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Sat 23 Sep 2017
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RPOL Test Thread
Use this thread to test out RPOL functions, such as chat and dice. This thread will be largely ignored by the GM and closed once the game starts.

This will be a brief tutorial on the thread posting format options.

To start with keyboard shortcuts are non-functional, so no Ctrl-I or Ctrl-B for italic or bold. You may type your statement and then highlight it, once highlighted click the appropriate formatting from the options below. You can stack them on each other and it will place the tags in the correct order.

This is Bold
This is Italic
This is Underscore
This is Strike
This is Superscript
This is Subscript
This is Small
This is Large
This is Center

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
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This is a quote.

This is a TableThis is how you code it.
    <th>This is a Table</th>
    <th>This is how you code it.</th>
    <td>This is how you code it.</td>

  • This is a list.
  • [list]
    [*] This is how you code it.

  1. This is an ordered list.
  2. [olist]
    [*] This is how you code it.

This is small caps.
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