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Alice - Fixer (C 4)
Usually meets via matrix / commlink, her avatar the comic version of Alice in Wonderland. , Vermin

Dr. White - Street Doc (C 3)
Uses the backrooms of a small hospital for his more shadowy clientel, while maintaining a normal, though small and not very well funded, hospital as well. Cares for his patients.

Flash - Gang Leader (C2)
Head of a very small - but growing - gang in Redmond, called "Green Skulls". An elf who is rumored to have magical talent and has a liking for the old Flash Gordon movies.

Reynard - Talismonger (C 3)
Of French origin, at least he tells everyone so, with his own little shop. There are rumors that he has ties to organized crime. Of course he denies that.

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GoodVibes: Renton/Redmond (Drug Dealer) Con:1 A dwarf drug dealer who mostly deal with BTLs and minor drugs. Calls himself GoodVibes. Deals on the go and on call out of a hippied out bulldog van.

Durk LeCor: Bellevue (Fence) Con:5 An Ork former gangster that manage to find his way into the lower rungs of a mafia family. He's annoying frat boyish, fond of high collars neon bright shirts and wearing bling both in the physical sense and visible via AR. serves as a fence for some of the goods with mafia connections

Enigma Dupes: Matrix (ID Manufacturer) Con:2 Enigma Dupes produces fake SINs and licenses and does it well. Often enough the SINs are sent to burner commlinks unless otherwise requested. He never meets in person, prefering interacting through the matrix for making arrangements. TWIx business with him is strictly proffesional.


Jimmy Rosenburg (Shark Lawyer), Seattle (Connection: 4)
Have a problem in your neighbourhood? Big bad corporation dumping chemical waste? Gang messing up your day? Can’t deal with it on your own? Jimmy Rosenburg is there to help you! Should the problem prove too big for the Law to handle then they will handle the problem by less than legal means. No matter how hard Jimmy will always get results. That said, they don’t work pro bono. Don’t even ask.

Vince Cable (News Reporter), Seattle (Connection: 2) RF 190
A news reporter on an overlooked trid station, Vince has been passed tips from Background about runs that have gone down where he noticed data that isn't wanted for the job gives a juicy story, or passing on heat of troublemakers to get the attention of Harvard and his crew.

Wendy (Bartender), Seattle (Connection: 1) RF 182
Wendy works at a bar near Background's apartment, with lots of wageslaves and other professionals coming in. Always treating her right and talking down those who don't accept no, Wendy knows what drinks Background will be ordering and makes sure he gets one quickly when he walks in.

The Broker (ID Manufacturer), The Matrix (Connection: 5) RF 187
Only know as The Broker, requested orders for licences and SINs are made via a Matrix dropbox, and once the funds are cleared the requested order is completed. Background has used them (?) several times in the past for SINs for jobs, never disappointed with what he has received.

Father O'Brien (Church Pastor), Seattle (Connection: 2) RF 184
Father O'Brien runs a small church, taking confessions, helping organise a soup kitchen. He tries to avoid getting involved with the shadows, but won't refuse assistance when it offers to help fund a new roof or supplies for the kitchen.

Nick the Greek (Used Car Dealer), Seattle (Connection: 2) RF 195
Nick has all kinds of used, anonymous vehicles for you to buy or rent. He has the charm of a low-budget trid star and can make you believe that you are getting a great deal. Careful, though, as he is a master of selling a sow’s ear as a silk purse. Hot cars are not a problem—just slap on a new coat of paint and switch grid IDs. He doesn’t remember faces too well unless they owe him money, but he never forgets a car.

Dr King (Psychiatrist), Seattle (Connection: 4)
Dr King is a strict librarian of a woman. Glasses, tight bun, no backtalk and always business. Fortunately that business allows her the opportunity to show her other great talent. Empathy and listening, many people who thought they had no where else to turn for their problems are back as productive members of society now. The shadows has been a great source of repeat customers.

Evan Anderson (Parazoologist), Seattle (Connection: 1) RF 190
Evan has had his nose in the books since the Sixth World arrived, studying and cataloging all the various new critters and variations. His study includes their habits, abilities, weaknesses, and sometimes how to train them. Some Parazoologists work with zoos or review collected specimens, while others are out in the field collecting and observing critters in their natural habit. He’s always happy to help in identifying the next Awakened thing that the shadowrunner comes across. He also loves to get specimens from time to time.

Chuck: Renton/Redmond (Gun Store Owner) Con: 1. A military veteran and paranoid survivalist. Rents out the tiny underground bunker behind his shop to those who want to remain hidden. Willing to buy and sell guns and ammo without looking too closely at where they came from or where they're going.

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Papa Bear
Caius: Renton (Gang Leader) Con 3: The orc leads the gang "Cerri" in Renton