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Mon 4 Sep 2017
at 08:01
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what I would like to have in a RTJ is:
- statement of age
- experience with Shadowrun
- what do you expect from this game? what do you want to see here?
- is there something you don't like to see/experience in this game?
- name and race of character
- character background of at least two paragraphs
- a tie to at least one of the provided NPCs

If the character still has contact to his family he does not have to spend points on them, unless they are game relevant (someone to ask for specific information, equipment etc)

Date and Setting
2070, Seattle

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Fri 17 Nov 2017
at 05:20
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I will begin to sort through the RTJs this week. Some of you might have a response by now.

Deadline for RTJs will be Wednesday November 29.

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Sun 3 Dec 2017
at 05:15
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Thanks to all who sent a RTJ. Sadly there were too many, much more than I could handle in a game.
The game is now officially full and closed.