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Setting Information/Geography
Interesting facts about the setting and a list of locations in the world will be posted here as we create them.


Mostly Civilized Lands

The Village that Was
'The former home of Cinderclaw. He believes he burnt it to the ground and it's people with it. Once contained a smithy and farmland. Itís villagers were many and diverse, as were the Gods they worshipped.'

The Devil's Furnace
'Many leagues South of the Village that Was, lies this mountain pass. In truth, it is a mountainous region clouded by the steam from the many volcanoes that comprise its length and breadth.'

The Temple of the Forbidden Flame
'Hidden in The Devil's Furnace, cloaked in steam. It is a place steeped in old lore and magic, of strange things and stranger people. It is here Cinderclaw learned to control his gift. It is said that if one enters uninvited, what once lay dormant shall rise up and consume all in a fiery embrace.'

'South of the steep mountains that make up the southern ridge of the Devil's Furnace. A port city that is home to the Mariners Guild.'

Hill Country
'Informal name for the land of rolling hills that stretch from steep mountains of the east to the vast Great Western Forest to the west. It is the heartland home of Halflings who live in their secret dells.'

'A remote and out-of-touch community on the southern edge of Hill Country. Led by an insular 'cargo' cult who subsist predominantly off of handouts from travelers and other surrounding communities rather than the meager goods they themselves produce.'

Far and Beyond

The Island of the Emerald Sea
'The homeland of Viserion and his people. Named so for the once very green water surrounding the island, which was just a reflection of the heavily overgrown and lush wilderness of the island. It is now a barren shadow of its former self after the elves left and the humans drained away it's resources.'

The Fey Realm
'Alternatively referred to as 'Marta Merka" by some ancient elves. Mysterious and ever-shifting, many stories of both ill and good fortune have been told of it. Time and space may not work quite as expected here. The elves of the Island of the Emerald Sea fled here after their home was spoiled.'

The Cage
'A locale within the Fey Realm. This is where Grek and presumedly other goblins hail. A group of people were trapped here long ago by the Bright Ones.'


Paizu, Lord of the Fire Realms
'A god of the people of the Village that Was.'

Master Ignatio
'A learned teacher at the Temple of the Forbidden Flame, known for his wise words.'

'The lone goblin that didn't escape the group. He has given the group a good bit of information in exchange for his life.'

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