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Welcome to the Jungle
About the DM: This is my first time running a game on this site, but I've played in and run several games over at RPG crossing. I've been playing 5th edition for almost 3 years now, and a little bit of Pathfinder before that. I've been a DM, both online and off for about a year and a half. I prefer theater of the mind for combat. I'll give in depth text descriptions, so don't worry. I also don't pull any punches. If you die, you die. However, I don't see the game as me vs. you, so I won't be overly cruel. 'M looking forward to traumatizing all of your characters.

What I'm looking for: 4 - 6 players who will post consistently and do their best to adhere to the rules below.

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  1. don't be an asshole. We're all friends here, acting otherwise is a surefire way to ensure your character is ripped apart by dinosaurs.
  2. If you have an issue with a call I've made, PM me and we can discuss it outside of the game, in private.
  3. at least make an effort to have good spelling and grammar.
  4. in character dialogue should be in bold Telepathic communication, inner dialogue, etc should be in italics
  5. I prefer IC posts to be done in 3rd person, and past tense. "Varik buried his axe in the orc's head" as opposed to "I bury my axe in the orc's head." Or "Varik buries his axe in the orc's head." It's just a personal preference of mine.
  6. OOC discussion belongs in the OOC thread.
  7. Dice rolls should be done with the Dice roller, at all times.
  8. If you're not going to be able to post for a while, or must quit the game, please let me and the other players know. It saves us from having to guess if you're coming back, finding a replacement will be a lot smoother.

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Character Creation
Character sheets aren't required for the RTJ. When players are chosen, we'll hammer out the details, and you guys can collaborate on backgrounds and the like if you wish. The information here is just to give you an idea, so you can plan accordingly for character concepts.

  • All official Wizards of the Coast material is allowed.
  • UA revised ranger is allowed, other UA material on a case by base basis.
  • Starting level: 3
  • Ability scores: Roll 4D6, keep 3 highest. Everyone will do this, and the best array will be what everyone uses, unless I say otherwise. This way we get to roll, but keep things fair.
  • Multiclassing? Yes
  • Feats? Yes

The game starts with the party in Baldur's Gate, being recruited for an expedition to Chult. Consider why you're on the expedition, and feel free to use one of the following story hooks for your background.

 AlcolytePlayer's HandbookTemples are vexed by a widespread magical curse that is causing people to waste away while also preventing the dead from being raised. An expeditionary force is headed to Chult to find the origin of the curse, and you’ve decided to join it.
AnthropologistTomb of AnnihilationA wizard-merchant named Syndra Silvane is wasting away, and she has hired you to join an expedition to Chult to find a cure. Syndra believes that your expertise will prove invaluable, and you’ve wanted to study the cultures there.
ArcheologistTomb of AnnihilationYou have learned that a wizard-merchant is planning an important expedition to Chult—a place full of lost cities you’re anxious to explore. Your request to join the expedition was approved.
CharlatanPlayer's HandbookAfter a few successful scams, you’ve gotten into some trouble with local authorities and criminal gangs. You were about to make a run for it when you heard a rumor that a merchant named Syndra Silvane is offering good pay for an assignment far from home.
Cloistered scholarSword Coast Adventurer's GuideA terrible curse is sweeping across Faerûn, and a dying merchant is gathering adventurers for a bold mission to destroy the source of the curse, which lies deep in the jungles of Chult. Your expertise could prove helpful, so you’ve asked to join the expedition.
CriminalPlayer's HandbookLocal authorities grant you a full pardon for past crimes. In exchange, you are to join an expedition to Chult and help put an end to the “death curse” affecting several wealthy citizens of the city.
EntertainerPlayer's HandbookYour sponsor is a retired adventurer and merchant named Syndra Silvane. A terrible curse has befallen her, and she needs your help to end it. The quest will take you to Chult, a distant and exotic land where you can win fame and renown.
Faction AgentSword Coast Adventurer's GuideA widespread magical curse threatens to devour the bodies and souls of the living. The Harpers have learned that its source lies somewhere in Chult. You volunteered to join the expedition.
Folk HeroPlayer's HandbookYou’ve garnered quite the reputation and caught the attention of a merchant and retired adventurer named Syndra Silvane. She wants you to explore Chult and discover the source of a curse.
InheritorSword Coast Adventurer's GuideA horrible curse threatens to claim the life of Syndra Silvane, a retired adventurer. She has blood ties to your family, and you have an obligation to help her. To do otherwise could jeopardize your inheritance and your future.
Mercenary VeteranSword Coast Adventuer's GuideA merchant and retired adventurer named Syndra Silvane needs trained warriors to join an expedition to Chult. You’ve always wanted to visit Port Nyanzaru and see the dinosaur races. They say the jungles are full of riches and danger—two things you crave.
NoblePlayer's HandbookYour family owes a favor to a merchant named Syndra Silvane. She’s calling in the favor and asking for help. The family is counting on you to fulfill its promise, and you’ve heard rumors that Syndra is planning an expedition.
OutlanderPlayer's HandbookWhen you were young, you fled your homeland of Chult by stowing away aboard a ship. Now you’re anxious to return home. A local merchant is mounting an expedition to Chult, and you’ve talked your way into joining it.
SagePlayer's HandbookA wizard named Syndra Silvane has fallen prey to a magical curse. She’s mounting an expedition to Chult to end the curse, and she believes your expertise will prove invaluable. You’re inclined to agree.
SoldierPlayer's HandbookYour superiors in the military recommended you for an important expedition to Chult. The success of the mission is so vital that they promised to make you a captain if you help ensure the expedition’s success.

