you shall live in the bodies of other mortals.
For your very essence is lacking and while Token's ,your father's, divine essence may make you powerful , it's constantly spilling out of you into the mortal world.
Your true bodies will remain hidden within the Spire,hidden as statues, while you accompany mortals that have agreed to give their souls to me and live of their energy .
Each soul you live with will upon death ,shall be stored inside you and be integrated with you while you move to the next mortal .Your ability to manipulate souls and their energy will be legendary and by expending stored energy you may even move around in ethereal form .
In time may you each grow as wise and as curious as your progenitor Token.
I shall also gift upon you all the souls i have stored until now .
The mortals you live off get immortality for their consciousness inside your own, so i expect you to be able to find even souls from outside the city with a bit of practice."

He looked at his people chilling around peacefully ,most still lost in the haze .
Some had die of starvation and their sanitary condition wasn't good either :piles of shit were building up in the beautiful marble streets .

"And now stay with me for i have a job for you to do : for starters , bring me a barrel of wine and take over the first batch of bodies. "
His new servants complied .
He took the barrel and went into the mist .
"Concentration and infusion:Let this mist consolidate,droplets of water,souls of the dead ,all into the wine they go!"

He grasped the mist with his divine force and pushed it all into the barrel .
He also grasped those that had recently died and added them to enrich the taste :
the only message he received concerned souls so before initiating hostilities perhaps a diner and a game would work .

The warm sunlight fell on the streets again .
Under the warmth - like waking from a pleasant dream many people slowly opened their eyes .
Most screamed in horror as they found themselves starving , weak and surround by corpse and piles of excrement .
Barlin spoke and he was imposing :
"Calm.Now.And gather in the center ,at the foothills of The Mountain.".

He looked at his people gathering around the entrance of his new Palace.
"From now on , all of you shall be united : the Lacerta and the Fatherless in this city , as well as those in the Rain-forests of Life shall unite in a single hierarchy."
He pointed at six Fatherless and seven Lacerta that stood out from the crowd.
"From this moment each district shall elect a representative and all shall be ruled by my Thirteen chosen servants .
They shall form the Eternal Court and manage and lead you.Since they live among you and are of the same race they will know what to care for .
My palace will serve as their home and office.
And now the first task of this community is to clean up the dead and the shit it made while lazying around ."

Finally he called the Third of the Thirteen .

His first body was of a small and agile Lacerta ranger.He seemed to from time to time observe parts of his body happily and curiously .
"You remind me of my friend,your progenitor.I am very satisfied with myself."
He announced to the Lacerta.
The Lacerta bowed,satisfied too that he was created good.
"Was it a deliberate move to make us curious Lord?"
The Lacerta asked curious .
"Take this barrel" Barlin ignored the question .
"Take it to the swamp you'll find east of the Plains .Take it and when you arrive there pour half of it into the swamp.Leave the barrel somewhere where the denizens of the swamp will find it.
before leaving proclaim : This is a wonderful gift from The Eternal City .The uninvited guest is asked to taste what a gift should've like and if he founds it satisfying he is invited to dine with me."

The spiked wine would wreak havoc in the swamp : the wine spilled would infect the swamp and since many beings and animals required to drink water the curse of inactivity would hit them probably with more force that from just touching the mist .
However the remained wine was an excellent drink for gods: Spiked by multiple folds and levels of divine energy ,enriched by the energetic taste souls of some of his best(now dead) Hunters,the taste was just right.
And cursed with a quality to make normal mortals die from The Haze was bad , but for any god it would just make for a nice slight intoxication effect not easily found in normal wine .
Plus he was sure wine-making had not spread outside,he had made sure to leave wine-making only to Lacerta and Fatherless that stayed within the plane all the time.

Before going to his palace and trying to produce more wine mixed with remnants of the curse ,mixed with souls he thought of something and told to The First of the Thirteen :
"Take a group of citizens and dozens of barrels .Roam the land and invite anyone and everyone sapient to the city .In a decade i shall host a massive festival with the first games .Should you happen upon the God that created Farming and Taming immediately invite him and offer him a place in the City and The Court .offer him also a guild for him to lead , in any way he wishes , should he come and live with us .
When gifting wine onto mortals expect a polite gift but not much else for now .Go."

And with that he focused in perfecting his wine.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

Alter Land (0AP):The White Palace (build on top and a bit inside the mountain at the center)

Create Organization (0AP):The Eternal Court (concerning itself with the governance and administration of The City and it's outposts like the newly created in the Rain-forest).I guess i will add titles to the Thirteen so i can rank them and build their personalities up.Special mortals are welcome and the Thirteen are to train a lot of bureaucrats and scribes for this.

Form Society (2AP):The Eternal City is now a State and the nations of Lacerta and Fatherless are the main body of it's citizens.Foreigners are welcome but somewhat not trusted.The City , for now , sustains itself by farming(also producing fruits for wine) and herding animals at the plains and by sending the Hunter's Guild to secured hunting spots or more adventure-esque hunting campaigns.
The society is basically an absolute monarchy , where Barlin acts as the monarch and the Thirteen carry out his will with help from the subjects.
The subjects however decide their own laws and politics as long as they dont go against their superiors , on district for inside the city and on village level for outside starting with a temple and a village around it at the Rainforest.

