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OOC: World:building


--At THIS point in time, the swifts are simply a bunch of families and loners who hunt and gather.

--Sometimes swifts mate for life. Some merely mate temporarily, although mating pairs almost always stay together until hatched children are capable of flight. Children mature fast, being capable of flight in just 7 months (though they are small, and not at all mature at that time).

--Swifts are an egg-laying species.

--Swifts can live as long as 75 years, though they almost never do. The average lifespan, currently, is around 58.


--Originally an insectivorous species in general, swifts will still eat the occasional dragonfly, but mostly they are omnivorous now. Main dietary staples include fish plucked out of the ocean from above, small-to-medium-sized animals like nutria and wild boars, insects and grubs that would infest the skytrees, mushrooms and other fungi, nuts and fruit and berries, and skytree cones (like large pine cones), all of which the swift digestive system can handle thanks to the magical process of their creation.


Magic, of whatever type, is mostly learned by instinct at first, and then a tutor is found (if a parent doesn't happen to be able to teach the child him or herself) who is proficient at that type of magic. At this point, swift magic mostly focuses on 1. encouraging plant growth (this is either life magic or divine magic that is channeled from those in tune with Noric) and 2. aiding in speedy flight and freedom of movement (this is mostly divine magic from Noric, or else elemental air magic) and 3. spells of self-defense, such as blasts of air, ice, water, or bright flashes of light (they're very careful about fire spells because of the trees. On the other hand, the elemental blasts of water are very good for fire control) (obviously, these are the sorts of things that elemental magic practitioners do).

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 The Truth Within
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OOC: World:building
The Ara Syrene

  • At this time period, their culture is still forming, but the process is slow
  • They have the normal male and female sexes, and are far more likely to form permanent partnerships then short term ones.  Their fertility is very low, a pair might have 1 child a century, and even then it is likely to be at least a half dozen centuries before they have another.
  • Birth is fairly easy, the child grows within the mother and then is drawn out painlessly after about a decade.  It takes a child about a century to grow to adulthood.

Physical & Mental Capabilities
  • They are not very agile, but being crystaline beings, they are very tough and their bodies have the beauty of shaped crystal.  Their internal matrix of energy stores information well and their long lifespan encourages wisdom.
  • In Pathfinder (one of my favorite systems) terms, they have advanced attributes with a -2 to dexterity, a +4 to constitution, and a +2 to all mental attributes.  They also don't age, need to eat or drink, and have a certain natural armor because of their crystaline bodies.  However, their rarely have children and they will sleep for decades if they don't have a task to focus on.

  • Unformed as of yet

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OOC: World:building
Details on the shifters:

In terms of strength and intellect they are average. They do not procreate until the late stages of their life but have a brood between 10 to 12. They are an egg laying species.

As nomads they wander wherever they are phyically capable of existing. Their young are abandoned when they are young as they are expected to survive on their own. Each of them travels to the swamp at least once in their life time as it is their ancestral home.

Magic: The shifters can form and cast elemental magic stones with extreme ease. This is their primary form of defense, though of attacked physically they fight by holding their opponent and repeatedly hitting them with their tail.

Food:The diet of the shifters is almost exclusively insects, but they will eat fish as delicacies or if offered.
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OOC: World:building


Basically like the baobab trees of Madagascar.

Watchtrees can be 155 ft in diameter.

Can provide shelter, clothing, food, and water. The cork-like bark and huge stem are fire resistant and can be used for making cloth and rope. The leaves are edible and medicinal. The fruit is edible, and full of vitamin C. The fruit has a velvety shell and is about the size of a coconut, weighing about 3.2 lb. It has a somewhat acidic flavour, described as somewhere between grapefruit, pear, and vanilla.

The tree can store hundreds of gallons of water, which is an adaptation to the harsh drought conditions of its environment. The tree may be tapped in times of drought.

Mature trees are usually hollow, providing living space for many swifts and animals.

Ranged combat:

Swift bows are always wood, but the strings may be made from flax or other vegetable fibers, sinew, silk, or rawhide.

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OOC: World:building
Races of the First World:

Swifts: Created by Noric. Magical Flying bird-people with arms, legs, wings, and bird heads. Swifts are a theocracy run by the red-feathered priests/clerics of their god, Noric. Swifts also have a sort of police force/CIA called the bards who keep an eye on everybody's business in case anyone needs help or has an emergency.

