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Setting Information
The Magic Valley of south-central Idaho is so named because irrigation techniques "magically" transformed the region into productive farmland during the early 20th century. What Sleepers don't know is that this transformation in the Material, from uninhabitable scrub to fertile farmland, had a profound effective on the Other (the preferred local term for the Shadow). The Magic Valley was very literal in the Other, with an invisible Magic River inspired by new life, hope, but also predatory hegemony of America's so-called "Manifest Destiny."

The Magic River is a massive intersice, a spatially-inconsistent set of streams and tunnels beneath the earth of Idaho, and beneath the perception of all save the mages. Hallows and leylines abound in the Magic River, which has led to conflicts and power struggles with the local Seers. Today, only a small portion of the Magic River is under Consilium control, with the majority of that overseen by The Cavers, a Mysterium-heavy cabal said to hide Censoria in the Magic River's enchanted depths.

Play is focused on Twin Falls, Idaho, the seventh largest city in the state. Relatively sleepy and low-key compared to most other Consilium, Twin Falls and the surrounding areas has only about 50 mages, scattered through a dozen or so cabals. This is in fact but a fragment of a larger Idaho-wide Consilium that was shattered in the early 80's in a massive Seer onslaught. The Consilium was backed into the southern portions of the state, fiercely defending their last toehold in the Magic River. The relationship between the orders is fractious, with the Guardians of the Veil and the Mysterium widely distrusted, and the local Silver Ladder advocating for dissolution of the Consilium.

All mages who make their home here must ask themselves: what am I staying for? What am I risking fighting the Seers for? And is it truly worth it?

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Setting Information
Major NPCs

Hierarch: Sophrosyne, a highly unusual figure from the Silver Ladder. A Master of no Arcanum, she is instead a twofold Adept of Forces and Prime, and a Disciple of an astonishing six other Arcanum. The only areas of magic Sophrosyne doesn't know some detail about are Death and Time, two subjects she considers "too depressing to contemplate." What she lacks in magical might she compensates for in political skill and raw cunning. A former member of the Chirugeons cabal, Hierarchs traditionally leave their cabals in the Idaho Consilium to see fully to their duties. She is still allowed to keep her title as Deacon of the local Silver Ladder, however, and in that capacity she has long advocated for dissolution of the Consilium and the Pentacle's general retreat from Idaho. So far, she has been narrowly outvoted by her Councilors. Her advanced ages has caused a great deal of speculation as to who her successor may be, as she has yet to publicly announce one.

Acanthus Councilor: Dido, who also serves as the local Curator of the Mysterium and probably the most politically active member of The Cavers cabal. She is staunchly opposed to Sophrosyne's positions, considering the Magic River too important to her Order to abandon.
Acanthus Provost: Nimue, an Adamantine Arrow who is seen as largely subservient to Dido, due to her being Dido's apprentice and cabal-mate.

Mastigos Councilor: Cernunnos, a prominent member of the Denmothers cabal and a sharp-witted Guardians of the Veil Cultor, she tends to be pragmatic and military-minded in terms of Consilium business.
Mastigos Provost: Sybil, part of the Egregore in the Mysterium, is universally known to be a powerful Mastigos, but is a political non-entity. She is known for skipping meetings with the Hierarch and in general not taking her duties seriously. One can only assume that Cernunnos likes it this way for some reason, as a Councilor's Provost serves solely at their pleasure.

Obrimos Councilor: Quetzalcoatl, as a Threefold Master and by far the most powerful mage in the Consilium, is of course honored in the Council as the Obrimos representative. He is also the Adamant Sage, a sworn Sentinel, and Banner Warden of the dread Aegis cabal. A great deal of political power is concentrated in his personage, though so far he seems content to serve Sophrosyne.
Obrimos Provost: Ascelpius, the unofficial leader of the Chirugeons cabal, is a charismatic and likable advocate for his Path and Councilor. He's not shy about the fact that he has designs on the Hierarch's seat once Sophrosyne "retires."

Moros Councilor: Theta, a grey-bearded old man in his late 60's who also serves as the Consilium's Interfector. A Twofold Master of his Path and also an Adept of Mind, he was a natural choice for the Moros Coucilor, though his duties in Aegis and in his Order leave him little time for Consilium politics.
Moros Provost: Tower, an athletic young woman and feared young Sentinel of Aegis, who often represents Theta in Consilium meetings he cannot himself attend.

