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Sun 17 Jun 2018
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People with powers have been around for a very long time, it wasn't until the last couple of decades that the amount of people with powers started to increase, but even then it was still low key, no one with powers every came into the spot light for some reason. It wasn't until "The Day of Inferno" That people with powers really came out of the shadows.

The Day of Inferno was about 10 years prior, and Island in the Pacific erupted, completely being destroyed and engulfed in flames that was visible for thousands of miles, like a nuke dropped and wiped it out, the this inferno was rushed up into space and the strongest viewing of electrical discharge ever seen. The event lasted for hours, watching the lighting fight the fire even in broad daylight in space, until they both kept going further away and fading.

The event was labeled "Day of the Inferno" and attributed to to supers, classified as Omega Level, the government stepped in to help with the situation, they had no idea what was happening. Then an underground group emerge giving evidence that a private company was kidnapping people with powers and experimenting on them, that the island was one of their bases and that the one with the Fire power was one of their soldiers.

The company disappeared, people with powers came out, most governments helped them and laws were passed to protect them from discrimination.

One law states that anyone with powers, weather from birth or later developed, must seek a doctor, get tested, scanned, and logged into the MIB (Medical Information Bureau). This info is private and is only used by insurance agencies and federal agents for investigations.