Create Mythical Life (4AP):The Thirteen.
Golem like humanoids that mainly live away form their main body by living along mortal souls and feeding of them .
While cohabitation the souls of the mortals and the Thirteen essentially coexists as two consciousness in one body - often conversing and consulting each other.
The mortals believe all souls that live with one of the Thirteen will get immortality but the truth is the Thirteen only chose the exceptionally talented ,in mind or skills, to preserve within them .The chosen souls essentially still exist inside the consciousness of the Thirteen and feed of them ,with ideas and feelings being constantly exchanged.
Basically the mortals experience a reversal of their situations , living inside their previous parasites and the living Host that houses the Thirteen in his body can contact them any time as long as his Thirteen allows it .
Essentially matryoshka doll-like hive minds.

Divine Infusion (3AP):Used on the cursed mist.I think it's more appropriate as i did not refocus or remove it , merely manipulated and changed it by my Ap of divinity .
Infused the Mist in wine and added some good Hunter souls for depth of taste.
However the mortal beings of the swamp will probably die a bit en mass upon drinking infected water or eating infected prey, just like the denizens of the city.

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Fri 13 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Holding to his word, the God of Impersonation restored the dragons into normal being, albeit still subject to being summoned by other races without fear of returning to non-being when the spell ends.

And then he vanished, slipping out of the First World into the crack between now and now, hiding somewhen that wasn't precisely there.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Countering the curse that unmade the dragons  -6 ap.

Claimed domain: Curses (cleverness)

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Fri 13 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Rollover!!! Noric won the ap for this week.
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Fri 13 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Noric felt some great changes happening in the world. One or more gods were once again up to something important.

Maybe it would turn out to be nothing, but if it was going to be a problem, it wasn't a good time for it, because he felt that he was really onto something with this whole "diplomatic negotiation with other races" thing.

He concentrated, sensing... There was one Ayra Syrene... to the west, on the way to Floorhome.

He flew that way. He did not allow time to pass as it normally did for him... movement was so slow and tedious this way... but he wanted to act quickly.

He landed before the Ayra Syrene, and changed to his other form. "Oh! You are the god of the swifts!"

"I am. What is your name?"

"I am called Zoisit," said the man composed of green and red bands of crystal.

"All right... you don't happen to be a priest of your people, do you...?"

"One of my parents was a priest..."

Noric sensed something in the way Zoisit said it, and he jumped on it (rhetorically speaking). "'Was?'"

"...You know, don't you? Many do not."

"Tell me. I think I have guessed."

"My male parent was a priest... but at one point, years ago, lost the power to call on Mirae's divine energy. The priests do not talk about it, but... are we right to think...?"

"Yes, I believe you are. Mirae is surely dead."

"...It saddens me to hear it... but it is merely what most of us thought already."

"I have just made some insects for the shifters..."

"Oh! Did you make the silver butterfly that I saw just a little while ago? I had never seen one of those before..."

"I did. I did it as part of a bargain with the shifters, in exchange for which they will protect the swifts, and the skytrees."

"That seems fair... and if they fail to keep their bargain?"

"I think they will not choose to break it... but if they do... the new insects I made them will cease to taste good to them anymore... they will all start tasting terrible."

"A very fair bargain, or so it seems to me."

"But listen... the Ayra Syrene have no god."

"...Oh! ...Do you wish to make a bargain with the Ayra Syrene?"

"I do. There may be mischief, or worse, loosed upon the world. If there is not now, there is sure to be someday. I offer you all a bargain: ally with the swifts, and with me. Be my second people who honor me, and always do your best-- in as much as you can from the ground-- to protect the skytrees and the swifts-- and the swifts will do the same for you, as much as they can, from the air. Let there be an alliance between earth and air, air and earth. Your priests will be able to call upon my power as long as they honor me, and I shall do my best to watch over the Ayra Syrene."

"This is the entire bargain? It seems a very worthwhile thing, very easy to agree to."

"...I will offer your people a blessing, as a sign of good will. What will you have?"

"...In recent decades, many lacerta have come to live in the Crystal Labyrinth... My male parent suspects that their god is dead as well... I ask that if it is true, that you make the same bargain with them. They seem in need of spiritual guidance..."

"I will try. Do you accept the bargain, for your people?"

"I cannot guarantee that all will accept it, but yes, I think that almost all will."

"Then let the bargain be made. It is good... I think I shall teach you to be a true society of scholars. Let there be a contest... let the 10 best storytellers and teachers lead your people, as decided by one another... every 10 years. When you have done whatever you were headed to Floorhome to do, seek out others of your kind, please, and see to it, and tell them of this bargain."

"I shall do so... God Noric."