Dragons: Created by Abraoigi. They all can breathe multiple types of weaponized elemental breath.

Shifters: Created by Abraoigi. bug-eyed alligator-tailed talon-footed hominids with shifting elemental arms. Also good at elemental magic. Nomadic, except they like to live on the ground under the swifts' trees... Shifters also know how to make cake. There is a secret organization of spies that report to Abraoigi.

Not to be confused with Monster Shifters, which are monsters created by Abraoigi, tentacled monsters that used to be shifters, that live in The Inversion and chase souls that go there back into the First World

Lacerta Grunts: Created by Token. alligator men. Since Barlin feels a connection to the late god Token, Barlin has claimed the lacerta of the rainforest and the Eternal City. Noric has claimed the rest, and made them black with silver eyes.

Lacerta Vipers: Created by Token. Snake men with tails instead of legs. Since Barlin feels a connection to the late god Token, Barlin has claimed the lacerta of the rainforest and the Eternal City. Noric has claimed the rest, and made them black with silver eyes and cobra-like hoods with silver eight-pointed stars. Noric's black lacerta can also transform to having legs or a tail at will, though the transformation tires them slightly each time.

Lacerta Newts: Created by Token. Magical salamander-men. Good at casting Detect Life. Since Barlin feels a connection to the late god Token, Barlin has claimed the lacerta of the rainforest and the Eternal City. Noric has claimed the rest, and made them black with silver eyes and silver spots.

The Fatherless: Lacerta cursed by Avelin: human-looking (in that they're fleshy instead of scaly) former reptile-men. Since Barlin feels a connection to the late god Token, Barlin has claimed the Fatherless of the rainforest and the Eternal City. Noric has claimed the rest, and given them silver eyes... but most have chosen to become lacerta (mostly vipers).

Xaran: Created by Zixriddit: basically a race of dragonborn sorcerers.

Ayra Syrene: Created by Mirae: Peaceful crystalline people who mostly live underground in a very large system of caverns... Recently, since Mirae has died from lack of worship, Noric has adopted the Ayra Syrene, made a hero, Selen the Smith, and has taught them smithing through him. Since metal pickaxes can now be made, it means the Ayra Syrene can practice some basic mining as well, and not have to rely on just veins of ore they happen to find lying open in the Crystal Labyrinth. They are also a society, specifically a decarchy, led by their 10 best scholars, storytellers, and teachers, with new members voted in or out every 10 years. The Ayra Syrene also have an organization, the Guild of Smiths.

Swifts, shifters, and the Ayra Syrene are the only three actual societies so far, everyone else just sort of hunts and gathers...

Lands of the first world:

The Swamp: A swamp. Lots of Shifters live here. Also Lacerta.

The Great Forest: Most Swifts live here. Also some Shifters.

The Rainforest of Life: Lots of Shifters live here. It's a nice place if you aren't used to living in incredibly tall trees. Even then it's pretty nice, because it has lots of magical healing properties. Lacerta live here too.

The Plains: Lots of Shifters live here. Also The Fatherless.

The Oceans: No race of intelligent beings lives here yet, although Swifts fish here a lot on the coasts.

The Mountain Valleys: There are mountains and mountain ranges all over the place. There is even one mountain range that extends into the Great Forest, and one big mountain all by itself near the middle of the Great Forest. But over by the Plains, there are many particularly nice mountain valleys. Various shifters live here, some Lacerta.

The Crystal Labyrinth: the miles and miles of very large caverns underground where the Ayra Syrene live.

The Wasteland: Mostly barren stone, although there are a number of mountain ranges. Some dragons make their homes in the mountains here. On the edge of the Wasteland, near the edge of the Plains, is the Godfount, which will give one mortal god-like power (as long as they don't serve anyone else). So far, no one has tried it-- the swifts noticed it first, but so far they all serve Noric (they also don't know exactly what the Godfount does, or some chaotic swifts would probably have tried to use it by now).

The Loving Moon, and other planets: No intelligent life lives here yet, unless you count Vronir, god of love and the moon, who lives on the pink heart-shaped Loving Moon.

The Inversion: A pleasant wooded plane, locked by Noric to all but gods and their heralds. Currently empty of all life except for plant life and small animals and insects.

