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Thu 25 Jan 2018
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Learning Curve - moving the plot along
The man and woman thank Cano as he binds the swordsman's hands and starts marching back towards the cart. The best thing at this point is to get the group back together.

Chronos had sprinted ahead to get the rest of the group, only to find them in a stand off with the other bandits on the road. As Azazel lets loose his spell to blast a crossbowman, Chronos draws his bow and lets a shot fly. While it misses, being flanked and having an intimidating Arne in front of them throws the bandits off their game.

The leader shouts a word in a language you don't understand and throws out a hand. Before anyone can move, the leader and the two bandits behind him disappear in a large puff of smoke.

It is just around this point that Cano and co. make it back to the group, prisoner in tow. The man & woman thanks you all/ He introduces himself as Marcus Millsmith, traveling with his daughter Amelia; he was a merchant who had borrower some money from the wrong sort of fellows. (and was dutifully reprimanded by his daughter for that poor judgement)
Unfortunately, while he had been traveling to make some of his money back, those shady characters decided he had been taking to long to pay him back and sent Gregor and his gang to deal with him.

He and his daughter made to head back to Neverwinter, hoping not to be attacked again on their way, when Myo and Chronos offered to guide them back. While the group would be sad to see them leave, they felt the need to protect these two people down on their luck in getting back home.

With a wave, you see your colleague off and turn back to your task. After a few more hours of travel, you camp in shift with little happening during the night. In the morning, you travel a bit further to the tower.
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Thu 25 Jan 2018
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Learning Curve - moving the plot along
As you crest a hill, the tower looms before you, standing 80 feet high.
No doors or windows mar the otherwise smooth expanse of the tower’s walls. The tower is quatrefoil* in plan; its eastern wing has largely
collapsed, exposing the interior floors to the open air. Only the topmost level seems whole, though its eastern portion hangs precariously over the mountain of rubble left by the collapse. At ground level, the rubble frames a gaping hole in the side of the building that provides access to the tower’s darkened interior.

*Quatrefoil: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quatrefoil