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Posting Rules
No Metagaming- What you know and what your Character knows may be very different! Try to separate the two and think about everything from your characters point of view!

No God Modding- Unless you have discussed it with another player or me behind the scenes do not post anything that seems like you're controlling another player or npc, or forcing the results of something.

       Ex- Player A posts: "I intimidate Player B with a Stick, Player B wets himself!"

Unless Player A has already spoken with Player B and that player said go ahead and say I wet myself... then Player A has God Modded and the post will have to be edited or deleted. Player A also assumed the results of what is probably a Skill Roll vs Player B's Skill or Will Save without making any rolls.

Character Speech- Pick a Color from the styled text options for your character! Make all of your "Speech" that color by selecting the speech from " to " and then picking the color from the menu. This helps people see what your saying.

Out of Character Comments- All out of Character comments need to be marked in Orange! with an OOC: before it. This is where you post Roll results, outline the mechanics of your actions, declare spells etc. There will be an OOC Thread for asking questions about the scene so you don't have to include those in each post.

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Posting Rules
In reply to Central Control (msg # 1):

RULE 0: The GM has the final say on ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. it does not matter what the book says. The gm can overrule it.

THE RULE OF COOL: A general rule of thumb is that rule 0 will most often be used to make sure you can do cool things despite the written rules. Try not to abuse the rule of cool or it will bite you.