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campaign setting information

Information about the campaign that players should know automatically (at least residence of the Great City) will be posted here. Any other information will be found out through player investigations should they like to learn more about the nobility and lore of the city.

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on Azindraleans and Kortezians

To put it simply, Azindraleans are descended of ancient tribes (similar to the Native Americans), whereas the Kortezians are descended from warrior clans and desire conquest.

The Azindraleans: descend from ancient tribes of hunters and gatherers who first settled the area they called Azindralea. They considered the site holy and sacred and tribal shamans marked it with a ring of towering menhirs carved with pictographs detailing their histories. These shamans became the first settlers of the area and pretty soon the region developed into a heavily populated civilization; religion dawned as the driving force of culture and architectural development and some of the oldest structures can be found in the Temple Ward. The city, built on a formally holy site, grew and prospered as new technologies and trade routes were developed.

The Azindraleans have slightly darker skin tones than the Kortezians and tend to grow more hair.

The Kortezians: have a long history of in-fighting. They descended from a clan of warriors called Kortezians; and though they shared the common blood of these warriors, powerful nations of Kortezians warred for centuries. Each believed their clan bore the sole heir to the title of High Emperor. At the height of the clan wars, a secret alliance between the three most powerful clans unified them into a power known as the "Blood Triperium". These Clans subdued and conquered the remaining clans and drew them under their collective banner; unifying the Kortezians and establishing their empirical rule.

The Blood Triperium desired to conquer the world; they sent thousands of ships out filled with explorers, missionaries, and soldiers. They came across Azindraleans' Great City and annexed it into their territories.

The Kortezian's culture was far more advanced than the Azindraleans; and though the Kortezian rule was often harsh, no one could deny the positive influences the Kortezian occupation brought. The two cultures eventually merged and for the most part contributed to the social climate.

The Kortezians have wildly varying appearances but have lighter skin tones.

There was a brief era where Azindralean culture became the dominating force once more in the Great City during a Kortezian civil war; however, when the war ended the Great City was once again easily conquered and occupied.

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on the Great City wards

The City is divided into Wards: The Army Ward, The Castle Ward, The Dock Ward, The Residential Ward, The Temple Ward and the Trades Ward. While all wards answer to the leadership of Lord Atregan, each possesses its own distinct sense of law, culture, and personality.

Below will be links to the subsection maps of the Great City, as well as keyed locations in the wards.

Army Ward:
  1. Circus Maximus
  2. City Gate
  3. Sighting Tower
  4. Barracks
  5. Training Camp
  6. Stables
  7. Headquarters
  8. Army Camp
  9. Motimis Tower
  10. The Slashed Lion Tavern
  11. The Best Shield Tavern
  12. The Retired Soldier Inn
  13. Gambling House
  14. Madame Lulas, House of Pleasure
  15. Festhall
  16. The Ork and the Pike, Tavern
  17. Yei Ling, House of Pleasure
  18. The Monk's Shurikien, Tavern
  19. The Golden Ale, Brewing House
  20. The Winged Warrior Statue

Castle Ward:
  1. The Castle
  2. Guardpost Tower
  3. Sighting Tower
  4. The Red Dragon Tavern
  5. The Yawning Well, Inn
  6. Weaponsmith Shop
  7. Armorsmith Shop
  8. Martial Law, Festhall
  9. Mercenaries' Guildhall
  10. Grand Square of Heroes

Dock Ward:
  1. Lighthouse
  2. The Golden Eel Inn
  3. The Drunk Fishermen Tavern
  4. Warehouses
  5. Djanna, House of Pleasure
  6. Dock
  7. Visaq, Fortune Teller
  8. Smokehouse
  9. Fishermen's Guildhall
  10. The Shy Mermaid Tavern
  11. Nets & baits shop
  12. Fresh Fish Shop
  13. Sailmaker Shop
  14. Mariners' Guildhall
  15. The Dim Light Tavern
  16. The Captain's Rest Inn
  17. Ropes & Anchors Shop
  18. Madame Kyra, Festhall
  19. Sighting Tower
  20. Carpenter's Guildhall
  21. The Saltshacks

Residential Ward:
  1. Andwan Family Villa
  2. Tower of Janazar
  3. Gambling House
  4. The Noble Garden, Inn
  5. Semheyl Family Villa
  6. Gimbros Family Villa
  7. Jewelers' Guildhall
  8. The High Court, Tavern
  9. Bugdar Family Villa
  10. Yemsed Family Villa
  11. Zumis Family Villa
  12. Blosjes Family Villa
  13. Sighting Tower
  14. The Seven Angels Tavern
  15. Taramin Family Villa
  16. Helmes Family Villa
  17. The Delecta d'Extravaganza
  18. Butcher Cwell's Pigoteria
  19. The Written Wall
  20. The Chicken Dance
  21. Chamberman Jack's Magical Poo Pot Shoppe

Temple Ward:
  1. Our Lady of Luck, Temple
  2. Mausoleum
  3. House of Swords, Abbey
  4. The Silver Lady, Temple
  5. The Shiny Lord, Temple
  6. The Great Mother, Temple
  7. Holy Symbols Shop
  8. City Gate
  9. Sighting Tower
  10. Girth, the Holy Healer Shop
  11. The Place of Worshipers, Tavern
  12. The Heavenly Rest, Inn
  13. The Lord of Magic, Temple
  14. Blinded Justice Temple
  15. Our Lady of Night Temple
  16. The Lord of the Morning, Temple
  17. The Crusader, Tavern
  18. Healer's Guildhall
  19. Shrine
  20. Square of Eleven Prayers

Trades Ward:
  1. Oils and Lanterns Shop
  2. Curiosity Shop
  3. Alchemist
  4. LockSmith
  5. Armors & Fine Weapons Shop
  6. The Emporium
  7. Woodworker
  8. Fine Silks & Clothes Shop
  9. Merchants' Guildhall
  10. The Good Business Inn
  11. Tower of Myssuth
  12. Peddler's Guildhall
  13. Warehouse
  14. The Merchant Heaven, Inn
  15. Gold for Gold, Tavern
  16. Gambling House
  17. Guild of Wheels
  18. Metalwares Shop
  19. Fine Jewels Shop
  20. Drugs & Potions Shop
  21. Pladoh's Tavern
  22. Housewares Shop
  23. Scrolls & Inks Shop
  24. Adventurers Store
  25. Books & Ancient Tomes Shop
  26. Bakery
  27. Glassblower
  28. City Gate
  29. Sighting Tower
  30. The Market Square