Thrysus Councilor: Halcyon, a cherubic man in his 50's, is the head of powerful Aerie cabal and a Twofold Thrysus Master. He's also the local Mysterium Hierophant.
Thrysus Provost: Pachamacha, a prominent Denmother. A heavyset Peruvian woman who operates several day care centers in her Sleeper life, she is a Master of Spirit and a well-liked mentor to many newly-Awakened Thrysus.

Herald: Dove, a member of The Aerie cabal and also Claviger (a sort of exorcist and spiritual ambassador) of the Silver Ladder. She is in generally considered the Consilium expert on ephemeral entities, but is also friendly and approachable enough to keep even the wildly disparate cabals of Idaho in contact with each other.
Secondary Herald: Roanoke, a Mastigos of the Adamantine Arrow, and nominal leader of the normally-aloof Death Valley Ravens cabal. Roanoke is the less friendly face of the Consilium, delivering messages to hard-to-reach individuals and warnings to unwelcome visitors.

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Setting Information
Idaho Lingo
Terms and vernacular specific to the Idaho Awakened community. More will be added as it becomes relevant.

The Magic River: A massive subterranean Interstice (a spatially-inconsistent location beyond the ken of even Masters of Space) below the surface of Idaho, the Magic River is a series of tunnels, underground rivers, aquifers, caves, and less... quantifiable spaces, all of which are affected by the curse of Quiescence. Sleepers are unable to notice even mundane entrances into this network, but these days most known entrances are heavily warded by magic, if not under actual guard by a Pentacle cabal or Seer pylon. The vast majority of The Magic River is believed to be controlled by the Seers, with the only Pentacle-controlled portion consisting of the caverns, tunnels, Athenaea and (alleged) Censoria occupied by The Cavers cabal.

The Other: The preferred local term for the Shadow, the Other is the wild, alien and dangerous abode of spirits. The majority of the Magic River is "in" the Other, with the parts observable and accessible from the Material effectively being the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Shores: In terms of the Magic River, the Shores are those places physically close to the Magic River and affected by its Quiesence, but not actually intersecting with the Other in any meaningful way, and thus accessible by even luckless Sleeper hikers and spelunkers. Shores typically consist of caves, caverns and tunnels. Even these areas are dangerous, due to the strange and nearly unpredictable nature of their spatial inconsistencies. Some days, a particular cave may follow normal laws of causality and physics. And other days, what should be a five minute hike down a slight incline turns into two weeks clinging to a vertical, subterranean cliff face that seems to stretch into the darkness above and below for untold miles. Through the lens of the Other, Shores are surprisingly normal at first blush, occupied by only the sorts of spirits one would expect for a mundane subterranean environment.

Shallows: Those portions of the Magic River that overlap caves and caverns or are otherwise metaphysically "adjacent" to the Material are called the Shallows. Powerful leylines (to Prime or Spirit sight, The Magic River looks like an almost-blinding cord of leylines "threaded" together) are abundant here, pooling in Hallows, Loci and even the occasional Verge. Spirit manifestations in the Material are dangerously common in the Shallows, and spirits here seem to be stranger and stronger, though still heavily influenced by events, individuals and objects in the nearby Shores.

Deeps: Portions of the Magic River that seem to exist entirely in the Other, or else have Material counterparts so deep within the earth that they may as well have no physical counterpart, are called the Deeps of the Magic River. Shamans report that the spirits here are very powerful, drawn from a strange melange of current American pop culture, Shoshone myth, American history, and malign, hegemonic concepts believed to be inculcated by the Seers. All of this is perceived to be underwater in the Other, with the Shallows and Shores dimly visible as the only source of light.

Rapids: This is a generalized term for areas of the Magic River deemed too dangerous to enter due to some innate property of the River itself (as opposed to Seer occupation). A single place can be both a Rapid and a Shore (like a cave that seems to manifest Zeno's dichotomy paradox and literally cannot be traversed) or a Rapid and a Shallow (like a Verge guarded by hostile and powerful spirits) or a Rapid in the Deeps (like the abode of Big Papa Pure, a terrifying entity who claims to be the vestigial spirit of Idaho's state board of eugenics). A troubling aspect of the Magic River is that it moves very much like a river; the exact location of Rapids, or even the exact borders of Shores, Shallows and Deeps, can shift and change over time... or even flood.

Sheriff: Once the preferred Consilium term for "Sentinel" when the Idaho Pentacle first formed in the early 20th century, the term is now considered an embarrassing anachronism, and is only lobbed at contemporary Sentinels sarcastically.

Witch-Hunter: Local and preferred term for Banisher, as differentiated from a Hunter, a Sleepwalker that is aware of, hates and hunts mages.

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