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Wed 7 Mar 2018
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Tale 2: The Pit of Kutallu

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We should continue with our existing characters rather than make new characters for each tale. However, if this displeases you then I'm not going to make a big deal about it. I picture this in my mind as a serial tale in the books or comics, flashing between events in no particular chronological order.

I realize this is a standard demo adventure and it may have been played already by some of you, however I'm sure there are also some who have not. We'll jump into this since it is easy and will get us back into the groove of regular posting, hopefully.

Recently captured by slavers, you are in the hold of a slave ship headed for a slave market on the coast of the Black Kingdoms, facing a grim and uncertain future. But your fate is about to change. The slavers, led by their despicable Captain Kahero, have a prize… an Aquilonian noblewoman named Delia, captured alongside you. She will fetch a noble’s bounty in Kush, and wants none of it.

She has offered all of you a way out if you agree to protect her and escort her to a safe port. In addition, she’s willing to pay handsomely. This is far better than any deal you’ll get in the slave markets of Kush, so you agreed.

One storm-tossed night, Delia obtained the keys to the cells, using charm and guile. Once freed from your chains, you discovered that the keys also provided access to the lockers where your seized equipment was stored.

Suddenly, the ship tossed as the storm increased in ferocity, waves hammering at the hull. Everyone is thrown as the ship strikes something, and with a great creaking crash, the hull reverberates, torn by a jagged spar of rock. Water floods in. The decks above thunder with the slavers’ foot-beats, and the wind howls and roars, thirsty waves ready to claim the ship.

Your only salvation is the ship’s dinghy, and you can only guess that you must kill your way through your captors to seize it!
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Wed 7 Mar 2018
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Tale 2: The Pit of Kutallu
Razuli having just managed to pull on his leathers and strap on his blades looks at the others.

"I don't feel like swimming, let's get to that dinghy." The young thief said as he moved toward what was likely the only way they were making it to dry land alive. In each hand, he held a blade and was prepared to kill any slaver who crossed his path.
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Thu 8 Mar 2018
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Tale 2: The Pit of Kutallu
Muttering curses Eirik rummages through the locker, quickly grabbing a few things here and there, only taking short break when an old piece of jewelry ends up in his hand. He is too afraid of drowning to touch any of his armor and just grabs his weapons and shield before rushing off towards where the dinghy is supposed to be, ready to cut his way through anyone who wants to stop him.
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Fri 9 Mar 2018
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Tale 2: The Pit of Kutallu
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