Character Creation and Other Rules.   Posted by DM.Group: 0
 GM, 11 posts
Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 05:39
Character Creation and Other Rules
We are using the standard priority system.

Everyone will get an additional number of points to spend on contacts of my NPC list here: 9 points

If someone has a contact he'd like to share with others and someone else picks him, too, the contact in question gets cheaper for both (2 points discount). So, feel free to introduce your NPCs!
 GM, 20 posts
Sat 25 Nov 2017
at 04:21
Character Creation and Other Rules
I only own the core rulebook. So if you are using things from other sources, please note that somewhere on your sheet. If it's because of flavor, we can discuss it in your respective personal thread. Usually I'm fine with a lot of things.

I have chummer, so doing the math is not a problem. I hope ;)