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Enrollment/Admissions (Stop here first)
Venture University is a superhero game in a college setting.  Consider it an amalgamation of X-Men, the Incredibles, and Sky-High.

 - General background of the world:  Super powered individuals exist. We don't know for how long they have been around. But one thing is certain:  Since the end of WWII, there have been a lot more.  Nuclear testing and the Axis' research into magic and artifacts (obtained by Allied spies) are thought to be the most likely causes.

 - The year is 2017.  The world is very similar to ours.  But after WWII technology took a quantum leap forward.  Self driving cars are common.  For example:
The ridiculously wealthy have access to automobiles that fly.  (And the FAA is *desperately* trying to come up with laws to legislate that!)

Upper middle class can afford robots that perform household chores.  (Kind of like the self-driving lawnmowers and vacuums we have now but a few steps above.)

All cars have self-driving tech.  All phones are smart - most have holographic projection capability.

- Due to a few battles that resulted in casualties and heavy property damage about 20 years ago, the public demanded some oversight for costumed heroes. The result was the meta-community agreed to police itself.  Some heroes act as a "go-between" between the costumed set and the government.  This system has been working well.

VU is a direct result of that.  The university will train students how to use their powers.  Some students only want to control their abilities so they don't blow stuff up.  That's fine.  VU offers plenty of actual degrees so people can live a "normal" life.

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