The Eternal City: Made by Barlin, this large city is very comfortable to live in, but Barlen often commands the lacerta and Fatherless who live there to duel to the death for rewards.

The Lakelands: Made by Noric, west of the plains and the rainforest, this lightly-wooded land is inhabited mostly by lacerta (and a few silver-eyed Fatherless). A town will probably appear soon.

Towns and cities of the First World:

Foresthome, a swift city between Lone Mountain and the ocean
Estimated population: about 500 right now.
Main export: bows and arrows

Mountainhome, a swift town in a mountain range near the plains
Estimated population: about 400 right now
Main export: stone tools for woodcarving

Floorhome, a shifter city on the forest floor beneath Foresthome
Estimated population: about 500 right now
Main export: woodcarvings

Swamphome, on the edge of the swamp, for shifter pilgrims visiting the races' ancestral home
Estimated population: about 500 right now, but slowly growing
Main export: dried herbs

Rivertown, a shifter town near a mountainous river valley not far from Mountainhome. The Arya Syrene visit Rivertown pretty often. A few have even started building homes there.
Estimated population: about 400 right now, but growing. Also, the stable population is one thing, but there's also a visiting population of an extra 75 people at any given time...
Main export: barrels made with cleverly-and-carefully-carved wooden pegs, to collect rainwater out in the plains

Lakehome, a mostly-lacerta town on the east side of the Lakelands, not far from the Temple of Noric.
Estimated population: about 450 right now, but slowly growing
Main export: dried/smoked fish

Hoomuntown, a mostly-hoomun port city on the ocean, just north of the swamp.
Estimated population: about 900 right now, but slowly growing
Main export: nails and screws and refined steel ore

Plainshome, a town out in the plains supporting a community of lacerta and Fatherless.
Estimated population: about 450 right now, but slowly growing
Main export: dried/smoked beef

Cavehome, a thriving community of Arya Syrene and Lacerta not too far into the Crystal Labyrinth.
Estimated population: about 700 right now, but slowly growing
Main export: raw metal ore, jewelry

Flathome, a mostly-hoomun city south of Plainshome, not far from the edge of the rainforest
Estimated population: about 400 right now, but slowly growing
Main export: horses

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OOC: World:building

(Listed in order of number of posts [Except Avelin, at the bottom, because his number of posts is no longer conveniently listed])


----Domains so far:

--Freedom (liberation),
--Plants (growth),
--Abundance (generosity),
--Vigilance (defense),
--Leadership (wisdom).

--Alignment: Chaotic Good.

--Known for: Although Noric has quiet stretches when he just sits and contemplates the movements of the stars he created, Noric is surely one of the busiest of the gods. Besides the stars, he created the magical avian race of the swifts, the Great Forest, and his major combat artifact, a bird-like metal weapon named Regret (which has an artificial life and mind of its own) which is usually worn spiraled about Noric's right wrist like a bracer. Recently, Noric advanced from being a demigod to being a Lesser Deity, which was partially accomplished by the act of creating a fully-infused avatar. Even more recently, Noric began seeking out and talking to individuals of non-swift intelligent species, which led to him creating five new species of insects (and three new species of flowering plants for the insects) for the shifters as part of a mystical contract in exchange for which the shifters promised to always help and/or defend the skytrees and/or the swift people should they ever need it.

----Abraoigi, The Helping Horror

----Domains so far:

--Trickery (deceit & lies),
--Purification (Souls of Mortals),
--Pacts (Mystical Contracts)

--Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

--Known for: Abraoigi often spends time in the swamp, devouring the living things he finds there. His feeding process has a spiritual component that aids in the purification of the souls he eats. Abraoigi created the great swamp, dragons, and the race of shifters. He is sad and a bit stunned that all of dragonkind has been unmade by another god (except for the first, original dragon). Abraoigi also made a shifter hero, The One Who Whispers, who wears the artifact the Mask of Transformation. Abraoigi also recently invented the mystical Contract of Existence, a type of contract in which if one party breaks the terms of the agreement, they cease to exist. To invoke it, one must simply state that they are doing so. It will not take effect unless both parties agree to it, and are aware of all the terms within the contract. He also invented the concepts of Apostasy (mortals can disavow their god if they so choose) and Proselytism (mortals can attempt to convince others to worship the god they do). More recently, Abraoigi made an spy organization amongst the shifters, to collect and disseminate information for him.

