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Game Rules & Setting Information
What game system are we using and what books are in use?

This game uses the 2d20 Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of system created by Modiphius. All officially published material for the game is allowed, including the supplemental magic and archtype books.

The material may be obtained from Modiphius ( or DrivethruRPG (

They have a very useful character generator located at which I highly recommend.

What house rules are in use?

The PbP medium requires the following alterations to the rules:

1. Initiative will be in the order that posts are made after a scene declaration. The GM will reply last, inserting the actions for all NPCs into the slots between PCs (if Doom was spent) and summarizing the outcome. Once this is done, the round is over and initiative will continue the same way until hostilities have ceased. Any PC that has not acted by the end of the round (one day at a minimum, unless specified otherwise) is considered to have delayed, hesitated, or simply was not present.

2. Momentum is lost at the rate of 1 per round in structured turns (after the GM takes his turn).  Otherwise, one Momentum is deducted at the end of a scene as determined by the GM. The GM will post Current Momentum and Threat values with the round/scene summaries. It is player responsibility to track the values between rounds/scenes so that they know how much is available to spend.

What setting information do I need to know?

You do not have to be a Howard fan to enjoy this game. If you have read the books, seen the Conan movies, or heard of Conan in general then you have a basic idea of what to expect. However, none of that is a prerequisite for joining.

Conan is a low magic fantasy setting. The tales include lots of action, struggle, and bravery in the face of great opposition.  You will not experience a large array of fantastical magic powers or items. Stories usually involve exploration, survival, personal struggles, but mostly conflict with hostile people and monsters that inhabit the land.

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