Remember, these are just ideas, you're in no way obligated to use one of these.

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Additional Backgroudns
In addition to the backgroudns in the phb and scag, the following two backgrounds from the ToA book are allowed:


You have always been fascinated by other cultures, from the most ancient and primeval lost lands to the most modern civilizations. By studying other cultures’ customs, philosophies, laws, rituals, religious beliefs, languages, and art, you have learned how tribes, empires, and all forms of society in between craft their own destinies and doom. This knowledge came to you not only through books and scrolls, but also through first-hand observation — by visiting far-flung settlements and exploring local histories and customs.

Skill proficiencies: Insight, Religion
Languages: 2 of your choice
Equipment: A leather-bound diary, a bottle of ink, an ink pen, a set of traveler’s clothes, one trinket of special significance, and a pouch containing 10 gp

Cultural Chameleon: Before becoming an adventurer, you spent much of your adult life away from your homeland, living among people different from your kin. You came to understand these foreign cultures and the ways of their people, who eventually treated you as one of their own. One culture had more of an influence on you than any other, shaping your beliefs and customs. Choose a race whose culture you’ve adopted, or roll on the Adopted Culture table.

Adopted Cultures:
<table> <tr> <th>D8 </th> <th> Culture:</b>

Feature, Adept Linguist: You can communicate with humanoids who don’t speak any language you know. You must observe the humanoids interacting with one another for at least 1 day, after which you learn a handful of important words, expressions, and gestures — enough to communicate on a rudimentary level.

Suggested Characteristics: Anthropologists leave behind the societies into which they were born to discover what life is like in other parts of the world. They seek to see how other races and civilizations survive — or why they did not. Some anthropologists are driven by intellectual curiosity, while others want the fame and recognition that comes with being the first to discover a new people, a lost tribe, or the truth about an ancient empire’s downfall.

Personality Traits:
D6Personality trait
1I prefer the company of those who aren't like me, including people of other races.
2I'm a stickler for observing local etiquette and customs
3I'd rather observe than meddle
4By living among violent people, I have become desensitized to violence.
5I would risk life and limb to discover a new culture or unravel the mysteries of a dead one.
6When I arrive at a new settlement for the first time, I must learn all of its customs.

1Discovery. I want to be the first person to discover a lost culture. (Any)
2Distance. One must not interfere with the affairs of another culture, even one in need. (Lawful)
3Knowledge. By understanding other races and cultures, we understand our own. (Any)
4Power. The common people crave strong leadership, and I do my utmost to provide it. (Lawful)
5Protection. I must do everything possible to save a society facing extinction. (Good)
6Indifferent. Life is cruel, wht's the point of saving someone if they're just going to die anyway? (Chaotic)

1My mentor gave me a journal filled with lore and wisdom. Losing it would devastate me.
2Having lived among the people of a primeval tribe or clan, I'm eager to return and see how they're faring.
3Years ago, tragedy struck an isolated society I befriended, and I will honor them.
4I want to know more about a particular humanoid society that fascinates me.
5I seek to avenge a clan, tribe, kingdom, or empire that was wiped out.
6I have a trinket I believe is the key to finding a long lost society.

1Boats make me seasick
2I talk to myself, and I don't make friends easily
3I believe I'm intellectually superior to people from other cultures and that I have a lot to teach them.
4I've picked up some unpleasant habits living around goblins, lizardfolk, or orcs
5I complain about everything
6I wear a tribal mask and never take it off


An archaeologist learns about the long-lost and fallen cultures of the past by studying their remains — their bones, their ruins, their surviving masterworks, and their tombs. Those who practice archaeology travel to the far corners of the world to root through crumbled cities and lost dungeons, digging in search of artifacts that might tell the stories of monarchs and high priests, wars and cataclysms.

