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Tue 3 Oct 2017
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General Rules
1. Don't meta-game. Don't play like your character has information it shouldn't. However, you can discuss strategy in the OOC thread.

2. Dialogue should always be represented by your character's color. Actions and descriptions should not. If your character is thinking, use italics. Color your characters name in your character sheet with your chosen color.

3. Keep OOC in its own thread. If you want to include it in the IC thread always mark it orange.

4. If you need to take a break from the game, notify me. If you think your posting rate will suffer in the coming weeks because of life interfering, notify me. If you choose to leave the game, notify me. Not posting for 2 weeks will lead to an inquiry from me in your PMs. Not posting for 3 weeks will lead to a warning. Not posting for 4 weeks will lead to me kicking you from the game.

5. No rules lawyering. I will make sure I have the rules correct, and if I don't I will post a reason in the Game Rules thread. I encourage you to question it or suggest alternatives if you disagree, but we will not halt the game because of a ruling.

6. All dice must be rolled in the site's dice roller so I can view and verify.

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