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Da Rules
"Is that a Twisted Sister pin?!!!!??? On your uniform???!!!!???"--Some guy named Niedermeyer

"I've had it up to here with you, Timmy Turner! You never follow Da ****ing Rules!!!"--Jorgen Von Strangle, deleted scene, Fairly OddParents

These are Da Rules. Some of them will be actual mechanical rules, others will be guidelines for how we post and handle housekeeping. I'll update them as we go.

Ability Checks
Sometimes an adventurer will need to perform a skillful task or feat of strength, such as recalling an obscure point of history, convincing a guard that he really is Lord Doofenheimer's cousin or lifting a stone block off the remains of an expired party member. In these cases, the player may roll a d20, trying to roll under the appropriate attribute. If the roll is the same as or lower than the attribute, you succeed.

In some cases (usually feats of strength) the skill check will be accomplished by adding together the attributes of the characters to meet a particular threshold. For example, raising a jammed portcullis in a dungeon may require a combined strength score of 30, two characters with strength scores of 15 or three characters with strength scores of 10 will be able to lift it.

If a party member is making an ability check and another character assists them, they may reduce their roll result by -2. In most situations, additional help will not increase this bonus.
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Da Rules
Death: If your character is reduced to zero hit points you must save vs. Death Ray to avoid death. If the save is failed, the character is immediately dead. If the save is made, the character remains alive for 2d10 rounds; if the character's wounds are bound (or he or she receives healing magic) within this time frame, death is averted. The character remains unconscious for the full 2d10 rounds rolled. If they receive healing/wound binding, they awaken at the end of this period; if not, they die at the end of it.

Binding the wounds of the dying character requires a full round action. It stabilizes him or her at zero hit points. Non-magical healing will require a full week to restore the first hit point; after this, healing proceeds at the normal rate.

Battlefield medicine: A character who has been wounded can benefit from battlefield medicine. Another character can spend a turn treating their wounds, which will restore 1 hit point. A character can only benefit from this once per day, and wounds from the same event (i.e., the same combat) cannot be healed further on subsequent days.

Example: On Monday, Fortis the Brave has 10 hit points and is struck by a crossbow bolt fired by a bandit, causing 4 points of damage. Blotto the Mage removes the bolt and binds his wound after the combat, bringing his hp total to 7. On Tuesday, Fortis can't benefit from Blotto's bandaging skills. On Wednesday a goblin nicks Fortis with a short sword, causing 2 points of damage. Blotto is able to attend to that wound after the combat, giving Fortis 1 hit point.

Performing battlefield medicine requires expending a healing kit, which costs 1gp and is sized to fit in a belt pouch.

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Da Rules
In some situations (DM discretion) we will use the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic from 5th edition. Characters with advantage will roll a d20 twice and take the better result; those with disadvantage will roll twice and take the lesser result.

Dodging is an option in combat. When you take the Dodge action, you focus entirely on avoiding attacks. Until the start of your next turn, any attack roll made against you has disadvantage if you can see the attacker, and any saving throw that can be tied to your ability to avoid or mitigate an attack is made with advantage. For example, if a wizard aims an actual death ray at you, your save vs. death ray would be at advantage, but if he was casting charm person on you, you would roll only a single die.

You lose the benefit of dodging if you are incapacitated or if your speed drops to 0.
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Da Rules
Proposed Marching orders:

Side by side - open territory

Phelan Maksim

Veskard Smiles
Wyrran Glanuil


Single file - open territory





Single file - sneaking