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DM Bod Man
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Mon 4 Sep 2017
at 03:12

Here's what we need for an RTJ
  • Desired Character (give us your first and second choice)
  • Character sketch - tell us a little bit about how you're thinking about this character. What Modern class are you proposing? What differences do you want to bake into this version of the character?
  • Character's Core Misbelief (https://writershelpingwriters....sbelief-drives-plot/)
  • Brief background of the character. Who are they? Feel free to stray a bit or get creative with the source material.
  • What do you look for in this particular game
  • Your experience with roleplaying games (the player, not the character), Scooby Doo, D20 Modern, and the Ravenloft setting
  • Acknowledgement that you've read and understand the Fundamentals of Improv and Posting Guidelines thread.
  • A short, two to three paragraph narrative with dialogue, set in the game with your proposed character

We will be reviewing RTJs until Monday May 11 and will make an announcement on selected players on Wednesday May 13.

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DM Bod Man
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Mon 11 May 2020
at 17:59
Just a heads up, we have not received a ton of interest.

If you have submitted an RTJ and are willing to play a character OTHER than Shaggy, please make an adjustment and submit your second choice write up.