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

Noric claims the Ayra Syrene as his own people, like the Swifts. He also makes them a decarchy, a society of scholars and storytellers and teachers that is re-chosen once every 10 years. -2 ap.

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Mon 16 Oct 2017
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The first world.
Abraoigi had grown bored in his restlessness. It had rested and gained enough strength to do as it saw fit, and so it decided that it would entertain itself.
First the old god shabbled out of its swamp and observed the world around it. Some had changed, but things seemed to be winding down. Equilibrium was not entertaining to Abraoigi, and so the god decided to not merely tip the scales, but to remove them entirely.

A new world was in order, one where the rules were fluid. One that would always provide entertainment for the trickster god. So it made one. It pierced a hole through the reality of the first world, much like that of the inversion and created a new space for itself. Abraoigi set its new world that nothing was permanent, everything was fluid. Gravity was no longer a constant, it swayed back and forth as if it was itself a tide. Space would collapse on itself so when one traveled they could end up where they began, and if they remained still they would end up miles away. It was a land of illusions, nothing quite real and nothing quite unreal. Once Abraoigi had created the space for itself to be entertained it needed a way to bring the mortals to it. Nowhere seemed quite right to place a point of ingress for Abraoigi's new world, so it made a new place.

It tossed bits and pieces of its swamp far and high and suspended them in the air, then let them dry out completely until a floating desert, spotted by islands of Oasis had been formed. It wanted the mortals who traversed this land to experience adversity, and those who did while traveling the floating sands would surely be brought to the point of hallucinations. Finally the old god tied its new lands to its new plane and bridged them, so that those who it deemed worthy or entertaining enough to enter its plane might do so merely by dreaming in this floating land.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
-4 ap Weave plane
-2 ap create land
-2 ap bridge plane/land
1/16 ap remaining

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The first world.
Zarrakmar wills from within his plane, creating another plane abutting his.  Within this plane he places a universe of countless stars and planets, many of the planets have life, but on a few he creates sentient life.  Creatures in form like-unto himself, granting them great strength, intelligence, and Will, among other gifts.  In them he puts the seeds of a society, one based on clans, with laws and communication.  Conflict tyoo he includes, the whole gamut of sentient emotions.  Then he imbues this plane, creating its' first rule, that only he has power there.
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The first world.
Noric let time start passing what was, for him, normally. Even as an avatar, he did not need to eat or sleep, but he did start feeling somewhat weary when he experienced life at the mortal pace for too long.

But he kept an eye out for another of the Ayra Syrene, and it was barely a week worth of mortal time before another came down the road.

Much refreshed, Noric dropped back into the perspective of mortals. "Hello," he said.

Noric expected a Hello God Noric or something, but he did not expect the greeting he got. "What is that?!?!"

The crystal man was pointing at Noric's wrist in fascination. "That is Regret. I made it as a divine weapon, because someone had cursed my people." Noric showed how Regret was both a living metallic bird and a weapon and an ornament.

"It is so beautiful! It reminds me of these beautiful veins of ore I have seen in the Crystal Labyrinth!"

"Ah. Metal."

"You know its name?"

"There are a number of varieties. This one would be called silver, like the color, although it has some properties like steel." The Ayra Syrene stared in delighted fascination at the words... but with confusion, too. "...Steel is made from iron."

"These are metals? Tell me more, please!"

"...I will do better than that. I will show you... I will teach you. I think perhaps it is time." Noric created a forge, there at the side of the road, and a few hammers, and summoned ingots of iron and copper and silver and tin and gold, and taught the Ayra Syrene how to be a blacksmith for iron and a whitesmith for the softer metals.

"I... I can make so many things this way... this is wonderful!"

"Go," said Noric. "Teach others of your kind who want to learn. And swifts, if you can find any. But only give or trade your works to one another, and to swifts... oh, and you may give or trade your smithed works to shifters, too, I think... in small quantities, and we'll see how it goes. My people will want weapons to defend themselves, arrowheads and the like... But for now, be a guild, in my name. A guild of smiths. What is your name?"

"Selen, God Noric."

"Then you have my blessing, and I make you a hero of your people. Spread my word and my teachings, and increase peace and goodwill between the Ayra Syrene and the swifts and the shifters."

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Noric spends 1 ap to teach the craft of smithing to a mortal, and another 1 ap to make an Ayra Syrene organization: the Smiths Guild. He also spends 2 more ap to make the first smith, Selen, a folk hero of the Ayra Syrene. Selen the Smith is a little more immortal than the average Ayra Syrene, and stronger, and more shatter-resistant, and is an excellent master smith. 

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The first world.
Rollover!!! abraogi won the ap for this week.
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The first world.
After he left Selen, Noric looked around, then became a swift and headed west, to the nearest watchtree.

There were a couple of bards there, just as there were supposed to be. They were just sitting and watching, on opposite sides. The one facing the wrong was singing a song about how Noric reversed the curse of the Fatherless on the swifts... not surprising, since his feathers were blue. It'd happened long before he'd been born, of course, but the blue feathers were often inherited by the many-greats grandchildren of those who'd been initially freed from the curse.

