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Sat 26 Aug 2017
at 14:18
The Loving Moon.
A moon in the shape of a heart and an apparent heart shaped tinge.
Vronir, The God of Love.
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Sat 26 Aug 2017
at 14:26
The Loving Moon.
When he awoke at last he found himself inside a cavern in the heart of the loving mmoon. He had no idea why he was there he just felt comfortable inside. So, instead of examining the surrounding area he decided to create what he felt was necessary in the world. So, he looked around and he realized that he needed to do more. So he started with what he thought was his first act an artifact which would be called the garments of the moon. He used the moon's dust to make it. It was a shifting form between the two forms he considered when he made it. A circle or arrow through the heart. It was an addition to the moon and another object seen in the night sky. It also assisted him in granting blessings for the people on the first world.

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-5 artifact(garments of the moon). blessings
-2 ap create land. (garments of the moon.) An asteroid belt that surrounds the moon. Which looks like a circle or arrow from the view of the first world.

He then walked outside to view the addition he made. When he looked out he realized he wasn't on the first world like the others he saw.He was close but just off the mark. He realized he liked it so, he decided to add more things to just outside of the first world. They were visible but just barely on the first world. They were far away after all. The first thing he did was create hugo a planet just made of gas the most visible of the objects as it was the largest. The second was small but significantly closer to the first world it was a ring on the earth to signify his eternal devotion and love for the first world. He called it the aman ring. He saw that the aman ring was far too close so he decided to alter it so that it was faraway more like an asteroid belt.

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-2 ap create land(hugo) Gas giant
gain domain time(night)
-2 ap create land(Aman) Ring on the first world
-1 ap alter land (aman) changed to an asteroid belt but everything else is the same.

He then decided to create a blessing for the first world. The first was a tide on the water that caused the water to be pulled by the moon. It had the benefit of letting people access under parts of the water to caverns below if present. And let people get items that they dropped in the first world.

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-0 ap blessing(tides)(artifact)

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Vronir, The God of Love.
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Fri 8 Sep 2017
at 17:29
The Loving Moon.
He decided to quickly make a blessing that of love. Any creature who saw another which it would have a good life with if they mated would instantly fall in love. If either one of them was incompatible it didn't happen.

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-0 ap. Love attraction.

Vronir, The God of Love.
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Wed 13 Sep 2017
at 13:21
The Loving Moon.
Vronir decided now was the time to create the other worlds of the solar system. First he created Mechanus. This was a giant clockwork planet. It slowly changed over time reflecting the technological progress of the universe. But it is and always would be made of some type of metal

Then came Sutekh a hollow copy of the first world. It was a perfect copy of it except for one thing it had no water or life to be found.

 Then was Osanyin. It was a planet with the vegetation and animals on it overflowing. He blessed it so it would share a mind.

Then was Teclhur a giant snowball with warmer water as you went down. It moved erratically through the solar systemically like a pin ball with unknown barriers.

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-2 ap create land(mechanus)
-2 ap create land(sutekh)
-2 ap create land(osanyin)
-2 ap create land(telchur)
-0 ap blessing(planet of the shared mind)

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Vronir, The God of Love.
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Sat 16 Sep 2017
at 15:07
The Loving Moon.
From it had one more planet he needed to create Baldur. It was a planet of never-ending creation and destruction. It was constantly in the primordial state of a planet. Any that saw it would wonder many logical questions if they didn't believe in a God. But those that followed From it had a benefit they gained from it a one time revival. They could be reborn with their past memories intact once. This might anger a God but he liked it. Unfortunately it could not be seen from the first world.

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-2ap create land(Baldur)
-0so(revival of the faithful)

Vronir, The God of Love.
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
at 13:01
The Loving Moon.
Vronir created two things now. Love, lust, and reproduction.

Love is a deep connection to someone. It is extremely healthy and parents typically had it for their children as well as those they were close to.

Lust is a different matter entirely. It is a deep horniness for someone. Everyone felt it at one point or another. But very few acted on it.

Reproduction is two of the same species mating. Which can result in an offspring.

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Advanced Concept: Love
Advanced Concept:Lust
Advanced Concept:Reproduction