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Fate Chips
Deadlands Reloaded makes use of Fate Chips instead of the Bennies utilized in most Savage Worlds settings. All Fate Chips can be used to allow a player to make a Soak Roll or to remove a Shaken condition.

Initially, each player will draw three Fate Chips. The Marshal will draw a Fate Chip for each player in the game, for use by the antagonists. The Marshal also draws a pair of chips for each enemy Wild Card when they appear in the game.

White Chips: The most common variety of Fate Chip, white chips function just as Bennies do in normal Savage Worlds games. Using a white chip enables you to reroll a trait roll and retain the best result.

Red Chips: Red chips enable you to roll 1d6 and add it to the current total on a trait roll. The 1d6 can ace, just as any other die in Savage Worlds. Such a roll will eliminate a critical failure from rolling a 1 on a skill die. Red Chips may also be used in the same manner as white chips.

Whenever a red chip is used, the Marshal gets a free draw from the Fate Pot. The Marshal does not get a draw if a red chip is used in the manner of a white, such as for a Soak Roll, a reroll, or to eliminate a Shaken condition.

Blue Chips: Blue chips can be used precisely like red chips. However, the Marshal does not receive a draw from the Fate Pot, no matter how the chip is used.

Legend Chips: Legend chips do not appear in the Fate Pot at the beginning of the game. They are added after the heroes have conquered a significant obstacle or defeated a dangerous foe.

Legend chips may be used once, then discarded. They may be used to:

  • They can be used like a blue chip and add +2 to the final total.
  • They can be used to reroll any roll, including damage rolls, rolls on tables, malfunction checks, or anything else.
  • An unplayed legend chip can be redeemed at close of a chapter for an automatic Experience Point.

For each draw from the Fate Pot, a player will roll 1d35 using the in-game dice roller. The results coincide with the following draws:

1 - 20: White Chip
21 - 30: Red Chip
31 - 35: Blue Chip

When a Legend Chip is added to the pot, players will roll 1d36. The first player to receive a roll of 36 will receive the Legend Chip.

As players join the game, they will see the following line added to the second line of their Biography:

P# T# W# F# W# R# B# L#

The first four entries provide space to keep up with a character’s Parry, Toughness, number of Wounds, and amount of Fatigue.

The final four entries are for the character’s chips, White, Red, Blue, and Legend.

Characters cannot hold more than ten chips at any one time. Chips may be traded in order to create room. Three white chips may be traded for a single red chip. Three red chips may be traded for one blue. Please send the Marshal a PM if you’re interested in trading chips.
Jake McGraw
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 Mad Engineer
 P# T# W# F# W# R# B# L#
Fri 12 Jan 2018
at 17:47
Fate Chips
10:39, Today: Jake McGraw rolled 19,29,27 using d35,d35,d35.  Fate Chips.

1 White, 2 Red
Rev. Earnest Allgood
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 P# T# W# F# W# R# B# L#
Fri 12 Jan 2018
at 21:34
Fate Chips
Rev. Earnest Allgood rolled 21,35,19 using d35,d35,d35 with rolls of 21,35,19.  Fate Chips.

1 white, 1 red, 1 blue
Bryan Lee
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 P6 T6 W0 F0 W# R# B# L#
Sat 13 Jan 2018
at 16:13
Fate Chips
10:12, Today: Bryan Lee rolled 31,23,31 using d35,d35,d35.

1R, 2B
Kansas Kate
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 Hot words and cold slabs
 P6 T5 W0 F0 W# R# B# L#
Sun 14 Jan 2018
at 16:58
Fate Chips
10:57, Today: Kansas Kate rolled 25,5 using d35,d35.  Chipperinos.

Red and White