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Lore dump thread
I'll try to post some concise information on the game world here, to give interested players a better feel for things their characters are probably aware of.

If you have any additional questions, be sure to direct them to me through PM.



Every young child in Synaxis can tell you of the three pillars that make the Federation great: The first is its Army, an undoubtedly powerful if unwieldy force that is run by the nobility almost like a gentlemen's club. The second is its royal family, the Honorable House von Deeplow, whose descendants have kept the numerous lands and peoples that the Federation encompasses working under a single flag. The third, and most sinister, is the Inquisition.

It is a plain fact that the Federation has never been a truly united state. The bureaucracy is chronically overtaxed, its armed forces spread thin guarding against both local riots and external threats, as well as conducting the occasional war of expansion convened by the King and his advisors.

This is why the Inquisition exists. To preserve the ever-failing machinery of state from completely collapsing. To make sure that corruption within its society is kept at an acceptable, healthy minimum. To stamp out revolts and rebellions before they threaten to spread, consuming the entire Kingdom in the process. And to its credit, it has never failed in its ancient task.

In the present day, the Inquisition remains a powerful, almost monolithic force, the image of the infamous Eye that Watches scarred into the mind of each of the Federation's subjects, whether loyal or treacherous. Those who serve it profess to the strictness with which the organization conducts its business.

Inquisitors are largely given a blank check on how to pursue their goals. They are legally untouchable, and only their superiors within the organization and a choice few figures of leadership have the influence to reprimand them.

Its hierarchy ranges from the individual at the very top of the pyramid, the Lord Inquisitor of Synaxis Matthias von Foss, down to its local chapters, each headed by a Lord Inquisitor, and then the individual Inquisitors, usually acting as their Lord's right hand. Then, each Inquisitor in turn has a number of assistants, officially known as Agents. These Agents form the front ranks of the organization and are recruited from all stratas of the Federation's varied society.

As a testament to the enormous might that the Inquisition wields within the Federation, even these underlings can, with a few words, suddenly outrank the local captain of the guard, customs officer, or even lord. Working under a competent Inquisitor can grant an Agent wealth and power unimaginable to most citizens of the Federation. The risks however are just as high, as the Inquisition deals harshly with failure, whether actual or imagined.
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Wed 20 Sep 2017
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Lore dump thread
It seems like at least one of those interested read the above post, which in my mind warrants a second one.


The Federation's history is stained with civil unrest, invasions from both non-humans and other human nations, disastrous coups and political backstabbing amongst the ruling classes. Even during its bleakest moments, the country has always had a point of pride to rally behind: Its army.

The warmachine of the Federation is a hungry beast that yearly consumes more bread than the population of a small kingdom. Its sheer size is daunting: 80,000 men, split between guarding the Federation's inner regions and its ever-expanding overseas empire.

Only a small percentage of the Army is composed of professional fighters. The rest are local levies, called upon to fight only in times of need and practically, almost useless against any better-trained military forces.

The Army was sorely tested a mere decade ago, during a war with a non-human race known as the Enlightened Ones. The two burgeoning powers clashed for little more than a year, before both sides decided that the war was proving too costly to maintain.

The Federation decided to pursue, in the words of its King, "A peace with honor", a phrase that even to this day turns many Synaxian mouths sour. While outright discontentment has thus far been repressed, the full consequences of this truce might not be yet fully felt.