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Session #1: A Lesson in Weeding
A ragtag group of adventurers pick their way across the rolling hills. The warm sun beams down and marks the time as late morning. The treeline is to your left and the smell of rich earth and moss fills your nostrils. Viserion and Fledge would probably recognize some of these trees as beech trees. In fact a sharp eye could pick out a beechnut or two in the leaves nearby.

It has been a week and a half since you were all in the settlement of Diwerth and about a week since you had the mostly inconsequential run-in with bandits that left Istvan slightly singed. Cinderclaw feels parricularly in control this morning, perhaps its the fresh air. Dame Helena is happy to rid herself of the place but finds her mind full of questions in need of answers. Fledge has promised her that a day's travel from their current position, is a particularly interesting settlement that they should check out.

The skilled halfling leads a ragtag assembly of adventurers along this land he knows so well. Astride his humongous brown mountain of a bear the two scan for trouble. Grumble the Bear is the first to hear it, his ears flicking to try to catch a far off sound. As they begin to crest a particularly tall hill, they see in a depression a group of goblins rummaging through large packs that do not seem their own.

The small stature and sharp features are a dead giveaway to their race for anyone who has encountered these beings before. What is quite different about this group is that standing at the edge of the group is someone who is decidedly not a goblin. A figure of human height wearing a wide brimmed hat and clothed in a ragged dark outfit. His face is covered with hanging cloth.

He appears to be keeping watch but hasn't  caught sight of you all yet. If you continued to the top of the hill he might though.

What are you all doing when Fledge and Grumble first see this and what do you want to do now?

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