"God Noric!" they exclaimed as he flew up.

"Hello," he said. "Any news lately?"

"Lacerta from the Eternal City went around giving out free drinks of wine... strong stuff. Knock anyone out for a day or two, easy, and a bad hangover afterward... but no permanent harm. The swamp mist was like that for weeks, too, but it's worn off now. People managed not to drown. ...No swifts, anyway. No shifters or crystalfolk died that we've heard about..."

"Awful strong drink, though. But you gods might like it... and that's the point. It's from the City's god, Barlin. He's inviting any and all gods to come visit him, have a drink, shoot the breeze."

"We figure maybe he's looking to solve the curse of laziness that got put on his people... sweet-talk the god that did it into taking it back off."

"He could probably take it off himself, but it's not always that simple. Anything else?"

"Yes-- the dragons are back. The xaran, too."

"Oh? Are they? My, my."

"Yeah. What does that mean for the bards' 'summon dragons' song?"

"I don't know yet. That's one of the things I'm busy with right now."

"All right...That's all the news I can think of."

"All right. I have adopted the Ayra Syrene, the crystal people. Their clerics use my power now. I know bards watch over everyone, but from now on be sure to watch over them as you would your fellow swifts."

"All right, great. All the ones I've ever met were nice folks."

"Indeed. If anyone asks if I plan to accept Barlin's invitation, tell them I'm too busy, because it's true. Don't make a big deal of it... I wouldn't even bother telling you what to say, except I'm trying to make an effort to be somewhat diplomatic these days."

"Got it."

"I'll be looking into the dragon thing soon, but first I have business with the lacerta. Seen any around?"

"Sure, you mean around this tree in particular? There were some lacerta of the plains who came to Floorhome to trade... then they headed back home. They should be about a day's walking to the west-by-southwest by now."

"All right. I plan to find them and talk to them. Anything else you need or want to know before I go?"

"No, nothing I can think of."

"Me neither," said the other one.

"All right, I'm off. Keep up the good work."

"We will. And we'll spread the word to the others about the crystalfolk and, you know, the diplomacy thing. We won't make a national case out of it nor anything. So long, God Noric."

Noric flew off in the direction the swifts had indicated, and he soon found the three lacerta... up ahead, down the path to the west, were three lacerta: a grunt, a viper, and a newt... or were they called seers? Noric couldn't remember.

Noric landed, switched to his non-swift divine form, and approached them.

Their jaws dropped open. "A god," muttered the grunt.

"The god of the swifts," said the viper. She looked like he wanted to sneer it... but she sounded more afraid than anything. Her eyes went to Regret, wrapped around Noric's wrist.

"Noric." This from the seer. "God of... vigilance." He said it like it meant we're not here for any trouble.

"Yes." Noric decided that a subtle approach wasn't going to serve this conversation...

...But then, the conversation turned in a handy direction. "...What in Th' Inversion is...?" said the viper, as an etherfly flapped right past her face. "Oh. It's one of those new bugs."

"An etherfly," said Noric. "I just made a number of insects for the shifters, so that they might never know famine. They have not changed what god they worship, but in return, they have agreed to protect the skytrees and the swifts." He looked at the three of them. "But you have no god."

"Those of us living outside the rainforest, and those who did not go to live in the Eternal City, honor no god," said the seer, "but does that mean the god who created us is dead?"

"My Grandfather told me that our god died," said the grunt. The other two lacerta looked at the grunt wearily.

The seer sighed. "...All right, let us not play games with the gods," he said. "It is true. We were told that one day, all our priests lost the ability to do magic. The god who created us is dead." Then realization crossed his face. "...What bargain do you offer, god of generosity and abundance?"

"What do you want? ...Food, perhaps, like the shifters? Animals to raise and eat as you will?"

"What do you want, god of freedom?"

"I know what he wants. He wants us to worship him," said the viper. But she didn't actually make it sound like she hated the idea.

"We cannot speak for those of our kind in the rainforest, nor those who went to the Eternal City," said the seer. "But I can speak for the rest... including the Fatherless who do not live in either place, since they were once lacerta as well. We are still... close... to one another."

"As for what we want," said the viper, "we vipers want legs. Or better yet, the power to change from having legs, as you do in that form, to having our tails, and back again, whenever we want. Having a tail is good for fighting and hunting."

"Done, if you are to become my people."

"Grunts want a lake," said the grunt. "There are good lakes in the Crystal Labyrinth, but few up above. No big ones. Make a land with lakes for lacerta. Make a big big lake for grunts. Put lots of fish in, lots of food, maybe some good hoof animals stupid enough to come and drink. Maybe some good islands for basking in the sun. We can't do that in the Labyrinth. Do all that, and I would worship you. All grunts would."

"Done, if you are to become my people."