Skill proficiencies: History, Survival
Tool proficiencies: Cartographer's tools, or Navigator's tools
Languages: 1 of your choice
Equipment: A wooden case containing a map to a ruin or dungeon, a bullseye lantern, a miner’s pick, a set of traveler’s clothes, a shovel, a two-person tent, a trinket recovered from a dig site, and a pouch containing 25 gp

Dust Digger: Prior to becoming an adventurer, you spent most of your young life crawling around in the dust, pilfering relics of questionable value from crypts and ruins. Though you managed to sell a few of your discoveries and earn enough coin to buy proper adventuring gear, you have held onto an item that has great emotional value to you. Roll on the Signature Item table to see what you have, or choose an item from the table.

Signature Item:
110 foot pole
4hooded lantern

Feature, Historical knowledge: When you enter a ruin or dungeon, you can correctly ascertain its original purpose and determine its builders, whether those were dwarves, elves, humans, yuan-ti, or some other known race. In addition, you can determine the monetary value of art objects more than a century old.

Suggested characteristics: Few archaeologists can resist the lure of an unexplored ruin or dungeon, particularly if such a site is the source of legends or is rumored to contain the treasures and relics of wizards, warlords, or royalty. Some archaeologists plunder for wealth or fame, while others consider it their calling to illuminate the past or keep the world’s greatest treasures from falling into the wrong hands. Whatever their motivations, archaeologists combine the qualities of a scrappy historian with the self-made heroism of a treasure-hunting scoundrel.

Personality Traits:
D8Personality trait
1I love a good puzzle or mystery
2I'm a pack rat who never throws anyhting away.
3Fame is more important to me than money.
4I have no qualms about stealing from the dead.
5I'm happier in a dusty, old tomb than in the center of civilization.
6Traps don't make me nervous, idiots who trigger traps make me nervous.
7I might fail, but I will never give up.
8You might think I'm a scholar, but I love a good brawl. These fists were made for punching.

1Preservation. That artifact belongs in a museum. (Good)
2Greed. I won't risk my life for nothing, I expect some kind of payment. (Any)
3Death wish. Nothing is more exhilarating than a narrow escape from the jaws of death. (Chaotic)
4Dignity. The dead and their belongings need to be treated with respect. (Lawful)
5Immortality. All my exploring is to discover the secret to everlasting life. (Any)
6Danger. With every great discovery comes great danger. The two come hand-in-hand. (Any)

1Ever since I was a child, I’ve heard stories about a lost city. I aim to find it, learn its secrets, and earn my place in the history books.
2I want to find my mentor, who disappeared on an expedition some time ago.
3I have a friendly rival. Only one of us can be the best, and I aim to prove it’s me.
4I won’t sell an art object or other treasure that has historical significance or is one of a kind.
5I’m secretly in love with the wealthy patron who sponsors my archaeological exploits.
6I hope to bring prestige to a  library, museum, or university.

1I have a secret fear of some common wild animal, and in my work, I see them often.
2I can't leave a room without searching it for secret doors.
3When I'm not out exploring dungeons or ruins, I get jittery and impatient.
4I have no time for friends and family. I spend all my waking time thinking about and preparing for my next expedition.
5When given the choice of going left or right, I always go left.
6I can't sleep, except in total darkness.

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Character Sheet Template
Your Character Name

BASE SPEED: 30 ft.

HD (total): 0
HD (spent): 0

STR: 10 +0/+0
DEX: 10 +0/+0
CON: 10 +0/+0
INT: 10 +0/+0
WIS: 10 +0/+0
CHA: 10 +0/+0

List attacks here.

BASE: 10
ARMOR: +0 (No armor)
DEX: +0

( ) +0 Acrobatics
( ) +0 Animal Handling
( ) +0 Arcana
( ) +0 Athletics
( ) +0 Deception
( ) +0 History
( ) +0 Insight
( ) +0 Intimidation
( ) +0 Investigation
( ) +0 Medicine
( ) +0 Nature
( ) +0 Perception
( ) +0 Performance
( ) +0 Persuasion
( ) +0 Religion
( ) +0 Sleight of Hand
( ) +0 Stealth
( ) +0 Survival


List racial features here.

List class features here.

List equipment here.

TOTAL WEIGHT: 00 lb (encumbrance)



( ) Spell name
(X) Spell name

Insert a description of your character here.






Insert your backstory here.

[feel free to use this area for notes]

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