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Request to Join
0. Character Name What do you want to be called? The playbooks provide example names if you are stuck deciding on one. I also believe names can be changed later if you feel a new one would work better with your final concept.

1. What Playbook are you interested in? The playbooks available are; Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Immolator, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, and Wizard. All of which can be found in the helpful play kit located here:

Just tell me which one looks like one you would like to play. We will be making characters together, so if you decide that the party "needs" a cleric instead of a barbarian you can choose to play that instead (Note: No class has to be picked, you can all survive without a cleric or fighter if no one chooses those). If you're new to Dungeon World and/or not sure what playbook fits your concept let me know here and I can work with you.

2. General Character Concept. A brief and basic outline of what your character is and does. If you don't have one yet it's okay, again I can work with you.

3.Game Tone/Feel. What sort of game do you want this to be. I've seen games that are gritty death traps and I've seen games where the rule of cool is king. I'm currently leaning a bit toward a lighter 'beer and pretzel' game, but it's up to you all. How light-hearted do you want this to be? How anachronistic can technology be?(One game I saw had the equivalent of magical cell phones) Under the purview of 'Dungeon Fantasy' there are many directions this could go, so throw your ideas in.

4. Posting rate. Just an average so I can understand how fast or slow the game might progress and how often I should post updates.

5. Will you respect your fellow players? Yes or No. All rules I could come up with would boil down to this. Treat others how you would want to be treated if you want to be in this game.

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