"We newt seers are the best, most clever, most powerful race there is, with the power to succeed wherever we choose to roam... we need no improvement as a race... aside from the ability to draw upon divine magic, for those who have talents in that direction... so what I will ask for is on behalf of our poor cousins, the Fatherless. I have known many such noble individuals, cursed to be ugly. As my viper sister said earlier, many of us still feel close to them. So I ask that they be freed from their curse, if they choose."

"If they choose, as individuals, to be free from that curse, then it will be so, if they will honor me."

"Ha ha! I should have offered to bargain with a god long ago! Now my love and I can be husband and wife!" The newt ran off down the path to the west.

"She's in love with a Fatherless guy," said the viper. "But she can hardly bear how ugly he is. I guess she'll be happy now..."

Noric hadn't even realized the newt was also female. He wondered about the grunt, but didn't ask.

The viper looked down at her tail. "So when do all our dreams come true?"

Noric waved his right hand. "Let the mystical pact be enacted. The lacerta and the Fatherless who do not worship Barlin or other gods will receive my generosity..."

The scales or hides of all lacerta honoring Noric became black, and their eyes became silver, like Noric's own. The newts turned black with silver spots...

Beyond the rainforest and the plains, in what was once just a part of the wasteland, appeared a rich land, lightly wooded, with several lakes... and one huge one, a couple of hundred miles at its narrowest point, more than 250 miles at its widest, with almost a dozen rocky islands scattered within it. Deer and other animals were abundant in the new lakelands, and the lakes were each stocked very full of fish and other freshwater wildlife.

All vipers honoring Noric became able to transform from their more serpentine form to a form that was more like the Fatherless at will, as long as they were well-fed and healthy... but although they were always very like snakes, now, in both forms, they had hoods, like a cobra... Each side of the hood, front and back, bore an eight-pointed silver star...

Save for their eyes turning silver, the Fatherless were unchanged... except that each of them could choose to become a lacerta. Noric allowed them to choose what type they would become. Most chose to become vipers, since vipers could, in turn, choose to have legs if they wished... but a few chose the physical strength of a grunt or the magical power of a newt seer...

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Alter Land: -2 ap: Noric creates the lakelands to the west of the rainforest and the plains.

Blessing: -2 ap: Noric alters the physical form and physical properties of the lacerta and the Fatherless who honor him, which costs slightly extra because it gives the Fatherless the choice to end their curse if they choose (and most do choose it).

None of this affects the inhabitants of the Eternal City, nor the lacerta nor the Fatherless of the rainforest, if they do not honor Noric.

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The first world.
Noric became a swift again, and flew to the nearest watchtree, once again letting diving time pass. There certainly were a lot of watchtrees... and indeed, by the time he arrived at the nearest one, he found something unusual... a spiral staircase that wound steeply around the tree,  complete with a vine handrail.

At the top were two of the Ayra Syrene. "Hello..."

"Ah, God Noric. We are honored that you have come." One of the Ayra Syrene wore a red cap with a red swift feather sticking out the back of it. Both wore bows and quivers full of arrows.

"Am I to infer that you are bards?"

"Yes, God Noric. And I am one of your clerics," said the red-capped crystal man.

"Well... this is a welcome surprise."

"We're glad to hear that."

"Have the bards encouraged Ayra Syrene for long?"

"Not at all. Just for the last few years."

"Well, it seems a good idea..."

"Swift bards stop by once a week and exchange any news... if there were an emergency, I could send a message with divine magic," said the cleric.

"Well I have some news... I have adopted most of the lacerta and the Fatherless... but perhaps you've heard that already."

"Yes, God Noric. The changes in their appearance were notable, and widespread. We accept them as our brothers in sisters in honoring you... though they can be a bit... wild."

"Yes, they are not all of the peaceful temperaments of my other children. I hope, instead, that you and the swifts... and our allies, the shifters, can be a good influence on them."

"As you say, God Noric. Many things are possible in the fullness of time."

"Indeed. It's just a matter of shaping their culture, I think... I'll work more on it soon. Any news?"

"...Do you know about the floating desert, God Noric?"

"Floating...? No, I do not." Instead of waiting for an answer, Noric looked around... there it was, to the southeast, mostly floating over part of the swamp. "How strange... is it Abraoigi's doing, or some other god... or...?"

"The rumor has it that it is Abraoigi's doing. Some younger swifts set foot there, but they found the experience very disorienting, and so they left as soon as they could."

"Hm. Probably wise. Tell everyone to stay away from it, for now, if it's that disturbing of an experience."

"They already do, God Noric."

"Hm. All right. Anything else?"

"I don't believe so, God Noric."

"How are you with those bows? They look strong."

"They are strong, God Noric. And we can shoot much farther than a swift who isn't using air magic to help himself or herself... We are not as accurate a shot as the swifts at a medium distance... nor quite as accurate at a short distance, especially not against any kind of a moving target... but when we do hit... the results are impressive."

"I'm sure."

"The archery contests now involve stationary and moving targets, such as boats blown by wind, just to make the yearly competition fair for all."

Noric grinned. "Fine. Are the shifters doing well with metal goods?"

