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Your character will be fifth level, keep this in mind when you think of a backstory. Do not send me a complete character sheet, I just want the outlines.

Do not choose a class that is already used. (Druid, Fighter, Rogue, and Sorcerer). Multiclassing is not allowed. If you want to blend classes we will instead homebrew some abilities.

All official material tied to Forgotten Realms is allowed. Unearthed Arcana may be allowed at my discretion.

The party will soon arrive at Bryn Shander, a town in Icewind Dale. I expect you to make a character that can easily be inserted into the town. We will discuss details if you're chosen.

Fill out this form:

Choice of race:
Choice of class (with subclass):
Character concept (both visuals and background. Keep it short):

Experience with role-playing games:
What you expect out of the game, DM, and the other players:

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