----Vronir, The God of Love.

----Domains so far:
--Charm (Romance),
--Moon (Moonlight),
--Time (Night), and
--Craft (Planets)

--Alignment: unknown

--Known for: Vronir created the moon, asteroid rings, and all the planets. He also created a blessing upon mortals to help them find love, and mainstreamed the concepts of love, lust, and reproduction amongst all sentient races.


--Domains so far: Impersonation (other deities), Magic (Invention of types of magic)

--Alignment: unknown

--Known for: Rraxxev recently unmade all of dragonkind, although none know yet that it was him. Rraxxev also invented elemental magic and the new magic of dragon-summoning.


--Domains so far: Commerce/markets/trade

--Alignment: unknown

--Known for: A newer demigod, Erot was one of the Fatherless who used Avelin's GodFount to become a demigod. He first created currency, and the curses of kleptomania and greed. But more recently, he created multiple useful concepts: Agriculture, "Taming," a mix of mystical domestication and animal husbandry, and a sort of ranger-like animal friendship and bonding, Masonry, and Civilization itself, which encourages peoples to create towns and cities.

----Zs'Skayr Erebus

--Domains so far: Darkness (Death), Shadow (Chaos)

--Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

--Known for: Nothing yet-- Zs'Skayr Erebus is the second-newest of all the demigods.


--Domains so far: Cities (Capitals), Competition (Games), Joy (Comforts)

--Alignment: True Neutral

--Known for: Creating The Eternal City, a Major Utility Artifact in which people may live. So far, only Fatherless and Lacerta have come to reside there. Barlin has also made an organization of expert hunters, and invented winemaking.


--Domains so far: Strength (Physical), Magic (Knowledge), Life (Kymera).

--Alignment: Unknown as yet

--Known for: making a plane, and then infusing it as his Manse. His Manse has little in it thus far except for a black obelisk inscribed with runes, but who knows what changes might come in the future? Also invented runic magic, though no one is really aware of that yet. Recently made life in his realm, which is apparently known as the Kymera, although since so far they only live in his realm, no one else knows about them yet.


--Domains so far: Artifice (Creation), Magic (Magical technology)

--Alignment: Neutral Good

--Known for: creating the Xaran, a dragonish race of sorcerers who were (like all the dragons except the original) unmade by Rraxxev's curse. Zixriddit has not been seen in some time and might be dead from lack of sufficient worship. Then again, he might not.

----Avelin (no longer active)

--Domains so far: None remember exactly

--Alignment: None remember exactly

--Known for: When he was active, Avelin was the second-busiest god, second only to Noric. He created the sun, the curse of The Fatherless, the curse of Ambition, mountains, valleys, oceans, the curse of Vices. Angered Abraoigi by creating The Inversion, a peaceful afterlife where souls could escape Abraoigi, who made monsters to chase them back to the First World. Angered Noric with his many curses. Created the GodFount. Has disappeared since creating the GodFount. He may be dead from lack of sufficient worship, but so far, none know for sure.


--Domains so far: Stone (Crystal) & Runes (Language)

--Alignment: Neutral Good

--Known for: Creating the crystal people, the Arya Syrene, and the caverns of the Crystal Labyrinth. She disappeared immediately afterward, and it has now been proven that she is dead from lack of worship, because all her clerics lost their contact with her divine power.

----Token (dead from lack of worship)

--His domains were: Knowledge (Experimentation), Monsters (Mutation)

--His alignment was: chaotic neutral

--Known for: inventing DNA, inventing "life magic" which can be used to heal mortals, creating the lacerta, creating the jungle area known as the Rainforest of Life

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OOC: World:building
IF... and this may be a big IF...

IF a week for the gods is as 1000 years for mortals...


What feels like a day for the gods is 142.857142857 years (so almost 142 years)

What feels like an hour for the gods is 5.95238095238 years (so about 6 years)

What feels like a minute for the gods is about 1.2 months

What feels like a second for the gods is about 12 hours

So the way I'm dealing with it is that whenever the gods need to communicate directly with mortals (or catch and eat them), the god speeds up his or her perception, and then slows it back down to something less intense when they're done...

I asked Painter if avatars and heralds were immortal like the gods, and he said yes. I asked if Champions and Heroes were immortal or long-lived, and the answer basically seemed to be, as I recall, that that depended on however the god who created that Champion or Hero wanted it to work.