"They sell them eagerly. Some have grown concerned... they sold some weapons to a grunt who formed a band of... of, well, of bandits, they called themselves... and they robbed and stole things from others, with the threat of violence. The bards wiped them out with arrows from above. They fought to the last, though."

"I see. Too bad... but at least it showed that such things should not be allowed. No one should impinge upon the freedom of others. ...Well, at least it's over now." He looked around. "I'll be leaving again now... it sounds like it would be best for me to go and work on the lacerta and Fatherless culture some next."

"As you will, God Noric."

Noric flew northwest, to the middle of the plains. Nice folk, those Ayra Syrene, he thought. I really should work on figuring out how to form this herald into one of them, and perhaps a Viper...

After he was gone, the Ayra Syrene created a new song to honor Noric, and they taught it to the next swift to come along, and it spread. It sang of how Noric had made allies of the shifters by creating new insects, and how Noric had adopted the Ayra Syrene and Lacerta and Fatherless (that didn't already worship other gods), and so Noric became honored as the god of Diplomacy amongst different races.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

By spending ap on diplomacy-related acts:

1 ap: Created insects and flora for his bargain with the shifters, making them allies

2 ap: created a society for the Ayra Syrene, his second race of people

1 ap: created concept: blacksmithing/whitesmithing/metalworking/mining, to benefit the Ayra Syrene and his other people

1 ap: organization: created the Ayra Syrene organization: Guild of Smiths

2 ap: created the Ayra Syrene hero: Selen the Smith

2 ap: Created land: The Lakelands

2 ap: Altered Noric's Lacerta and Fatherless

All of these were meant to tie his people together and keep them safe, though words and agreements... and so Noric gains the new domain Wisdom (Diplomacy).

(I know it's 11 instead of the usual 10, but I hope to use that last act as the first ap toward some other domain...)

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The first world.
In reply to Noric (msg # 130):

Next Noric flew to the new Lakelands he'd created. He used air magic to whip up a nice little tailwind for himself, but it still took a while.

But he didn't feel anything bad happening in the world... And nothing bad seemed to be happening when he got to the Lakelands. All the lacerta and the few remaining Fatherless seemed to be having a wonderful time... fishing, hunting, basking in the sun... and mating. Ahem.

Noric dropped down near a newt and a grunt and a couple of vipers who were enjoying the tree roots that lacerta enjoyed as their vice. "Hey, hello, God Noric!" said the grunt. "Nice place you made us! Thanks!"

"I'm glad you all like it," said Noric. He looked around. "I was thinking about growing more watchtrees here for the bards... but I don't wish to intrude... and I'm not sure anyone here needs them. Things have gotten fairly peaceful throughout the First World lately."

"Bah, we don't need anything like that, God Noric," said the seer. "Us lacerta magicians can handle any trouble that comes up. Especially us seers."

"Well there are still watchtrees just a few miles from here," said Noric. "Perhaps that will do, for now."

"We might get bored someday," said the grunt, "but life is sweet right now, like a fresh catfish."

"Bored?" said Noric. "Perhaps you should have the contests like the swifts do. Lacerta could have three rulers... a new contest each year... the best magician, for the seers..."

"Yeah!" The grunt leapt up. "An' the best rassler for the grunts! That'd be great!"

"Most beautiful for the vipers?" said one viper to the other.

"Ha ha," said the female viper. "Best hunter, more likely."

"Excellent," said Noric. "And for the Fatherless... Hm..."

"They can choose whichever they want," said the she-viper. "Any Fatherless who's as good as us in magic, hunting, or wrestling would have earned it. And if they don't like it, they can always switch to being lacerta."

Noric shrugged. "So be it."

The grunt got up. "Hey, God Noric! Wanna rassle? I should get in shape for the first contest!"

Noric concentrated. It was easier, having a real grunt right in front of him.

Noric's formed changed to that of a grunt. He was a little bigger than any grunt Noric had ever seen, like a foot taller and wider, and his new teeth and claws were all shining silver, but otherwise it was pretty good.

The grunt's beady eyes widened as far as they could... then he slapped Noric playfully on the shoulder. "Aw, you're all right, God Noric, you really are!" This was followed with loud guffaws of laughter. Then: "...But I think I'll go find someone else to rassle..."

"The top three winners of the contests can lead the lacerta whenever necessary," said Noric. "But always include a Fatherless, too."

"Fair enough," mused the newt. The others nodded.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Create Society: -2. Lacerta and Fatherless will now be governed by the winners of contests, like the swifts and the Ayra Syrene.

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The first world.
Abraoigi decided it was time for a new species to enter the world. This species would be disconnected from the magic of the realm. Instead they would have to rely on their wits and ingenuity alone. Abraoigi created them so that each was varied physically personality and intelligence. Into each Abraoigi distilled an unbearable amount of curiosity. They would feel a need and a demand to explore.
They were also filled with a need to crate and persevere despite being unable to use magic. Abraoigi called these creatures hoomuns.

