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The Director
 GM, 1953 posts
Fri 9 Aug 2019
at 06:02
Advertise your games!
I thought that for somebody may be nice having a thread to advertise games they play or run.
Garl Ligoosh
 player, 8 posts
Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 04:26
Advertise your games!
Is this specifically for people running Advanced Fighting Fantasy games?
The Director
 GM, 1972 posts
Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 13:13
Advertise your games!
No, it can be for any game with any ruleset.
I think it may be good creating a stable community of reliable gamers that play or run games with each other. What do you think?
Andor Sandcast
 player, 240 posts
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 seen the spider.
Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 23:14
Advertise your games!

Going to Run through the Gardens of Ynn adventure using the original "Red Box" D&D rules if anyone is interested.

link to another game
The Director
 GM, 2005 posts
Fri 16 Aug 2019
at 11:47
Advertise your games!
I am looking for a GM to take over the Hellwinter saga: link to a message in another game
I completed the trilogy and it is now time to restart with a new Game Master and new players!
Anybody interested?
The Director
 GM, 2026 posts
Sun 18 Aug 2019
at 14:48
Advertise your games!
I am preparing a new game of a different genre: link to another game
Can you please help me by reading the public thread? All feedback on its clarity is appreciated.