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Tue 19 Sep 2017
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Joining the Ranks
Welcome to The Eye That Watches, a low-fantasy adventure that follows the dread deeds of His Majesty's Royal Inquisition, an organization founded to expose and destroy the hidden enemies of the Federation, the greatest of the Human realms.

The campaign will heavily feature social scenarios, as well as a minimum of combat and typical D&D high adventure (dungeon-crawling, epic loot, etc). Character concepts that heavily bend on the more roleplaying side of D&D are highly encouraged. This doesn't mean that fights won't break out, or that violence in general will be taking a back seat. The Inquisition is a powerful institution, but it's also eternally beset by equally ruthless and determined foes who are eager to see it brought low. Its Agents must thus be ever ready to stamp out sedition and treachery, whether through confessions extracted from bloodied mouths, or through more subtle means, such as extortion and blackmail.

A word on Divine Casters: There are none. The Gods curiously never particularly favored or disfavored the Federation, the result being a lack of interest in religious modes, thought and even magic. The Federation itself enforces a stance on religion we would call state atheism, which of course extends to the Inquisition. TL;DR: No pallies, clerics or druids, sorry.

A word on Arcane Casters: I'll probably be accepting 1-2 characters capable of using magic at all. This is a low-fantasy world, and while magic does inarguably exist and its use is even sanctioned by the state, it is not as prevalent as say, as in the Forgotten Realms setting. In fact, most arcane magic users are usually thought of as little better than closeted scholars, and "high level" magic is all but unheard of.

"Who gets to be the Inquisitor?": One of you, whose character I probably like better than the others. (Jk)

"Do you allow stuff from Unearthed Arcana?": As a general rule, yes. You should probably run it by me first anyway. This also extends to homebrew material.

(I'm saving some space here for more questions that might come up)
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Tue 19 Sep 2017
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Who Gets to Join
As said above, the Inquisition is a very powerful institution. Inquisitors have the power to completely circumvent the bureaucracy of the state, and even their Agents can be entrusted with tremendous influence, easily surpassing that of provincial nobles, wealthy merchants or modestly-ranked military personnel. A career in the Inquisition can lead to a life of luxury and comfort, but it is not at all guaranteed that it will lead to a safe and peaceful retirement.

The Inquisition is thus a very exclusive club, so to help you out, these are the backgrounds that they tend to favour when recruiting fresh blood:

Sage: Uncovering hidden knowledge is one of the Inquisition's prime goals, and thus it employs a host of both theoretical and practical specialists, usually drawn from the Federation's intelligentsia.

Sailor: The Federation's interests are not confined to the continent that it calls home, and sailors, of good human stock of course, are highly prized as informants and allies.

Soldier: Army grunts usually make for excellent Agents, as they have already been trained to perform violent acts without questioning orders, which is undoubtedly a great asset for a pawn of the Inquisition.

Spy: Men and women capable of suppressing their identities and goals are rare, and thus they are highly sought after by the Inquisition.

Urchin: An individual without a formal background can be useful to the Inquisition, as they cannot be easily identified through the standard bureaucratic proceedings. In addition, the skills they gained on the streets rarely hamper them in doing the Inquisition's work.

Noble: Those who exercise power are often drawn to the Inquisition, where their natural skills at leading others and their connections to the Federation's upper classes prove invaluable to the purposes of the Inquisition.

Criminal: Sadly, more than a few convicted felons have landed into the ranks of the Inquisition, where their ill-gained talents become of use when pursuing an investigation through legal means reaches a dead end.
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Tue 19 Sep 2017
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Who Gets to Join
I should probably state that this is an explicitly Human-only campaign.
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Fri 22 Sep 2017
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Who Gets to Join
The Inquisition has inducted 4 poor unfortunate souls willing to do its bidding. Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the game!