Then Abraoigi began to teach them so they could conquer the islands that were created. Abraoigi taught them how to harvest metals and create new ones. He taught them the laws that Token had put in place that goverened life. The hoomuns were taught how to construct and build and innovate and in time they began to create their own inventions.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
create sentient life -2 ap
Create advanced concept engineering -4 ap

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The first world.
Noric tried being a viper, and then a newt... In each case, he got the colors backwards... his viper was silver with black stars on the hood, and his newt was silver with black spots... but the lacerta said it looked good, so he didn't try to fix it.

Then he said farewell, and became a swift again, and flew north, to the northern border of the Lakelands, where there was a mountain range... he wanted to see if both sides of the mountain had soil, and therefore trees and vegetation, or only the side facing the lake.

But as he approached, he spotted a Fatherless woman.

She was climbing the biggest mountain, just with her bare hands. She was already more than halfway up.

Noric landed near her. "...Hello."

"...God Noric. Hello." After a pause, she began to climb once more, and reached a rocky shelf on the mountainside.

"...Do you need any help?"

She attained the rocky outcrop, and finally paused, and sat down on the shelf she had just climbed to. "...That's why I'm here. To find out if I need help."

"What do you mean?"

"Why are we here, God Noric? Perhaps you will know?"

"Ah. That sort of question."

"Do you hear it when we pray to you? What is the world for? Why was I born a Fatherless? Why were some lacerta cursed to be Fatherless? Why are newts so bossy? Why are there gods?"

"Ah. Well. Let's see. For the gods, time is very different. It is a rare prayer that stands out. And by the time we realize it has come... years may have passed for the person who prayed it."

"I see. That answers a few questions..."

"As for the rest... it depends on whom you ask. The other gods would probably have different answers. It is complicated, why we are all here. It would take a while."

"Please, take a while. Explain it to me. Why am I so weak? I was born a Fatherless. Were my ancestors mighty grunts? Or were they magically-powerful seers? Or beautiful vipers?"

"I believe a Fatherless can be just as powerful as a grunt... in slightly different ways."

"How? Teach me."

"I could teach you... but have you not heard that you can become a lacerta any time you want?"

She bowed her head. "You shame me, God Noric. You have so easily spotted the one thing in which I believe, about which I feel certain." She looked up, and her silver eyes met his. "This is who I am. I do not want to be something else. I want to be better, the most powerful being I can be, without becoming someone else. I am a Fatherless. I want to be a better Fatherless."

"...You are my creature, an you do honor me. ...You can make your body powerful without directly doing any kind of magic."

"How? Teach me!"

"I will. I will teach you all of it. What is your name?"


"Stand, Adhira the Fatherless." She stood. Noric resumed his body's original form, and struck a pose. "Can you do this?"

"I believe so." She imitated the pose, and did it perfectly.

"Now punch the air, as hard as you can, like this, like a grunt was attacking you. So!"

He showed her. She did the same thing.

He stayed on the mountain with her. He taught her how to strengthen her body, and he taught her about how he saw the world. He stayed on the mountain, and he created food for her... but he taught her to need less and less food. Her body became strong. She and Noric's herald would spar... and she got better and better. Every couple of days, Noric would return to mortal time, and they would spar, and he would teach her more, including more of his dogma and philosophy, and then he would return to his own time for a moment, and then he would return his awareness to mortal time a couple of her days later.

This went on for 5 mortal years.

At the end of that time, Adhira, one of the last Fatherless, became a hero of her people, and began to roam the world and teach others. No one could beat her in hand-to-hand combat, and she could catch arrows and stones from slings, could run on top of grass and barely bend it, could jump over boulders. She could throw a thorn into a tree and pierce the heart of the tree.

After teaching for years, she returned to the mountain, and built a temple to Noric on the top of it, and continued to teach. For all her physical prowess, she taught that peace should be striven for at all times, and that the disciplines Noric had taught her be used only in self-defense.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

Noric creates immortal lacerta/Fatherless hero: Adhira the monk. -2 ap

Noric creates lacerta/Fatherless organization: Monks. -1 ap.

Noric creates concept: spiritual martial arts: -4 ap.

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Thu 2 Nov 2017
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The first world.
Next, Noric did two things: First, he taught the vipers shipbuilding, and encouraged them to teach it to any shifters and Ayra Syrene who were interested. (Few swifts were interested in learning... they were a people of the air, not the water.)

Hoomuns didn't actually get taught the skill, but as soon as they saw the first ocean-going ships being built, they got the idea, and soon were building ships as well as anyone else.

No one quite knew what to think of the hoomuns.

They got everywhere.

They asked lots of questions about everything.

They seemed to, well, to overdo almost everything. When they were chatty, they couldn't shut up. When they were quiet, they'd go years without speaking. When they were curious, they got everywhere. When they were disinterested, they were the dullest people imaginable. They tried everything-- they'd fall in love with anything, they'd try building every kind of building, they lived everywhere, they loved wild, bright clothing. No matter what sort of job or talent existed, you could find hoomuns that were excellent at it, and who were truly terrible at it.

