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Sat 9 Sep 2017
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New game idea
- Zombies have taken over
- no clerics, paladins, or druids. maybe wizard? most likely non magic only.
  - if wizard, must keep track of spell components (cannot just buy items needed)
- everyone has to pick a profession. starting equipment is the basics for said profession.
- everyone is from town (blacksmith, librarian, farmer, etc.)
- survival/exploration game
- slowly find magical items (low magic game)
- players: dan, james, pat, Aliana, Mortannis
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Thu 23 Aug 2018
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making a character for other game
-o- Name: Zekk "PeakStriver" Harccid (name might change)
-o- Age: 25
-o- Gender: Male
-o- Alignment: CG
-o- Race: Goliath
-o- Class(es): Totemist
-o- Deity: Naki-Uthai (from Race of Stone) God of Bravery, Mountains, & Climbing
-o- Disposition: Zekk is a jovial & well meaning. He looks to help others, especially those who are being put down. Picture a large, intimidating person that acts like a puppy, wants to please and protect. Has a very group over self mentality.
-o- Description: 7' 10" tall; 320lbs; blue eyes, which seem to glow at times; bald; lithoderm growths on  his shoulders, forearms, around his torso, legs and a few on his head; body is covered in a dark grey mottle, as most goliaths are; tends to wear minimal armor or clothing, the better to show off his "fate patches"; weapon and armor types to be determined. Weapons will be highly visible and the biggest he can use.
-o- Picture http://connorssettings.wdfiles...ed-characters/Kavaki

-o- Brief Bio: shortly after going through his adulthood ritual, giants attacked his tribe. Rather than killing, these giants took slaves, mostly the women and children, but also some adult men who could be broken or used in the mines or pit fights.
During his time as a slave, Zekk found he had an aptitude for the magical creatures of the world, after his brush with death at the maw of a bulette. From that point, the goliath became an animal warrior, working with a small resistance to spirit their people away. When it seemed like the giants were catching on, a former slave previously freed return, dwarf named Drin came to help even the fight.
After the battle, with many slaves making their escapes and the giants making a retreat, Zekk led the remaining goliaths back to a nearby tribe. While not their own, as theirs was now to small to call a tribe, they would be among their own kind again.
Zekk found he could not stay. Not for lack of trying, but his world view has changed. He had a need to be better than he was previously, to fight harder fights, climb to higher challenges.
As he voluntarily exiled himself, the chieftain stopped him, giving him the honorary title Peak Striver, in the hope that the name would bring him strength and courage in his quest.

Backstory: Zekk learned at an early age that the needs of the tribe come before the needs of an individual. When the giants attacked during his twelfth summer, he did his best to herd and protect his younger kin. At that age, he was already the size of a full grown human, but no match for an adult giant. Whether a blessing or a curse, the giants did not kill him, rather the captured the young to be used in the mines.
The years under the harsh leash and grueling labor hardened him, though he kept the core belief of the group, forming a kinship with the other slaves; a mix of races from goliath, dwarf, some humans, and even a half-orc.
Kintra, another taken from his tribe was his closest friend during this period. Her stories of their home kept him from forgetting the ways of their people. From the the shaman who could bend a creature's soul to their use to the great chief who protected his people using his great maul.
While in the mines, close to his twentieth summer by his reckoning, the was a terrible shudder. The earth moved in ways very different from a cave in, which was usually quick a brutal. This was a linger rumble. From down the halls he can hear the screams and someone yelling bulette! Run! As he made for the exit, the rumbles came closer. As the ground erupted around him, Zekk made out the face filled with razor sharp teeth as he was buried by the stones.
He awoke days later, hearing whispers around him. As he stirred, the noises stopped and a hand was put on his forehead. Upon opening his eyes, he saw Kintra looking down at him alongside the halforc, Runk, who had out some poultice. They looked happy, but worried as he sat up and looked around. As they told him about the attack and the aftermath, Zekk's mind kept going back to that last sight. Seeing that great beast in it element brought him strength which he felt pool around him. The others backed up as his arms and legs morphed into a semblance of the bulette. Standing up, stretching, and testing his claws, he looked back at the group. Let's make our escape.

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