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Overlord Extrodinaire
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Wed 4 Oct 2017
at 20:20
Character Creation
The higher the number you have the better the trait is besides the random trait social status, and knowledge of trait.

If you don't like a trait, just reroll the trait with the reason of 'reroll _____' the blank being your trait. The Overlord Extrodinaire will know how many disgusting things to assign to your character by each reroll. The Overlord Extrodinaire will create your character sheet. Make sure you read it before you start posting.

Post in this topic what your character name will be, your gender, and what you look like. You basically only control the color of everything. Even with the most perfect colors, you can still be ugly with drooping features and frizzy, dead hair. You will be humanoid.

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Thu 5 Oct 2017
at 22:51
Vishk`s aperance
Vishk is a slightly short guy, 18 old, white, younger looking, black shaggy hair, and wears a butler uniform during work.
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 Older than dirt
Thu 5 Oct 2017
at 23:08
Henry's Appearance
The first thing you see when looking at Henry is the smell.  Literally, the odor from the man is visible.  Like an aura surrounding him.  If one enjoyed the deep earthy odor that had an underlying smell of fertilizer, you might handle standing near the man.

Getting past the smell, he was tanned.  Weathered hands showed a life of physical labor.  His hair was thinning on top, but grew in a descent beard.  It was mostly white with the last hints of a darker color from his younger years.

He looked in his 60s.  Some would say 70s.  Those who didn't know him might guess 80s.  Kids claimed he was over 100.  What is known is he's been tending the same 50 acres for as long as anyone can remember.