Hoomuns could be found that loved to fight more than grunts, that were more arrogant than newts, more lustful than vipers, more impatient than swifts, slower than the Ayra Syrene...

The best examples of their race were delightful and charismatic. The worst would kill over a couple of coins, or just because they felt like it. Fortunately, these were extreme cases, but they kept the bards on their toes.

They were like mice, in that they were everywhere. They even tried to live in the Eternal City, but as soon as they were inside the front gates, they collapsed, like everyone else there, due to Abraoigi's curse. Since the hoomuns hadn't gotten very far in, though, they were all able to be pulled back out by other hoomuns, with ropes.

They even tried to become monks. The mistress of the temple chose to allow them to try to learn, if they professed to honor Noric... most didn't have the patience to learn, but one did every now and then, which was slightly more often than a swift was able to master the discipline needed...

So when fishing boats and other ships started sailing the ocean, hoomuns did the same almost immediately. Soon there were even pirates, and bards started taking to the seas with other crewmembers (mostly lacerta) to police and patrol the waves.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

Create simple concept: Shipbuilding. -1 Ap.

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Fri 3 Nov 2017
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The first world.
Finally, Noric blessed the towns... those existing, and those yet to exist... everyone who lived in, or visited, one of the towns (not counting the Eternally Accursed City) would be slightly more calm, slightly less irritable, slightly more willing to let small slights go... this feeling lasted for a duration of two to three weeks after leaving a town.

It was a very useful blessing, what with all the hoomuns around.

As time passed, it encouraged new towns to spring up. Lakehome was one, on the east side of the Lakelands, not far from the Temple of Noric. Hoomuntown was another, a port city on the ocean, just north of the swamp. Plainshome was a third, supporting a community of lacerta and Fatherless. Cavehome became a thriving community of Arya Syrene and Lacerta not too far into the Crystal Labyrinth. Flathome was another hoomun town out in the plains, south of Plainshome, closer to the rainforest.

As time went by, things got even more peaceful. The bards and monks claimed that Noric was responsible, and they sang new hymns to him as a god of Peace between his people, and others.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Blessing of peace on the towns: -1 ap.

For this, and his other recent actions, Noric acquires a new domain, as the god of Peace (cultural), and officially becomes an Intermediate Deity.

Noric formed the lacerta and Fatherless into a loose society: 1 ap.

Noric creates immortal Fatherless/lacerta culture hero: Adhira the monk. -2 ap.

Noric creates lacerta/Fatherless organization: Monks. -1 ap.

Noric creates concept: spiritual martial arts: -4 ap.

Create simple concept: Shipbuilding. -1 Ap

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The first world.
Now that Noric was an Intermediate Deity, he was brimming with energy, more than he'd ever had... and it occurred to him, one day, that there was something he'd been meaning to deal with for some time... The Inversion.

He thought about the best way to do it for a long time...

First, out in the middle of the ocean, far away from everything, he created a huge new island, almost a small new continent, about 100 miles in diameter, with some mountainous areas, and lots of trees, both forests and light woods, complete with wild boars, deer, and a variety of other animals.

Next, he bridged the plane, making The Inversion overlap with the new island.

Next, he blessed The Inversion, so that souls would no longer be drawn there.

Next, he blessed the souls, so they would return to intangible, ephemeral, invisible things again.

Next-- and this was the hardest part-- he unbridged the plane, in such a way that all the souls that had been in The Inversion, and all the monster shifters, would be left on the new gigantic island, leaving The Inversion completely empty.

Finally, he locked the plane, making it so that only other gods and heralds could ever enter again.

Finally, Noric blessed the souls, so that they would be drawn to the main continent of the First World, to await being reborn (sooner or later).

Just to be sure, Noric blessed the shores of the island, to make sure that the monster shifters would never go there...

There, thought Noric. Everyone should be happy. The souls should be relieved to be able to float off the monsters' island... the monsters should be happy to live on the island, eating the native fauna... Abraoigi should be happy that souls would no longer be diverted to The Inversion, as in the days of old... And the races of the First World should be happy that the monster shifters would stay on the new island... except that, thank goodness, no one would ever know what they were missing...

Noric flew to Foresthome, and summoned some bards. "Abraoigi made some frightening monsters. So as not to anger him, I have left them alive and unharmed, and simply isolated them on a huge new island about 50 miles north and 700 miles east of here. Warn all sailors away."

"Sure, we'll get right on it, God Noric," they said, and they flew away.

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Alter Land: -1 ap.

Bridge Plane: -2 ap.

Bless Inversion: -2 ap.

Bless souls: -2 ap.

Unbridge plane: -2 ap.

Lock plane: -2 ap.

Bless souls again: -1 ap.

Bless shores of island: -1 ap.

Total: -13 AP.

For his efforts in undoing Avelin's work regarding The Inversion, Noric takes the new domain of Freedom (Suffering).

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