...Here's a link to Roger Zelazny's short story "The Great Slow Kings"...


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OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 4):

1. How long do shifters live?

2. How fervently do they worship Abraoigi?

3. How exactly do the shifters catch insects? ...How do shifters ever catch enough insects to live on? Do they use air magic to vaccuum 'em out of the air or what?

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Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Noric (msg # 9):

1) Between 80 to 120 years averaging at 100

2) Depends what you mean: All shifters acknowledge that Abraoigi created them and that their souls will be fed to it before  they return to the mortal plane, but they do not celebrate Abraoigis existence. They are merely thankful they exist and are content with the model of soul rebirth

3) Generally ripping bark off of trees and collecting insects from that and from digging into the dirt with magic where there is damp wet soil. They are omnivores so they also supplement that with fruit and fish. Insects are just preferred. As to magic mouth vacuums (definitely using that idea) They could in theory, but at the moment since mass agriculture does not exist in shifter society no one does
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 10):

I didn't mean magic mouths, I just meant... they can turn their arms into elemental forms, right? So I pictured them turning their arms into little whirlwind tornado spirals and grabbing flying insects that way, scooping 'em into their actual mouths
Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Noric (msg # 11):

Yeah, I figured. But now I want to make a different species of creatures that vacuum their food into their mouth. Sort of like a basking shark but with air. It was a good idea for a horrifying but relatively harmless creature, which is more or less the vein I want to play in with Abraoigi.
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 12):

Let's just say that until recently, the shifters used air magic to get all the insects they needed, but it's a moot point now that 1. agriculture has been invented and 2. barter is getting sophisticated. You can probably buy or trade for delicacies like roasted grasshoppers in any shifter town...

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Sat 7 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Noric (msg # 13):

No, I want them to have to have been digging through the dirt and the trees for bugs. It leaves the mark that they are within the area despite the masks that Abraoigi gave them.
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Sat 7 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 12):

Do you plan to make your airsharks an intelligent race? Or just an animal/monster?
Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Sat 7 Oct 2017
at 19:53
OOC: World:building
Probably a monster
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Sat 7 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 16):

I only asked because if it's not intelligent it could make a tasty food animal...

I'm very interested in adding new things to the usual food chain... I worry about all these tribes starving... I figure the Fatherless and Lacerta of the plains can start raising cattle and things in an organized fashion in addition to starting to farm, that ought to help some...

I also wonder if there aren't unusual grubs and insects that the shifters eat... giant Australian-style grubs and huge centipedes and/or things like that...

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Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Sat 7 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
If I understand correctly anytime a new land is created all normal creatures associated with that land exist. But as an animal it would make an interesting farm aid/ cattle animal
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Sun 8 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 18):

Meh, you're right. I did have big tree grubs in mind when I made the forest of skytrees, though, just for food reasons... So I know the shifters have been helping with those at the ground level... But you're right, when we create a land, no extra weird animals come with it automatically unless we make weird alterations (like the skytrees)
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Wed 11 Oct 2017
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OOC: World:building
In reply to Noric (msg # 19):

Does a Mask of Transformation enable a shifter disguised as a swift to fly? I'm guessing the answer is a huge no, since their flight is magical... but just making sure.

I'm mostly just asking for the sake of the who's who and what's what post

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Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Wed 11 Oct 2017
at 19:51
OOC: World:building
In reply to Noric (msg # 20):

The answer is no. The mask does not allow them to fly, an inventive shifter might mask that by using their arms while disguised to create enough wind below them to mimic flight, but it would be objectively distinct from how swifts fly
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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 01:10
OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 21):

Could an average shifter do that without doing extra magic?

Or can they all do magic in addition to doing things with their arms?
Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 08:03
OOC: World:building
In reply to Noric (msg # 22):

That's up to Rraxxev. I imagine it as shifters using their arms to channel elemental air magic. Just them trying to be sneaky about it.
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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 12:51
OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 23):

...Why, exactly, would that be up to Rraxxev?
Abraoigi, The Helping Horror
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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 21:45
OOC: World:building
In reply to Noric (msg # 24):

He made the magic that the shifters use.
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Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 21:54
OOC: World:building
In reply to Abraoigi, The Helping Horror (msg # 25):

Ahhhh, I see...